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Sharif Denies Womanising Rumours

11th July 2005

Movie legend OMAR SHARIF has slammed reports he slept with hundreds of women throughout his lifetime. The 73-year-old LAWRENCE OF ARABIA star - who divorced his only wife, Hollywood actress FATEN HAMAMA, forty...

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Scott's Special Moses Collaboration

22nd April 2005

DOUGRAY SCOTT's lead role in a new biblical TV series based around MOSES is a particularly special assignment for the Scottish actor - he's starring alongside his hero OMAR SHARIF. Producers are keen to...

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Indian Help For Tsunami Victims

8th February 2005

Indian and Pakistani celebrities joined forces on Sunday (06FEB05) for Mumbai's HELP concert, which raised money for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami. A telethon was broadcast simultaneously across 10 of the sub-continent's news...

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Sharif Fights With Lord Of The Rings Star

12th November 2004

Movie legend OMAR SHARIF proved he still has his hellraising ways intact at 72, after reportedly beating up a fellow actor in a drunken brawl in India. The LAWRENCE OF ARABIA star reportedly quarrelled...

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Gellar Considers The Hotel Life

22nd October 2004

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is looking to join the Hollywood elite who have given up home life to live in a hotel. The actress recently spent three months filming new horror film THE GRUDGE in...

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Hamilton Loves The Hotel Life

21st October 2004

Actor GEORGE HAMILTON lives in a suite at Los Angeles' Bel Air Hotel because he doesn't want to leave a house behind when he dies. The permatanned 65-year-old can't imagine living in his own...

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Sharif Recalls Drug-taking Days

4th May 2004

Hollywood legends OMAR SHARIF and PETER O'TOOLE took the amphetamine Benzedrine to help them stay awake and party all night while filming movie classic LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. The Egyptian actor and Irish star filmed...

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Gable And Leigh Clinch Is Cinema's 'Best Kiss'

2nd May 2004

The passionate kiss between CLARK GABLE and VIVIEN LEIGH in 1939 classic GONE WITH THE WIND has been voted the best kiss in cinema history. Conducted by American candy giants HERSEY, the poll found...

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Lawrence Of Arabia Buddies Reteam

15th March 2004

OMAR SHARIF is set to reteam with his LAWRENCE OF ARABIA co-star PETER O'TOOLE in a new fantasy film. The two pals will take on small roles in new movie GILGAMESH, and Sharif admits...

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Mortensen's Saharan Struggle

9th March 2004

LORD OF THE RINGS star VIGGO MORTENSEN was stunned by the beauty of the Sahara Desert when he shot his new movie HIDALGO there - but he found the conditions extremely tough to deal with....

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British Mps Vote For Dr Zhivago

13th February 2004

Classic sixties movie DR ZHIVAGO has been voted the best British film of all time - by the country's politicians. The SIR DAVID LEAN movie, which stars OMAR SHARIF and JULIE CHRISTIE, beat off...

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Omar's Secret Movie

3rd February 2004

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA stars OMAR SHARIF and PETER O'TOOLE were once paid to star in a film to keep a producer's wife happy. The old pals teamed up to star in SUPERMAN producer ALEXANDER...

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Omar Sharif Blames Gambling For Bad Movie Roles

6th January 2004

Acting legend OMAR SHARIF blames his gambling addiction and extravagant lifestyle for the decline of his Hollywood career. After starring roles in 60s film classics DR ZHIVAGO, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and FUNNY GIRL, the...

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Omar Quit After Embarrassing Banderas Flop

19th November 2003

Movie veteran OMAR SHARIF was so embarrassed by his role in ANTONIO BANDERAS flop THE 13TH WARRIOR he quit acting. The LAWRENCE OF ARABIA star was so disappointed with the 1999 movie he decided...

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Omar Lives For Free In Paris Hotel

17th November 2003

Movie veteran OMAR SHARIF makes a habit of spending huge amounts of money at THE FREEDOM HOTEL in Paris, France, because he's allowed to live there for free. The hotel's owner is a huge...

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Sharif And O'toole's Wild Night With Lenny Bruce

14th November 2003

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA stars OMAR SHARIF and PETER O'TOOLE once kept outrageous comic LENNY BRUCE out of jail by refusing to leave a Los Angeles police station without him. The trio were arrested as...

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Sharif Vows To Avoid 'Stupid Film Roles'

11th September 2003

Acting legend OMAR SHARIF has sworn to stay away from the stereotyped movie roles he's being offered in his latter years. The LAWRENCE OF ARABIA star, 71, is disillusioned with the movie world after...

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Sharif To Be Honoured

29th August 2003

Legendary LAWRENCE OF ARABIA heart-throb OMAR SHARIF is to be awarded a GOLDEN LION LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award at the VENICE FILM FESTIVAL today (29AUG03). The Egyptian born actor who stars in MONSIEUR IBRAHIM ET...

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Woody Allen Film To Open Venice Festival

27th August 2003

The latest movie from prolific funnyman WOODY ALLEN is set to open the 60th VENICE FILM FESTIVAL today (27AUG03). Comedy flick ANYTHING ELSE - which stars CHRISTINA RICCI, DANNY DeVITO and JASON BIGGS -...

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Sharif To Receive Career Award

13th August 2003

Actor OMAR SHARIF has been selected to receive a GOLDEN LION award at Italy's upcoming VENICE FILM FESTIVAL for his 50-year screen career. The Egyptian-born 71-year-old, stars of such films as DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, LAWRENCE...

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Sharif Fined For Head-butting Paris Cop

7th August 2003

Actor OMAR SHARIF has been fined and given a one-month suspended sentence after he was convicted of striking a police officer at a French casino near Paris. The 71-year-old Egyptian actor also was fined...

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Jude And Sadie: Hands Apart

8th July 2003

There seems to be little hope left for JUDE LAW and SADIE FROST's marriage - even municipal bosses in London have given up on their union. Two bronze casts of the acting pair's hands...

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