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14th June 2012

"He's got his problems, and I think he made certain promises he hasn't kept... Obama has carried on the Bush war on terror and has not addressed all the things he promised he would do...

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Oliver Stone: 'I Love Marijuana And Ecstasy But Not Cocaine And Prozac'

14th June 2012

Moviemaker Oliver Stone has opened up about his drug use in a candid new magazine interview, revealing he no longer takes anti-depressants but has become a big fan of Ecstasy and the hallucinogenic juice from...

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13th June 2012

"He decided for himself, and he is doing it for philosophical purposes. At that age, I did a lot crazier things." Moviemaker Oliver Stone on his son Sean's recent conversion to Islam.

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Oliver Stone Hits Back At Richard Dreyfuss Over Fascist Remarks

13th June 2012

Moviemaker Oliver Stone has hit back at harsh comments his W star Richard Dreyfuss made about the director, insisting he has never had a more unpleasant time on a film set that he did with...

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Oliver Stone Fronts Hard-hitting Army Animal Cruelty Video

4th June 2012

Moviemaker Oliver Stone has stepped in front of the camera to urge U.S. Army chiefs to reconsider plans to purchase thousands of goats for use in deadly training drills at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.Stone, an...

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Blake Lively Replaced Jennifer Lawrence In Savages

29th May 2012

Actress Blake Lively was cast in the lead role of Oliver Stone's gritty new movie Savages after Jennifer Lawrence backed out to shoot The Hunger Games.The Gossip Girl star plays privileged hippie-turned-kidnapping victim Ophelia in...

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'Battleship' Rescues Taylor Kitsch After 'John Carter' Nightmare

18th May 2012

Canadian actor and former Diesel underwear model Taylor Kitsch has held on to his credibility by the tips of his fingers after the dud movie that was Disney's 'John Carter' made a loss of some...

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Shia Labeouf Bringing Film Critic Movie To Cannes

11th May 2012

This year's Cannes Film Festival will provide Shia Labeouf with the opportunity to show that he's no one trick pony in the world of film-making. As well as starring in Lawless, which will be competing...

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Taylor Kitsch's 'Make Or Break' Year

9th March 2012

Taylor Kitsch believes 2012 is a ''make or break'' year for him. The 30-year-old actor - who is best known for portraying Tim Riggins in American football drama 'Friday Night Lights' - is set for...

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John Carter's Taylor Kitsch On Choosing Austin Over Los Angeles

8th March 2012

Taylor Kitsch could find himself as one of Hollywood's most popular young stars in 2012, with a lead role in Disney's big-budget John Carter set to build on the praise he received for 'Friday Night...

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Taylor Kitsch Lands Breakthrough Role In John Carter

5th March 2012

Taylor Kitsch has landed his first major movie role. The 30 year old, from British Columbia, is scheduled to play the title role in the forthcoming sci-fi adventure John Carter and will follow that with...

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Blake Lively Gets Restraining Order Against Fan

2nd March 2012

Blake Lively has been granted a restraining order against an over-zealous fan who claimed he had a "metaphysical" connection to the Gossip Girl star. A judge saw fit to extend an already existing restraining order,...

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Stone's Son Planning Iran Projects

23rd February 2012

Director Oliver Stone's son is in talks with Iranian officials in a bid to boost the country's movie industry following his conversion to Islam.Sean Stone, who has appeared in several of his father's films, underwent...

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Stone's Son Eager To Help America Better Understand Islam

21st February 2012

Director Oliver Stone's son is eager to help Americans understand more about the Muslim faith after converting to Islam.Sean Stone, who has appeared in several of his father's films, underwent a conversion ceremony in Iran...

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Stone Supports Son's Islamic Conversion

20th February 2012

Famed director Oliver Stone fully supports his son Sean's decision to convert to Islam, but the actor-turned-filmmaker fears others in Hollywood may not be so accepting.Sean Stone, who has appeared in several of his father's...

