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Stone Slams 'Arrogant' Bank Bosses

13th May 2010

Moviemaker OLIVER STONE has criticised bosses at banking giant Goldman Sachs after they refused to let him film new movie WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS in their offices.The director resurrected his Academy Award-winning 1987 film...

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Stone Eyeing Memphis Project

12th May 2010

Moviemaker OLIVER STONE is preparing to work his magic on a musical number - he's making plans to bring Broadway show MEMPHIS to the big screen.The production tells the story of a rock 'n roll-loving...

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Cannes Lineup Announced

15th April 2010

British director Mike Leigh, who has already won the Cannes Film Festival's top Palme d'Or award twice, will be going for his third win this year with the announcement that his new film, Another Year...

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Mike Leigh Up For Palme D'or

15th April 2010

Films from Woody Allen, Mike Leigh and Oliver Stone will all play at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Leigh's comedy drama 'Another Year', featuring Jim Broadbent and Imelda Staunton, is the only British film to...

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Wall Street Sequel Delayed

11th March 2010

'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' has had its release date pushed back until September. The sequel to the 1987 Michael Douglas movie was scheduled to hit cinemas on April 23, but according to Variety, studio...

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Fascinating Fact 8944

11th March 2010

Moviemaker OLIVER STONE's WALL STREET sequel has been pushed back to a September (10) release to allow the director to make a splash at the Cannes Film Festival in May (10). The film, starring Michael...

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Michael Douglas 'Fears' For Cameron

9th March 2010

Shia LaBeouf says Michael Douglas is going through a personal "crisis" because of his son's pending drugs trial.The 23-year-old actor stars with Michael in upcoming movie 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' and has revealed the...

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Stone's Harsh Criticism Helped Douglas Perfect Gekko

7th March 2010

MICHAEL DOUGLAS has tough guy director OLIVER STONE to thank for his iconic role as banker GORDON GEKKO in WALL STREET - he played the character hard and angry after the moviemaker chastised him for...

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The Things They Say 15586

3rd March 2010

"It was the first time I had to do a very specific accent. Before, when I've had to do an American accent, I have done my general American accent, which I picked up from watching...

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Wall Street A Good Investment For Labeouf

22nd February 2010

SHIA LABEOUF's role in OLIVER STONE'S WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS is proving financially lucrative for the star months ahead of the film's debut (Apr10) - the actor has made almost $500,000 (GBP312,500) after learning...

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Michael Douglas's Sequel Joy

11th February 2010

Michael Douglas is glad to be a part of the 'Wall Street' sequel. The 65-year-old actor, who plays the role of ruthless financier Gordon Gekko in the movie, claims the role shows the US where...

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Stone Plans Controversy With History Series

11th January 2010

Director OLIVER STONE is courting controversy with his new TV mini-series - he plans to put historical villains "into context."The W film-maker's new documentary show, Secret History of America, will focus on dictators including Adolf...

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Stone Played Cupid For Labeouf And Mulligan

7th December 2009

Director OLIVER STONE is claiming the credit for pairing up real-life lovers SHIA LABEOUF and CAREY MULLIGAN on the set of his new movie WALL STREET 2.LaBeouf leads the cast in Stone's upcoming sequel and...

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The Things They Say 13935

29th October 2009

"As a result of this movie, Shia's really learned. He's into it. He trades daily. He and Josh discuss the market between takes." Director OLIVER STONE admits actors SHIA LaBEOUF and JOSH BROLIN are bonding...

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Stone & Brolin Eye Wall Street Extras At Club

20th October 2009

Moviemaker OLIVER STONE has an unusual method for casting extras - the director reportedly hit a New York nightspot with JOSH BROLIN to pick out beauties for the forthcoming WALL STREET sequel.Stone is currently shooting...

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Labeouf's A Real Wall Street Whizz

16th October 2009

SHIA LABEOUF has become so hooked on the world of finance while shooting OLIVER STONE sequel WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS - he's started trading in stocks and shares.LaBeouf plays a young Wall Street...

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Presidents Attend Stone's New York Screening

24th September 2009

The presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia were the very special guests of honour at the New York screening of OLIVER STONE's new movie, SOUTH OF THE BORDER, on Wednesday night (23Sep09).Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez and...

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Oliver Stone Doubts His Latest Film Will Be Welcomed At Home

10th September 2009

He may be among the top echelon of Hollywood directors, but Oliver Stone has no illusions about the uphill battle he will have to wage to have his documentary, South of the Border , which...

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Stone In Talks With Iran For Ahmadinejad Documentary

8th September 2009

Moviemaker OLIVER STONE is in talks with Iranian President MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD to star in a big screen documentary - just weeks after he wrapped filming his insight into the life of Venezuelan President HUGO CHAVEZ.On...

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Chavez Lends Support To Stone Documentary

7th September 2009

Director OLIVER STONE stirred controversy at the world premiere of his documentary about Venezuelan President HUGO CHAVEZ - by inviting the leader to walk the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival on Monday (07Sep09).Stone...

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Stone Bullied Douglas On Wall Street Set

25th June 2009

MICHAEL DOUGLAS credits director OLIVER STONE for inspiring his Oscar-winning performance in 1987 movie WALL STREET, by bullying him on the movie's set.Stone constantly questioned Douglas' acting ability and even accused him of taking drugs,...

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Stone Returning To Wall Street

29th April 2009

The current recession and scandals on Wall Street have had an unexpected consequence a decision by director Oliver Stone to revive plans to mount a sequel to his 1987 drama Wall Street . Stone had...

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Greed Good For Oliver Stone In Wall Street Return

29th April 2009

Oliver Stone will direct Michael Douglas in a sequel to 80s hit Wall Street, it has been announced.The 1987 original, which saw Douglas as Machiavellian stock trader Gordon Gekko, told of unscrupulous money-making methods in...

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Stone Plans Chavez Documentary

11th December 2008

Film maker OLIVER STONE's next movie will be a documentary about Venezuelan president HUGO CHAVEZ. Fresh from the release of his biopic of U.S. president George W. Bush, Stone has already started work on his...

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Man Arrested For Slaying Of W News Anchor

28th November 2008

Arkansas police have charged a man with the murder of the news anchor who made a cameo appearance in OLIVER STONE movie W. Anne Pressly, 26, was found unconscious in her bed on 20 October...

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Quantum Of Solace Still Top Of UK Box Office Chart

12th November 2008

The 22nd James Bond film Quantum of Solace has held the number one spot in the UK and Ireland box office chart for a second week.The thriller - which has received a mixed critical response...

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Stone's Tribute To Slain News Anchor

5th November 2008

OLIVER STONE has paid tribute to the murdered news anchor who made a cameo appearance in his latest movie W. Anne Pressly, 26, was found unconscious in bed on 20 October (08) with severe head...

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Toby Jones: The Bad Guys Are The Best

26th October 2008

Acclaimed British actor Toby Jones has admitted he relished playing controversial presidential guru Karl Rove in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W.Rove was special adviser to Bush and his father during their many election campaigns...

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Elizabeth Banks: First Lady Role Was Intimidating

25th October 2008

Elizabeth Banks has admitted being initially daunted by the prospect of playing Laura Bush in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W.The 34-year-old, best known for her roles in TV comedy Scrubs and the Spider-Man franchise,...

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The Things They Say 10006

24th October 2008

"He's established himself as a very thin-skinned man. I doubt he would have the tolerance to see himself and he doesn't examine himself very much. He doesn't like too much psychobabble." Director OLIVER STONE is...

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