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Oliver Stone: 'Nixon Would Be A Hit Today'

8th April 2006

Movie maker OLIVER STONE regrets not waiting a decade to make his RICHARD NIXON biopic - because it would be a huge hit in 2006. The NATURAL BORN KILLERS director feels sure the 1995 film,...

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Jackman Dominates Cannes Festival

5th April 2006

Actor HUGH JACKMAN will have a strong presence at the 59th annual Cannes Film Festival, with two of his films debuting during the event. X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and THE FOUNTAIN, both starring Jackman, have...

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Costner's Wedding Hairdresser Admits Theft

4th April 2006

KEVIN COSTNER's wedding hairdresser has pleaded guilty in a Colorado court to stealing the actor's laptop computer containing personal photos of the ceremony and after-party. PASCAL BENSIMON, 45, was employed at the Aspen event to...

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Oliver Stone: 'Media Slanders Politically-minded Stars'

4th April 2006

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE has blasted media groups who "slander" celebrities for their political comments - because intelligent stars have every right to question their leaders. The Vietnam veteran, who is a fierce opponent of the...

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Director Accused Douglas Of Using Drugs

28th March 2006

MICHAEL DOUGLAS was confronted by OLIVER STONE while filming WALL STREET, because the famed director believed the actor was using drugs. Stone felt Douglas was struggling with the role of GORDON GEKKO and thought drug...

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Missing Depp Footage Found

18th March 2006

JOHNNY DEPP's minor roll in 1986 movie PLATOON has been extended for the upcoming DVD release, using 10 minutes of newly discovered footage. The actor played a private in the Oscar-winning film, but most of...

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Scott To Direct War On Terror Film

15th March 2006

Veteran film-maker SIR RIDLEY SCOTT will follow in the footsteps of OLIVER STONE and PAUL GREENGRASS and direct a new film inspired by the "war on terror". The 68-year-old will be in charge of an...

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The Things They Say 1456

1st March 2006

"Oliver and I were born on the same day, same year, but I can still p**s him off by telling him he's older than I am by 10 minutes." TOMMY LEE JONES knows how to...

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Stone Slams Madonna's Evita Performance

27th February 2006

Controversial film-maker OLIVER STONE has dismissed MADONNA's performance in 1996 musical EVITA as inadequate, because she could only play the historical figure like a "hooker". The Oscar-winning director, who had long dreamed of making...

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Farrell: 'I Love Jolie Dearly'

9th February 2006

COLIN FARRELL wishes the rumours he romanced ANGELINA JOLIE on the set of ALEXANDER were true because they shared a "connection". The Irish lothario starred opposite Jolie, who is now pregnant with BRAD PITT's...

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The Heat's On Oliver Stone

31st January 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE is relieved his 9/11 film is going to be released after PAUL GREENGRASS' rival film about the infamous day - because it will take the pressure off him. Stone's film,...

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No Politics For Stone

31st January 2006

OLIVER STONE has hit out at reports his new film will have a political agenda, insisting it will focus on two or three American civilians' fight for survival. Stone's film, which has been given...

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Boxer Stretch To Rescue Cage And Pena

24th January 2006

Former boxer GARY STRETCH is set to rescue NICOLAS CAGE and MICHAEL PENA in OLIVER STONE's forthcoming September 11th (01) drama. ALEXANDER star Stretch, 37, has been cast as New York City cop JOHN...

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Hopkins Still Bemused By Nixon Offer

22nd January 2006

Golden Globe-winner SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS still can't believe he played former US President RICHARD NIXON in OLIVER STONE's biopic NIXON because he needed convincing he was right for the role. The Welsh actor, who...

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Mendes: 'Americans Don't Get Jarhead'

3rd January 2006

Oscar-winning film director SAM MENDES claims American viewers don't understand his new movie JARHEAD as well as Europeans - because they expect war films to be one-sided. The movie based on the novel JARHEAD:...

