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B2k Star Hits Back At Accusing Bandmates

9th January 2004

LATEST: B2K star OMARION has hit out at his former bandmate - insisting they haven't been conned out of money....

Omarion Promises To Honour Commitments

9th January 2004

B2K star OMARION has promised to fulfil the group's upcoming touring commitments even if he has to get up on...

B2k Break-up Poses Family Problems

8th January 2004

B2K's split has affected more than just their music - their relationships with relatives have also been rocked. Just days...

B2k Member Speaks Out Against 'Demonic' Management

8th January 2004

LATEST: B2K member J-BOOG has branded the R+B group's manager CHRIS STOKES' company "demonic", following the quartet's split. J-Boog, real...

B2k Split Official

6th January 2004

LATEST: B2K's manager CHRIS STOKES has confirmed reports the quartet have split. The svengali admits he's planning to continue...

B2k Split

6th January 2004

Hip-hop group B2K have split after an in-group bust-up. The split is a surprise, coming just weeks after the...

Omarion's Early Learning With Women

12th May 2003

B2K frontman OMARION's heart-throb status come as little surprise to his mother - he was trying to charm his teacher...

B2k Hit The Big Screen

3rd April 2003

American boyband B2K are the latest singing stars to branch out into the movies. The group are set to...

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