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Buttafuoco Challenges Oj

26th June 2003

Convicted rapist JOEY BUTTAFUOCO is trying to persuade OJ SIMPSON to slug it out with him in a boxing ring for a planned celebrity-studded pay-per-view clash of the notorious and infamous. Buttafuoco, whose teen...

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Oj Simpson's Wedding Plans Cause Upset

15th May 2003

OJ SIMPSON has sparked outrage, after it was revealed he plans to marry his girlfriend CHRISTIE PRODY around the anniversary of his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN's bloody murder. Brown and her friend RON GOLDMAN were...

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Oj Showered With Golf Balls

8th May 2003

OJ SIMPSON is losing sleep over things going bump in the night - because buckets of golf balls keep dropping from the sky onto his roof. The callous incident remains unsolved, but one of...

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Oj Simpson's Lawyer Promises To Block Reality Show

27th April 2003

LATEST: OJ SIMPSON's lawyer is furiously attempting to block a planned reality TV show based on the former American Football star - which he promises will never see the light of day. Although a...

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Oj Wants To Cover Blake Trial For Tv

25th April 2003

OJ SIMPSON wants to commentate on actor ROBERT BLAKE's forthcoming murder trial. The controversial sportsman-turned-actor claims American TV networks have approached him about adding his expert knowledge to coverage of the BARETTA TV star's...

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Oj Simpson Gets Reality Show

24th April 2003

OJ SIMPSON is set to become the latest star of America's reality TV craze - without his blessing. The former American football player and movie star, who was acquitted of killing his wife NICOLE...

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