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Noel Gallagher Won't Reunite With Oasis

21st November 2013

Noel Gallagher insists Oasis are never getting back together.The rocker left the Britpop band in August 2009 after a backstage punch-up with his brother Liam and is adamant he won't reconcile with his sibling under...

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Nicole Appleton Reforming All Saints To Get Over Liam Split

19th November 2013

Nicole Appleton is reforming her band All Saints to get over her split from husband Liam Gallagher.The blonde beauty will reunite with her bandmates - Shaznay Lewis,Melanie Blatt and sister Natalie Appleton - to join...

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Gem Archer: 'I'm Match Fit For Beady Eye Tour After Fracturing My Skull'

7th November 2013

Former Oasis star Gem Archer has assured fans of his new band Beady Eye that he's fit and well as the group kicks off its autumn tour after recovering from a fractured skull and a...

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Liam Gallagher's Girlfriend Pushing For Oasis Reunion

4th November 2013

Liam Gallagher's girlfriend is trying to broker an Oasis reunion.The singer has barely spoken to his older brother Noel Gallagher since the guitarist walked out on the super-group after the pair had a pre-gig bust-up...

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Jake Bugg's Songs 'Write Themselves'

31st October 2013

Jake Bugg's songs ''write themselves''.The 'What Doesn't Kill You' singer doesn't like to think too much about how his tracks are going to sound before he writes them, so they come out naturally when he's...

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Oasis Star Bonehead Loved Stage Reunion With Liam Gallagher

24th October 2013

Former Oasis rocker Paul 'bonehead' Arthurs has praised his ex-bandmate Liam Gallagher after they reunited onstage at a tribute to late The Charlatans star Jon Brookes.The guitarist, who quit the Wonderwall hitmakers in 1999, joined...

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Liam Gallagher And Bonehead Reunite At Jon Brookes Tribute Concert

19th October 2013

Liam Gallagher was joined on stage by former Oasis guitarist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs for first time in 14 years at the 'A Night For Jon Brookes' tribute concert.The two ex-bandmates played with Andy Bell, Chris...

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Robbie Williams Closes Fashion Label Farrell

18th October 2013

Robbie Williams' fashion line has gone into liquidation.The 'Candy' singer launched his menswear label Farrell in September 2011 and opened a pop-up shop in Covent Garden, London, this August for a six-month stint.But the...

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Liam Gallagher To 'Rescue' Dogs From Nicole

16th October 2013

Liam Gallagher is prepared to send the SAS in to ''rescue'' his two dogs from estranged wife Nicole Appleton. The Beady Eye frontman singer is reportedly ''serious'' about stealing the pair's two pet pooches, Ruby...

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Patsy Kensit Posed Topless To Save Gallagher Marriage

7th October 2013

British actress Patsy Kensit stripped off for a topless modelling shoot in a U.K. magazine in a desperate bid to save her marriage to former Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher.The pair wed in 1997 and they...

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Liam Gallagher's Wife 'Feels Like A Prisoner'

3rd October 2013

Liam Gallagher's estranged wife ''feels like a prisoner'' living around the corner from him. The Beady Eye rocker split from Nicole Appleton, 38, earlier this summer when it emerged he had fathered a lovechild with...

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Liam Gallagher To Perform With Original Oasis Guitarist Bonehead

1st October 2013

Liam Gallagher will perform with original Oasis guitarist Bonehead at a charity concert this month.The Beady Eye rocker will be joined by his former bandmate Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs for the first time in 14 years...

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The Things They Say: 3875712

21st September 2013

"It's not going to happen, unless they are doing it without me. But without me, it would be rubbish." British rocker Noel Gallagher is adamant his former Oasis bandmates won't be able to accept a...

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Idris Elba Blasts Liam Gallagher

19th September 2013

Idris Elba has blasted Liam Gallagher's rock star attitude.The 'Pacific Rim' actor had a run-in with the Beady Eye star after a meeting at a local bar when he rubbed the singer's hair.He told GQ...

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Idris Elba Mocks Liam Gallagher's Post-oasis Career

19th September 2013

Actor Idris Elba has taken a new swipe at rocker Liam Gallagher, suggesting the singer's career has slumped since Oasis split.The Wire star clashed with the Beady Eye frontman at the NME Awards in London...

