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Farrell Challenges Lawyers To Sue Him In Alexander Flap

24th November 2004

LATEST: Irish actor COLIN FARRELL is challenging a group of Greek lawyers to sue him for portraying ALEXANDER THE GREAT as bisexual in new movie ALEXANDER. A group of 25 furious Greek lawyers insist...

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Farrell Declares His Love For Stone

21st November 2004

COLIN FARRELL has declared his love for OLIVER STONE who directed his latest movie ALEXANDER. The Irish actor, 28, was thrilled to spend eight months working with Stone on the epic biopic of...

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Greek Lawyers Attack Alexander's Bisexual Claims

20th November 2004

The makers of COLIN FARRELL's upcoming epic ALEXANDER are facing the threat of lawsuit, for claiming warrior ALEXANDER THE GREAT was bisexual. A group of furious Greek lawyers insist the legendary conqueror was heterosexual,...

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Farrell Speculates Over Alexander's Death

18th November 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL has no idea how Macedonian hero ALEXANDER THE GREAT died - despite playing him in biopic ALEXANDER. Farrell's character's death is a mystery in director OLIVER STONE's forthcoming film ALEXANDER,...

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Oliver Stone's X-ray Hell

15th November 2004

Movie maker OLIVER STONE is relieved his epic ALEXANDER THE GREAT biopic is set for release because there were so many problems on and off the set he feared he'd never finish the project....

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Stone Unimpressed With Yelling Farrell

15th November 2004

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE wrestled with himself over his decision to cast hellraiser COLIN FARRELL as epic hero ALEXANDER THE GREAT, because he thought the Irish actor was nothing more than "a Dublin street thug"....

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Pacino Sidekick Role Helped Farrell Win Alexander

14th November 2004

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE cast COLIN FARRELL as epic historical leader ALEXANDER THE GREAT after watching him interact with AL PACINO in THE RECRUIT. The director admits he was amazed by the way the relative...

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Harrelson Blasts Grisham

13th November 2004

WOODY HARRELSON is using press for his movie comeback in AFTER THE SUNSET to blast author JOHN GRISHAM for insisting the actor didn't get work on his A TIME TO KILL adaptation. Harrelson was...

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Director Defends Tautou Film

12th November 2004

LATEST: Director JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET has leapt to the defence of his AUDREY TAUTOU-starring movie, slamming the French Government for threatening to withdraw funding because it hasn't been deemed 'French enough'. Film makers of UN...

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Alexander Panned

11th November 2004

Critics have panned new OLIVER STONE movie ALEXANDER after early previews of the historic epic. The OSCAR-winning director allowed a lucky few a sneak peek of the film - which stars COLIN FARRELL and...

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Stone: 'Bush Is The Manchurian Candidate'

2nd November 2004

Controversial director OLIVER STONE has compared US President GEORGE W BUSH to LAURENCE HARVEY's brainwashed character in 1962 classic THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. As millions of Americans head to the polls in today's (02NOV04) presidential...

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Kidman: 'Luhrmann Not Doing Alexander Film'

1st November 2004

Australian director BAZ LUHRMANN has officially dumped his delayed ALEXANDER THE GREAT biopic, according the film's would-be star NICOLE KIDMAN. The OSCAR-winner was set to play OLYMPIAS - the mother of LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's Macedonian...

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Foxx Making The Most Of Bachelor Life

27th October 2004

Comedian JAMIE FOXX is basing his romantic life on the advice of director OLIVER STONE, by remaining a bachelor to keep his love-life interesting. The 36-year-old screen star, currently dating actress LEILA ARCIERI, admits...

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Farrell Not Bothered By Luhrmann's Alexander

20th October 2004

Hollywood actor COLIN FARRELL is so confident forthcoming movie ALEXANDER will be a triumph, he refuses to consider another big screen version of conqueror ALEXANDER THE GREAT's life a threat. The Irish actor, who...

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Ll And Foxx Are Friends Again

19th October 2004

LL COOL J and JAMIE FOXX have made peace after the two stars fought on the set on American football drama ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. The pair got too wrapped up in their characters on...