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Revolver Shoots To The Top Of 2005 Turkeys

27th December 2005

Director GUY RITCHIE's REVOLVER has topped a poll of the biggest screen turkeys of 2005. The gangster movie was voted the worst movie this year by members of online UK DVD rental company,...

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9/11 Movie Causes Further Furore

15th November 2005

LATEST: OLIVER STONE's 11 September (01) movie is causing more problems in New York City - now store owners are angry about disruption the shoot is causing. The film, starring NICOLAS CAGE, has already...

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Oliver Stone Made Dafoe Soldier Material

9th November 2005

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE went to such great lengths to prepare his PLATOON cast for military service, WILLEM DAFOE began to believe he was a soldier. Dafoe is sure the Oscar-winning Vietnam war film was...

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Stone Promises Sensitivty In 9/11 Film

4th November 2005

Director OLIVER STONE promises his forthcoming film about the September 11 (01) terrorist attacks will be respectful to victims of the atrocities. The PLATOON movie-maker is confident the NICOLAS CAGE starring movie will not...

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Farrell's Fall From Bathroom Window

14th October 2005

COLIN FARRELL has come clean about the accident that almost brought filming of OLIVER STONE's flop epic ALEXANDER to a halt - he drunkenly jumped out of a window. The Irishman previously claimed he...

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Soderbergh To Use Cia Files For Che Biopic

7th September 2005

Oscar-winning director STEVEN SODERBERGH will use recently declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files to help make his forthcoming ERNESTO 'CHE' GUEVARA biopic. Speaking at the Venice Film Festival in Italy yesterday (06SEP05), Soderbergh announced...

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Greengrass To Direct Another 9/11 Movie

17th August 2005

British film-maker PAUL GREENGRASS is to direct a controversial new film about the fourth plane hijacked during the US terrorist attacks on 11th September (01). The acclaimed BOURNE SUPREMACY director will tell the story...

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Stone Pleads Guilty To Drug Charge

11th August 2005

Controversial director OLIVER STONE has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour possession of marijuana while driving charge - just six years after pleading no contest to exactly the same crime. The Oscar-winning film-maker's lawyer entered...

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Lopez Blames Her Media Image For Hampering Her Film Career

7th August 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ believes her over-exposure in the media has prevented her from having a more diverse movie career. The 36-year-old Latina beauty found it easier to convince directors of her suitability for a role...

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Stone Blames Alexander Reception On American Youth

29th July 2005

OLIVER STONE believes the critical mauling his epic ALEXANDER received last year (04) was the inevitable result of America's youth misunderstanding ancient history. Stone, who recently re-edited the film for its DVD release, puts...

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Stone Slams Bush Reaction To 9/11

28th July 2005

Controversial director OLIVER STONE has hit out at US President GEORGE W BUSH for "misusing" his powers after the terrorist attacks on September 11th (01). The NATURAL BORN KILLERS film-maker, who is currently preparing...

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Stone Shocked By 'Homophobic' America

28th July 2005

Acclaimed director OLIVER STONE is convinced America's awkwardness about homosexuality ensured his epic movie ALEXANDER was a box-office disaster, even though the title character's bisexuality was not a major part of the plot. Stone...

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Stone Re-edits Alexander For Personal Pride

24th July 2005

Acclaimed director OLIVER STONE has spent months re-editing ALEXANDER for the DVD release in a bid to regain his dignity after the big screen version flopped at the box-office. The film, starring Hollywood hunk...

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Maclaine Wants Sex With Toyboys

2nd June 2005

Movie veteran SHIRLEY MacLAINE is always on the look out for a toyboy because men her own age and older can't meet her sexual needs. At 71, the TERMS OF ENDEARMENT star insists she...

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Stone Arrested On Drink-driving And Drugs Charges

29th May 2005

Controversial filmmaker OLIVER STONE has been arrested for drink-driving and possession of drugs in Beverly Hills, California. The OSCAR-winning director was stopped at a police checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard on Friday night (27MAY05), where...

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