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Stone Shooting Olympic Promo

2nd November 2006

Oscar-winning director OLIVER STONE is lending his movie expertise to 2008 Olympics host China to shoot a five-minute promo encouraging "cultural exchange". The WORLD TRADE CENTER film-maker will film the project in capital city Beijing....

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World Trade Center Wins First Film Honour Of The Season

24th October 2006

OLIVER STONE's gripping 9/11 drama WORLD TRADE CENTER was named Best Film in the first major awards show of the 2006/2007 season, beating out PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST at the Hollywood Awards...

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Drummer Gary Dies

19th October 2006

Former THE KNACK drummer BRUCE GARY has died of lymphatic cancer. He was 54. The Los Angeles-based rocker was propelled to fame with his stuttering rhythm on the band's 1979 smash hit MY SHARONA. It...

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Stone Hires Conservative To Write Script About Afghan Conflict

17th October 2006

Director Oliver Stone, an outspoken Hollywood liberal who has condemned the war in Iraq, has raised eyebrows by his choice of Cyrus Nowresteh, a political conservative who wrote the controversial ABC miniseries The Path to...

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Stone To Re-visit 9/11 Tragedy

16th October 2006

OLIVER STONE is set to direct another movie based on the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America following his recent film WORLD TRADE CENTER. The director's next film, JAWBREAKER, will focus on America's response to the...

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Clooney Honoured By Hollywood Stars

15th October 2006

Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY was toasted by a host of fellow stars when he received the 2006 American Cinematheque Award in Beverly Hills on Friday (13OCT06). The lavish event, which was held to raise money...

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Row Erupts As China Puts Homegrown Movies Before Hollywood

11th October 2006

Anger is mounting among Chinese cinema-goers after the government postponed releasing a string of Hollywood blockbusters including MIAMI VICE in favour of homegrown films. The country's Ministry of Culture put back the MICHAEL MANN movie...

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Stone Slams 'Backward' Bush

29th September 2006

Director OLIVER STONE has accused US President GEORGE W BUSH of "setting America back 10 years" with over-zealous security policies. The JFK movie-maker is disgusted by the politician's response to the 9/11 terrorist atrocities by...

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Woods Still Upset By Stone's Filmmaking Techniques

26th September 2006

Actor JAMES WOODS was so annoyed with OLIVER STONE's tough filmmaking techniques on the set of SALVADOR he quit and tried to hitchhike to Mexico City, 300 miles away. But the director made his quest...

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Box Office Flunks Intelligence Test

25th September 2006

Giving further evidence -- if it were ever needed -- that teenage boys rule the box office, Paramount's gross-out stunts movie Jackass Number Two raked in an estimated $28.1 million at the box office over...

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Fascinating Fact 2107

18th September 2006

Both TOMMY LEE JONES and OLIVER STONE turned 60 yesterday (15SEP06).

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Stone Denies Conspiracy Obsession

15th September 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE has slammed critics who accuse him of focusing too much on political films. Stone, whose new film WORLD TRADE CENTER is released this month (09AUG06), insists he has made many movies...

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Stone To Release Third Alexander Cut

10th September 2006

Director OLIVER STONE will release a third version of his ALEXANDER epic in a bid to win over critics who originally mauled the movie. The PLATOON film-maker insists the cinematic version of Alexander was hampered...

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Stone Plans Second 9/11 Movie

7th September 2006

Director OLIVER STONE wants to make another movie about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, because the subject matter is too "huge" to cover in one film. The NATURAL BORN KILLERS director's new film WORLD TRADE CENTER...

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Stone Defends Grass

7th September 2006

OLIVER STONE has urged people to show tolerance towards controversial German author GUENTER GRASS, insisting he "had to lie" about his membership of the Waffen-SS. The TIN DRUM author recently revealed the secret he has...

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Stone: 'I Wish I Could Change My Name'

7th September 2006

OLIVER STONE has considered changing his name to escape the negative publicity that has accompanied many of his works. The 60-year-old director has enjoyed a long and decorated career - he holds three Academy Awards...

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Stone Defends World Trade Center To Bafta Members

7th September 2006

OLIVER STONE has again defended his decision to make WORLD TRADE CENTER so soon after the 9/11 tragedy - before members of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London. The director has...

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Cage's 9/11 Pain

6th September 2006

Shooting WORLD TRADE CENTER was especially painful for actor NICOLAS CAGE, because he lost a friend on September 11th (01) The OLIVER STONE movie deals with the true story of two firemen trapped in the...

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Stone Accuses Hollywood Of Exploiting War

4th September 2006

Director Oliver Stone, who steered clear of controversy during interviews promoting his World Trade Center in the U.S. last month, returned to the thick of things over the weekend as he accused Hollywood of exploiting...

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Stone Wants Bin Laden Dead

3rd September 2006

Oscar-winning US film-maker OLIVER STONE has issued a chilling threat to kill terror chief OSAMA BIN LADEN "with my own hands". The WORLD TRADE CENTER director, whose film is based on Bin Laden's 9/11 attacks,...

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Stone Accuses Hollywood Of Promoting War

1st September 2006

Filmmaker OLIVER STONE has hit out at the US movie industry, accusing Hollywood of promoting war. Stone claims movies PEARL HARBOR and BLACK HAWK DOWN "worshipped the machinery of war" and glamourised conflicts involving America....

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World Trade Center Producers Donate $1.3 Million

29th August 2006

WORLD TRADE CENTER film-makers are honouring their promise to donate five per cent of the movie's opening weekend box office receipts to the September 11th (01) memorial. The memorial foundation yesterday (28AUG06) announced producers of...

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Hollywood Film Festival Fetes Stone

24th August 2006

The Hollywood Film Festival has selected OLIVER STONE to receive its Director Of The Year award. The honour will be presented at an awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on 23 October (06). The...

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Stone Slammed By Hampton

21st August 2006

Hollywood screenwriter CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON has launched a scathing attack on director OLIVER STONE. The DANGEROUS LIAISONS writer briefly worked with the ALEXANDER director on a potential film and recalls the experience as unenjoyable. Hampton says,...

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'Snakes' Slithers To Top Of Us Box Office

20th August 2006

Much-hyped movie SNAKES ON A PLANE slithered to the top of the US box office this weekend (ends20AUG06) - but with a more modest $15.25 million (GBP8.5 million) opening weekend than expected. The film had...

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Stone: 'It's Fashionable To Hate My Movies'

18th August 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE expected negative criticism of his movie WORLD TRADE CENTER, because it's "fashionable" to hate his films. The 59-year-old movie-maker took considerable flak for his unsettling 1991 film JFK, which has toughened...

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Close Finish At Box Office

15th August 2006

The top of the weekend box office was crowded tightly as just over $3 million separated the leading three films. Sony's Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby remained the No. 1 film for the...

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Cage Delighted To Finally Land Stone Collaboration

15th August 2006

NICOLAS CAGE is delighted with his performance in new 9/11 drama WORLD TRADE CENTER, because he feared he would never realise his ambition of working with director OLIVER STONE. The Oscar-winner feared PLATOON film-maker Stone...

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Talladega Nights Keeps Poll Position

14th August 2006

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby remained the frontrunner at the box office over the weekend, even as two challengers performed far better than expected. Talladega, starring Will Ferrell, took in an estimated $23...

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Talladega Nights Stays On Top Of Us Box Office

14th August 2006

WILL FERRELL's TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY is cruising at the top of the US box office, after taking $23 million (GBP12.8) during its second week in cinemas. Teen dancing drama STEP...

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