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Coldplay Have Experimented With Drugs

26th October 2011

Chris Martin has experimented with "alcohol and drugs".Despite being known for his healthy and clean cut lifestyle, the Coldplay frontman insists he and his bandmates have lived the rock 'n' roll lifestyle and partied hard.He...

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New Kids On The Block's Competitive Tour Mates

19th October 2011

Touring with Backstreet Boys has made New Kids on the Block more competitive. NKOTB singer Joey McIntyre admitted since joining forces with the fellow boy band to tour as NKOTBSB he and the other members...

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Wee-man Gets Tattoo To Honour Dunn

24th June 2011

Wee-Man has paid tribute to his 'Jackass' co-star Ryan Dunn by having his face tattooed on his leg.The 34-year-old daredevil died when his Porsche veered off the road, crashed into a tree and burst into...

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Noirin Allowed To Take Off Her Glasses

15th June 2009

Noirin has been allowed to stop drawing glasses and a curly moustache on her face. The Irish beauty agreed to draw the items on her face - as well as shaving off her eyebrows -...

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