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Liu Takes Cameras To Tell Pakistan Horror Story

2nd March 2006

CHARLIE'S ANGELS star and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) ambassador LUCY LIU has taken a camera crew to Balakot, Pakistan to film the devastation of October's 7.6 earthquake, which reduced the peaceful town to rubble....

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Mcconaughey Found Parker 'Peculiar'

28th February 2006

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY and SARAH JESSICA PARKER star as onscreen sweethearts in FAILURE TO LAUNCH, but the actor reportedly couldn't stand Parker off-screen and found her 'peculiar'. The pair were starring in a breezy romantic...

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Winfrey Ponders Cruise's Mentality

27th February 2006

Talk show queen OPRAH WINFREY admits she's still perplexed by TOM CRUISE's infamous sofa outburst when he appeared on her show to discuss fiancee KATIE HOLMES. The presenter has branded the extrovert incident as...

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Fascinating Fact 1060

22nd February 2006

Animal-loving actress ALICIA SILVERSTONE is currently circulating a petition to convince talk show host OPRAH WINFREY to devote one of her shows to the pet over-population crisis....

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Peta Target Longoria After Hunting Boasts

21st February 2006

Animal activists at People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals are urging gun-toting US Vice-President DICK CHENEY to take actress EVA LONGORIA hunting with him - to teach her a lesson for boasting about her...

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Willis Defends Frey

15th February 2006

BRUCE WILLIS has jumped to the defence of controversial author JAMES FREY, declaring he was unfairly attacked on OPRAH WINFREY's TV show last month (26JAN06). Frey has been criticised for embellishing parts of...

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Hanks And Winfrey Top Power List

14th February 2006

TOM HANKS and TV talk show hostess OPRAH WINFREY are the celebrities with the biggest advertising pull, according to a new survey. Davie-Brown Entertainment hails the entertainment heavyweights as the most influential pair in...

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Winfrey Vows To Keep Her Private Life Private

13th February 2006

Chat show host OPRAH WINFREY is baffled when her private life is featured in tabloids, because she always keeps her relationship behind closed doors. The media mogul is happy living with long-term love STEDMAN...

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Mcconaughey Praises 'Pure' Cruz

12th February 2006

Hunky movie star MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY heaped praise on girlfriend PENELOPE CRUZ during a recent appearance on OPRAH WINFREY's US talk show, insisting the Spaniard is "pure on the inside". The SAHARA star has been...

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Mcconaughey Replaces Beloved Dog With Foxy Friend

10th February 2006

Movie hunk MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY has a new canine companion to replace the faithful pet he toured America with for 12 years. The actor and his labrador/chow mix, Ms Hud, were inseparable until she her...

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Winfrey Inks $55 Million Deal

9th February 2006

OPRAH WINFREY has won a $55 million (GBP31.6 million) three-year deal with XM SATELLITE RADIO to launch new channel Oprah And Friends in September (06). The talk show queen will have her own programme...

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Mcconaughey Toasts Stunned Oprah With Tequila

9th February 2006

Movie star MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY kicked off his live chat with OPRAH WINFREY on her US talk show yesterday (08FEB06) in a boozy fashion - by downing a shot of tequila. The fun-loving SAHARA actor...

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Presidents Say Farewell To Coretta Scott King

7th February 2006

PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and former US presidents BILL CLINTON, GEORGE HW BUSH and JIMMY CARTER joined celebrities including STEVE WONDER to pay their final respects to CORETTA SCOTT KING at a funeral service...

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Longoria Plans Home Makeover With Oprah's Designer

7th February 2006

Actress EVA LONGORIA signed up OPRAH WINFREY's top designer NATE BERKUS to decorate the new home she bought for her parents in New Mexico. The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star recently agreed to tell all about...

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Bratt Involved In Winfrey Fiasco

2nd February 2006

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT was left red-faced when OPRAH WINFREY asked him to surprise one of his so-called fans - and she had no idea who he was. The MISS CONGENIALITY actor, 42, reluctantly agreed...