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Noel Gallager's Representative Shuts Down Oasis Reunion Report

17th September 2013

A representative for Noel Gallagher has dismissed reports suggesting Oasis have been offered a lucrative deal to reform for a series of big concerts next summer (14).Fans' hopes were raised at the weekend (14-15Sep13) after...

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Oasis Offered Big Money Deal For 2014 Knebworth Reunion - Report

15th September 2013

The warring Gallagher brothers have been offered a lucrative deal to reform their band Oasis to return to Knebworth for a series of huge shows next summer (14), according to a U.K. report.The British rock...

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Noel Gallagher's Mum Not Bothered About Feud

9th September 2013

Noel Gallagher's mum is ''not arsed'' about the fact he and his brother Liam don't speak anymore. The brothers fell out in a huge backstage row in 2009 which led to the breakup of their...

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Noel Gallagher Lashes Out At Politician At Gq Awards

5th September 2013

Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher lashed out at Britain's Foreign Secretary after spotting him at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London on Tuesday (03Sep13).The rocker was accepting his Icon of the Year...

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Oasis Boss Calls On New Acts To Hand Over Demos At Liverpool Dj Gig

4th September 2013

The man behind Oasis has invited new acts to hand him their demo tapes as he Djs at a new nightclub in Liverpool, England this weekend (06Sep13).Alan MCGee, the former boss of Creation Records, is...

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Noel Gallagher Writes For The 'Average Man'

27th August 2013

Noel Gallagher makes music for the ''average man''.The 'Don't Look Back In Anger' hitmaker described himself as an ordinary man who happens to have ''been blessed with a talent to write songs'' and slated the...

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Noel Gallagher Preferred The Pub To Writing Songs

27th August 2013

Noel Gallagher says success made him want to ''go to the pub'' instead of writing new songs.The former Oasis rocker wrote some of the group's defining tracks when he was unemployment benefits and admitted the...

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Noel Gallagher's Regrets Over Be Here Now

26th August 2013

Rocker Noel Gallagher cringes every time he hears a song from Oasis' 1997 album Be Here Now, insisting the tracks make no sense as he was drug-addled when he wrote them.The guitarist worked at a...

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Alex James: Damon Albarn And Noel Gallagher Are Working Together

14th August 2013

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher are ''working together on a lot of stuff''. The former music rivals - whose bands Blur and Oasis were embroiled in a war of words in the mid-1990s - have...

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Courtney Love Ditched Edward Norton During Scottish Hike To See Oasis

30th July 2013

Singer Courtney Love once ditched her former boyfriend Edward Norton during a hike up a Scottish mountain to attend a rock festival headlined by Oasis.The Hole star quit smoking and taking drugs when she began...

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The Things They Say: 3781942

26th July 2013

"Ironically, Noel and Damon are, like, best mates now. They go off and smoke cigars together. I think we realised we're all on the same side eventually." Blur star Alex James insists the band's rivalry...

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Noel Gallagher's Shoe Addiction

15th July 2013

Noel Gallagher quit drugs by buying trainers.The former Oasis star claims his obsession with footwear helped him kick his cocaine habit in 1998, with him replacing one expensive addiction with another.He told The Independent newspaper:...

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Liam Gallagher Hits Out At Robbie Williams' Advice

8th July 2013

Liam Gallagher says he would rather shoot himself in his manhood than follow Robbie Williams' advice. The former Oasis frontman has carried on his feud with the 'Goin' Crazy' hitmaker - who recently insisted Beady...

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Liam Gallagher Was Worried He'd Lose Kids At Glastonbury

2nd July 2013

Liam Gallagher left Glastonbury early because he was worried he would get drunk and lose his children.The rocker opened the festival with his band Beady Eye in front of thousands of fans on Friday morning...

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Fascinating Fact: 3742641

1st July 2013

Bookmakers in Britain have named Foo Fighters and Kasabian as early favourites to headline the 2014 Glastonbury festival with odds of 6/1. Experts at William Hill have also given odds of 25/1 that defunct rockers...

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