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Queen Triumph In Number Ones Poll

31st January 2005

Classic QUEEN tune BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY has been crowned Britain's greatest number one single ever in a new poll. The song beat out offerings by OASIS, KYLIE MINOGUE and MADONNA to scoop the BBC RADIO...

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Oasis Siblings To Shake Up Brits

30th January 2005

OASIS badboys LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER have been invited to this year's (05) BRIT AWARDS in London to stir up trouble. At past ceremonies Liam has simulated sex with his gong, abused late...

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Oasis Winter Sale

23rd January 2005

British rockers OASIS are at the centre of a major label bidding-war, as record companies fight to sign the band when their current deal with SONY expires in the summer (05). EMI and V2...

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Oasis Snub Sony

20th January 2005

British rockers OASIS have snubbed record label SONY by refusing to make their next LP a double album. The upcoming disc is the band's last with the music giants, who wanted to end their...

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Gallagher Is No Fan Of Christmas

19th January 2005

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER hates Christmas so much, he's desperate to tell his young daughter the truth about Santa Claus. However, the LIVE FOREVER guitarist realises the harsh news will break four-year-old ANAIS' heart,...

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Oasis Unveil New Album

7th January 2005

OASIS' new album will finally hit the shops in May (05), more than 18 months after the band began work on it. Last July (04) the four-piece postponed the release of the follow-up to...

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Led Zeppelin Tops Another Best Song Poll

3rd January 2005

LED ZEPPELIN's 1970s classic STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN has been voted the best pop song of all time - just a week after winning best rock song in another poll. More than 20,000 music fans...

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Mcgee Regrets Coldplay Comments

13th December 2004

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has received an apology from former CREATION RECORDS boss ALAN McGEE, who once branded the band "music for bedwetters". McGEE, who has signed legends including OASIS and PRIMAL SCREAM, admits...

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Gallagher Intimidated His Future Wife

1st December 2004

OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER's tough guy image intimidated his future wife NICOLE APPLETON when they first met. The former ALL SAINTS singer was not initially attracted to the WONDERWALL hitmaker and she was reluctant...

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Rice Slams Music Hall Of Fame

30th November 2004

TIM RICE has ridiculed the recent induction of the UK MUSIC HALL OF FAME. The award-winning composer of musicals like EVITA and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA cites the show earlier this month (NOV04) as...

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Liam Gallagher Fined $72,000

21st November 2004

OASIS wildman LIAM GALLAGHER has been fined nearly $72,000 (GBP40,000) for a drunken brawl that also cost him two front teeth. A German court hit the singer with the penalty at a hearing on...

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Oasis Return To The Big Stages

3rd November 2004

British rockers OASIS are on the comeback trail after announcing they'll be playing three massive shows next summer (05). The group, who have wowed crowds at Manchester's Maine Road stadium and stately home KNEBWORTH...

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Appleton Gives Gallagher Marriage Ultimatum

25th October 2004

LIAM GALLAGHER is desperately trying to save his relationship with fiancee NICOLE APPLETON for the sake of their son GENE. The pair have been engaged for five years, but their romance has been on...

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Oasis And Blur Unite For Band Aid

22nd October 2004

Bitter '90s rivals OASIS and BLUR are putting their differences aside to join all-star charity group BAND AID III. The bands launched a scathing war of words at the height of the so-called Britpop...

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Brown Leads Manchester Union

19th October 2004

Stars of the Manchester, England, music scene united on stage last night (18OCT04) when IAN BROWN was joined by NOEL GALLAGHER and his former STONE ROSES bandmate MANI on stage. Fans at Brown's Manchester...

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Oasis Aim For Starr Partnership

29th September 2004

OASIS are desperate to get former BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR to play on their next album. The WONDERWALL band will first travel to Los Angeles to finish work on the disc, their sixth studio...

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Prodigy Star Hides Guitar From Gallagher

29th September 2004

THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT hides his guitar when OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER comes to visit - to stop Gallagher from playing it. Gallagher, 31, spends a lot of time at the FIRESTARTER star's...

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Gallagher Sings To Mugging Victim

27th September 2004

Rocker LIAM GALLAGHER was devastated to hear an OASIS fan had been mugged - so cheered her up with a private singing performance over the phone. The WONDERWALL singer attended a wedding last week...

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Noel Gallagher Blasts Liam's Tunes

24th September 2004

NOEL GALLAGHER is refusing to allow any of his brother LIAM's songs to appear on the next OASIS album Earlier this summer (JUN04), the group scrapped some tracks following a disappointing performance at Britain's...

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Oasis Put Back Album Until Next May

23rd September 2004

Fans of British rockers OASIS will have to wait another eight months for their much-anticipated new album. The group went back to the studio after a disappointing reception to new material at this summer's...

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Appleton Tells Sister To Work It Out With Gallagher

23rd September 2004

Former ALL SAINTS singer NATALIE APPLETON has pleaded with her younger sister NICOLE to stay with her OASIS fiance LIAM GALLAGHER - reportedly to ensure they remain in the public eye. The NEVER EVER...

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Gallagher's Secret Love For Cowell

22nd September 2004

OASIS hellraiser LIAM GALLAGHER is a secret admirer of THE X FACTOR and its acid-tongued judge SIMON COWELL. KATE THORNTON, who presents this British TV show and is a close friend of Gallagher's fiancee...

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Elton Slams Oasis

21st September 2004

Legendary pop star SIR ELTON JOHN has blasted OASIS for being lazy and work-shy. The ROCKET MAN singer compares LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER's band to the group of spoof rockers in cult movie THIS...

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Oasis Have Too Many Songs

16th September 2004

Rock group OASIS have 66 songs vying for a place on their sixth studio album, due out early next year (05). The band have been working on the LP for much of this year...

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Gallagher And Gervais Collaboration

15th September 2004

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER is thrilled British comic RICKY GERVAIS has asked him to record a comedy version of FREELOVE FREEWAY for the Christmas special of TV satire THE OFFICE. The WONDERWALL star, 37,...

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Gallagher's Lonely London Days

14th September 2004

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER felt alone and isolated when he first moved to London in the mid-'90s - because he didn't have any friends. The LIVE FOREVER guitarist admits he used to travel up...

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Oasis' Poor Summer

13th September 2004

OASIS' performance at the GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL was so poor, rock fans have voted them the worst band of the festival season. The band were slammed after previewing new material during their set at the...

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Gallagher Attacks Doherty Over Child Maintenance

13th September 2004

OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER is furious he's paying child maintenance for LIBERTINES rocker PETE DOHERTY's son, ESTILE. Both Gallagher and Doherty have a child with their former lover LISA MOORISH, but while the WONDERWALL...

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Oasis To Play Illuminating Concert?

8th September 2004

OASIS are set to perform at the launch party of Blackpool, England's world famous illuminations - much to the surprise of organisers. The DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER rockers turned down the chance to...

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Oasis Escape To La To Finish Lp

8th September 2004

Rockers OASIS are jetting out to Los Angeles in a fresh attempt to record their latest album, following a year of setbacks. The British band have been forced to delay their eagerly anticipated sixth...

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