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Fascinating Fact 918

31st January 2006

Over 9.5 million people tuned in to watch OPRAH WINFREY confront author JAMES FREY about his controversial novel, A MILLION LITTLE PIECES, on her talk show last week (26JAN06)....

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Winfrey, Whoopi And Tucker Trace Their Roots Back To Africa

30th January 2006

OPRAH WINFREY, WHOOPI GOLDBERG and RUSH HOUR star CHRIS TUCKER are getting the chance to trace their roots in Africa as part of a new US documentary series. Harvard University scholar HENRY LOUIS GATES...

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Eva + Tony Buy A Home Together

28th January 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA is laughing off reports she and boyfriend TONY PARKER have split after announcing the couple have bought a house together. The actress and the basketball star plan to spend...

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Oprah Challenges Author On Her Show

26th January 2006

LATEST: OPRAH WINFREY has taken author JAMES FREY to task over his decision to lie to her about his disputed memoir. Winfrey has defended the writer amid claims he fabricated details of his book...

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Oscar Doesn't Help Foxx Pick-up Women

25th January 2006

Winning an Oscar hasn't helped RAY star JAMIE FOXX get dates in Los Angeles. The single star admits his status as a Best Actor Academy Award-winner helps when he's out clubbing in other cities,...

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Mcgraw Cancels Oprah To Mourn His Stepfather's Death

24th January 2006

Country superstar TIM McGRAW was forced to cancel an appearance on OPRAH WINFREY's talk show today (24JAN06), after learning about the death of his stepfather. HORACE SMITH died on Sunday (22JAN06) at his home...

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Winfrey Defends Book Club Author Over Fake Claims

12th January 2006

Chat show host OPRAH WINFREY has defended author JAMES FREY over allegations his autobiographical account of drug addiction, A MILLION LITTLE PIECES, is greatly exaggerated. The book became a million-seller when it was selected...

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Dog Fuss Over Oprah's Pets

7th January 2006

OPRAH WINFREY's neighbours in Chicago, Illinois are causing a fuss because they fear the talk show queen's beloved dogs will run riot around their condominium building. Winfrey has spent a fortune connecting separate condos...

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Spears Set For 2006 Slump

2nd January 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS's popularity will plummet in 2006, according to a new survey which rates consumer attitudes towards brands and celebrities in the news. The TOXIC hitmaker ranked as the top loser of 2006, while...

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Renegade Bird Didn't Ground Winfrey Jet

28th December 2005

LATEST: US TV host OPRAH WINFREY's private jet was forced to return to Santa Barbara airport on Monday (26DEC05) because of accumulative damage, and not because it collided with a bird as was first thought....

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Oprah Tops 2005 Stars List

28th December 2005

OPRAH WINFREY has topped a new US TV poll to find 2005's biggest star. The American talk show host beat TOM CRUISE, BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON to claim the coveted number one spot...

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Winfrey's Jet Grounded

27th December 2005

TV titan OPRAH WINFREY's private jet was forced to return to Santa Barbara airport in California on Monday (26DEC05) after colliding with a bird. After spending Christmas (25DEC05) in her 42-acre seaside estate in...

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Michael Jackson Named Top Newsmaker

23rd December 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON has been named the top newsmaker for 2005 by US TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. The 47-year-old BAD singer dominated the news during the first half of the year as he battled his...

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Turner And Bennett Receive Kennedy Honours

5th December 2005

Music legends TINA TURNER and TONY BENNETT were honoured by a variety of star performances at The Kennedy Center Honors ceremony at the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in New York City yesterday...

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Winfrey's Home Robbery Lie

4th December 2005

OPRAH WINFREY once staged a robbery as a child in a bid to get new glasses. The wholesome media mogul reveals she was so desperate to trade in her ugly bi-focal spectacles, she lied...

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