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Ken Howard Wins Sag-aftra Election

16th August 2013

Veteran actor Ken Howard had overwhelmingly defeated a challenge by former NYPD Blue star Esai Morales to win another term as president of SAG-AFTRA. Morales is part of a group of members called Membership First...

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The Things They Say 25231

22nd May 2012

"I have always been extremely proud to be one of the brave... The people that I was with, I considered the brave, and anyone who took those chances, I am extremely proud to be associated...

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Kim Delaney: 'Embarrassing Speech Slip-up Was Part Of Bad Week'

9th March 2012

Former Nypd Blue star Kim Delaney has broken her silence after she had to be escorted offstage at a gala event last year (Sep11) in the middle of a rambling speech about military families.The actress...

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Milch To Film Unfilmable Faulkner

2nd December 2011

William Faulkner, who knew a thing or two about turning other great writers' novels into movies (he wrote the 1939 screenplay for Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep and the 1944 screenplay for Ernest Hemingway's To...

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Jimmy Smits Receives Police Warning Over Tinted Car Windows

25th November 2011

Nypd Blue star Jimmy Smits was stopped by traffic police in Los Angeles on Tuesday (22Nov11) and questioned about the heavily-tinted windows on his car.The actor was driving on a Los Angeles highway when his...

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Court Overturns Fcc Indecency Fine

5th January 2011

In yet another blow to conservative parents' groups and religious organizations battling what they consider indecent content on broadcast television, a federal appeals court on Tuesday overturned a $1.2 million fine that the Federal Communications...

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Franz Pays Tribute, Pokes Fun At Nypd Blue Co-star Smits

1st October 2010

There was a brief NYPD BLUE reunion of sorts on TV in America on Thursday morning (30Sep10) when DENNIS FRANZ phoned in to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE to chat to former cop partner and show guest...

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Dirty Words Get A Reprieve

14th July 2010

In a unanimous decision, a three-judge U.S. appellate court on Tuesday struck down an FCC rule that allows it to fine broadcasters for using "patently offensive" language on live television. Ruling that the FCC policy...

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Gosselaar And Wife Separate

3rd June 2010

Former SAVED BY THE BELL and NYPD BLUE star MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR and his actress wife have split, according to new U.S. reports.Sources tell In Touch magazine that the actor and Lisa Ann Russell have separated...

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Beauvais-nilon Divorcing Husband

1st June 2010

NYPD BLUE star GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON has filed for divorce - just weeks after accusing her husband of having an affair.The actress began legal proceedings to end the union by filing papers at Los Angeles County...

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Fascinating Fact 5931

5th September 2008

Former NYPD BLUE star GAIL O'GRADY is set to become Wisteria Lane's latest desperate housewife. The actress will play a troublesome vamp, who is always on the hunt for toyboys to seduce....

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Family Group Protests Against Las Vegas Nudity

25th February 2008

The Parents Television Council, which has been responsible for generating most of the complaints about alleged indecency on network television, has filed a complaint with the FCC against NBC and its stations regarding a Feb....

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Abc Loses Appeal Over Nypd Blue Nude Scenes

21st February 2008

LATEST: U.S. TV network ABC has failed in its attempt to overturn a ruling penalising the broadcaster for depicting illicit nude scenes in an episode of NYPD BLUE. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refused to...

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Fcc Rejects Blue Appeal

20th February 2008

Rejecting their appeal, the FCC ordered some 40 ABC affiliates to pay fines of $27,500 apiece by Thursday for airing a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue in which an actress's bare backside was shown. It...

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Fcc Fines Abc $1.43 Million Over Blue Scene

28th January 2008

A scene in a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue in which an actress's bare backside was visible could subject ABC to a $1.43-million fine. In its notice to the network, the FCC said that the...

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Us Censor: Too Nypd Blue

26th January 2008

US network ABC faces a $1.4 million fine (£700,000) over female nudity shown in a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue.The US' Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says a scene broadcast before the 21:00 watershed of a...

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Brenneman Found Her Man With Popcorn Treat

15th October 2007

Former NYPD BLUE star AMY BRENNEMAN knew she'd found her Mr. Right in filmmaker BRAD SILBERLING when he almost cried after she bought him popcorn on their first movie date. Brenneman didn't realise a trip...

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Brenneman Worried About Nypd Blue Nude Scenes

21st September 2007

Former NYPD BLUE star AMY BRENNEMAN fears her famous nude scene on the hit TV cop series will come back to haunt her. The actress became one of the first women to bare all on...

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The Things They Say 5678

20th September 2007

"I'm literally hired to express thoughts, so Botox makes me feel like a painter who's tucked away her reds." Former NYPD BLUE star AMMY BRENNEMAN....

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Morales Sued For 'Infecting' Ex-lover With Herpes

21st July 2007

Former NYPD BLUE star ESAI MORALES is being sued by an ex-girlfriend for allegedly assaulting and passing on herpes to her. In court papers filed by Elizabeth Mazzocchi - who used to live with Morales...

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Disabled Sag Activist Sentenced For Possession Of Child Porn

31st January 2007

A New York actor who had actively campaigned to pressure the film and TV industry to hire the disabled has been sentenced to 44 months in prison for possession of child pornography. Ed Jupp, 51,...

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Shroder Returns To Ricky

14th January 2007

Former NYPD BLUE star RICK SCHRODER has ditched his adult name for the one that made him famous as a child star. For his upcoming stint on hit drama 24, the actor will be credited...

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Schroder Joins Cast Of 24

5th December 2006

Former NYPD BLUE star RICK SCHRODER is teaming up with KIEFER SUTHERLAND for the sixth season of hit TV series 24. Schroder signed on for a regular role in the series, which kicks off with...

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Ptc Demands Fcc Rescind Indecency Decision

9th November 2006

L. Brent Bozell's Parents Television Council, whose members generate virtually all the complaints of indecent programming to the FCC, is demanding that the commission reverse its decision to set aside two rulings regarding indecent language...

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Fcc Clears Two Tv Shows Cited For Indecency

7th November 2006

Two television shows that the FCC had previously branded as indecent were given a clean bill of health Monday. The commission said that the use of the s-word during a broadcast of CBS's The Early...

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Gosselaar A Dad Again

8th May 2006

Former SAVED BY THE BELL star MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR has become a father for the second time - his wife has given birth to a baby daughter. LISA delivered AVA LORENN at noon yesterday (07MAY06) at...

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Soap Star Signs On As Fleiss' First Stud

6th April 2006

A former US daytime soap star has signed on to become the face and body of former Hollywood Madam HEIDI FLEISS' all-male stud farm in the Nevada desert. Fleiss plans to open her male brothel...

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Ray Scores Prism Nominations

12th March 2005

JAMIE FOXX's acclaimed movie RAY has garnered nominations for best picture and best performance for the ninth annual PRISM AWARDS. The awards recognise the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction...

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Eldard Seeks Blind Help For New Cop Role

8th March 2005

Movie star RON ELDARD trained with a blind judo champion to make sure he could play a sightless cop in a new television series. The actor, who starred as a blind astronaut in DEEP...

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Nypd Blue Wraps Up

2nd March 2005

Hit American police drama NYPD BLUE has been broadcast for the last time in America after a 12-year run. The popular TV show immediately grabbed attention during its first season with its strong language...

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