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Stone Slams Modern War Films

17th October 2004

Movie maker OLIVER STONE has slammed violent war movies BLACK HAWK DOWN and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN because they've given America "an awe" of the military. The controversial director claims anyone who blasts his much...

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Stone: I Lost My Virginity To A Prostitute

12th October 2004

Director OLIVER STONE lost his virginity to a prostitute, because he didn't get the opportunity to meet girls at his single-sex school. The JFK film-maker has confessed his own father set up the experience...

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Lopez Cried, But Still Failed To Avoid Sex Scene

12th October 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ once broke down in tears in front of director OLIVER STONE in an attempt to avoid having to film a raunchy sex scene. Lopez was terrified of shooting a love-making sequence, in...

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Farrell: Working With Stone Is 'Tough'

6th October 2004

COLIN FARRELL has praised veteran director OLIVER STONE's "brutal honesty" on the set of upcoming epic ALEXANDER. The Irish actor - who stars as conqueror ALEXANDER THE GREAT in the movie - was...

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Alexander Too Gay

30th September 2004

The release date of Hollywood epic ALEXANDER has reportedly been pushed back by almost three weeks because studio executives want to tone down the movie's gay sex scenes. OLIVER STONE's opus was due to...

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Costner's Wedding Guests Treated To Day Of Outdoor Pursuits

26th September 2004

Celebrity guests at KEVIN COSTNER and CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER's wedding were treated to a day of outdoor adventures on Friday (24SEP04) - including a rodeo. Costner hosted a lavish wedding at his ranch in Aspen,...

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Release Of Alexander Delayed

24th September 2004

The release of COLIN FARRELL's anticipated epic ALEXANDER has been pushed back by three weeks, in an effort to increase its chances at scooping ACADEMY AWARDS. The OLIVER STONE film, starring Farrell as conqueror...

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Farrell Charms Dawson

23rd September 2004

COLIN FARRELL's reputation as an unstoppable lothario continues unabashed, after his charm left ROSARIO DAWSON amazed. THE 25TH HOUR actress, 25, fell for Farrell's exuberance while the pair filmed the OLIVER STONE epic ALEXANDER...

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Costner To Wed On Saturday

22nd September 2004

KEVIN COSTNER will wed longtime girlfriend CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER this Saturday (25SEP04) - just a week after BRITNEY SPEARS wed in Los Angeles. TIM ALLEN, BRUCE WILLIS and OLIVER STONE will be among the celebrity...

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Stone Honoured In Stockholm

3rd September 2004

Maverick movie maker OLIVER STONE is to receive this year's (04) Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award at the STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Sweden. The 15th annual prizegiving takes place in November (04). 03/09/2004...

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Farrell Tested Stone's Patience After Drunken Fall

30th August 2004

Hellraiser COLIN FARRELL almost faced the wrath of movie maker OLIVER STONE after breaking his ankle and his wrist with three days of ALEXANDER still to film. The Irishman fell down a stairway after...

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Leto Regrets Not Making Movie History With Bisexual Alexander

27th August 2004

CAMERON DIAZ's ex JARED LETO is disappointed he never got to play COLIN FARRELL's lover in OLIVER STONE's ALEXANDER epic - because he's confident the two actors would have created the best same sex scene...

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Farrell Praises Stone's Brutal Honesty About Performance

17th August 2004

COLIN FARRELL admires OLIVER STONE's honest criticism of his "terrible" acting ability while filming epic ALEXANDER. The Irish actor, 28, praises the controversial film-maker's "brutal honesty" during the shoot which included forthright comments...

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Farrell Behaved 'Like A Baby' With Jolie

6th August 2004

Irish hunk COLIN FARRELL acted "like a baby towards his mother" when he first met actress ANGELINA JOLIE on the set of ALEXANDER, the film's director OLIVER STONE reports. Farrell plays ALEXANDER, the...

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Luhrmann Rubbishes Reports He's Scrapped Alexander Biopic

21st July 2004

MOULIN ROUGE! director BAZ LUHRMANN has denied reports he's shelved plans to film a biopic on ALEXANDER THE GREAT - insisting he's still working on the final script. The Australian film-maker had reportedly scrapped...

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