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Stone's Son Converts To Islam

15th February 2012

The son of revered Jewish director Oliver Stone has converted to Islam after shooting a documentary in Iran.Actor-turned-filmmaker Sean Stone has revealed he underwent a ceremony in the Iranian city of Isfahan on Tuesday (14Feb12)...

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Sam Taylor-wood Names Fourth Child 'Romy Hero'

25th January 2012

British film director Sam Taylor-wood and her fiance Aaron Johnson are the proud parents of a baby girl, who was born on January 18, 2012, according to the Press Association. Taylor-Wood and 'Kick Ass' star...

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Can Demi Moore Rescue Her Career In 2012?

4th January 2012

At her peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Demi Moore's career seemed to be unstoppable. After appearing in a string of globally successful blockbuster movies from 1990's Ghost to 1994's Disclosure, Moore was...

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Meryl Streep Wins Lifetime Achievement To Strengthen Oscar Chances

3rd January 2012

Meryl Streep is set to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Berlinale Film Festival, according to a report from The Guardian. The festival organisers plan to present Streep with the Honorary Golden Bear award...

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Blake Lively Swept Off Her Feet By Louboutin

2nd November 2011

Blake Lively was quite literally swept off her feet by designer Christian Louboutin at a party in New York on Tuesday (1st November 2011). The Gossip Girl star was given the full Vip treatment by...

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Independent Woman Salma Hayek

6th October 2011

Salma Hayek "loves" her independence.The 45-year-old actress is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault - with who she has four-year-old daughter Valentina - but insists she doesn't rely on him for money, though she admits...

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Salma Hayek Had To Talk Tough To Win Oliver Stone Movie Role

6th October 2011

Actress Salma Hayek had to prove she was tough enough to play the head of a drug cartel in Oliver Stone's upcoming movie Savages, because the director feared motherhood had turned her "all soft".The Frida...

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Blake Lively Splits From Leonardo Dicaprio After Five Months

4th October 2011

Blake Lively has split from her boyfriend Leonardo Dicaprio after a whirlwind five month romance, according to US Weekly Magazine. Representatives for both stars confirmed the pair "remain friends" but have decided to part ways.The...

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Susan Sarandon Joins Protests As Arrests Mount

28th September 2011

Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winning actress and star of 'Thelma & Louise', joined protests against financial firms on Wall Street this week. The activists vowed to continue weeks of demonstrations as police began using pepper spray...

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Charlie Sheen Reunites With Father In Comedy Spoof

14th September 2011

Charlie Sheen is to appear on screen with his father, Martin Sheen in a parody of legendary movie Apocalypse Now. The short was filmed for Comedy Central to mark Charlie's recent comedy roast and sees...

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Jamie Foxx To Take Part In Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

9th September 2011

Jamie Foxx is to take part in the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute concert according to TMZ.comThe 43-year-old actor and singer will appear live in Wales where the October show is due to take place. Foxx...

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Charlie Sheen To Star In New Movie

9th September 2011

Charlie Sheen is to star in new movie A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charlie Swan III.The movie will follow the life of a successful graphic designer who has fame, money and charm but sees...

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Madonna Says She Relates With Wallis Simpson

1st September 2011

Madonna latest directorial effort sees her tell the story of Wallis Simpson, a character she says can identify with. Wallis Simpson will be a historical character that most cinema goers will be familiar with as...

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Aaron Johnson To Be A Father For Second Time

29th July 2011

Aaron Johnson is to become a father for the second time.The 'Kick-Ass' actor and 44-year-old fiancee Sam-Taylor Wood - who have 12-month-daughter Wylda Rae - are now expecting another child, representatives for the couple have...

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Monica Bellucci And Oliver Stone Feted At Taormina Film Festival

13th June 2011

Italian actress Monica Bellucci and filmmaker Oliver Stone were handed the top prizes at Italy's Taormina Film Festival at the weekend (11-12Jun11).Bellucci picked up the Taormina Art Award, the festival's top honour for achievement in...

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