While NPR on Friday issued an ambiguous statement at first saying that public radio station WDAV, which produces its NPR World of Opera , "is solely responsible for the decision making around [show host] Lisa [Simeone's] participation in Occupy DC," it later announced that it would no longer distribute the show. "She's a public person who represents NPR and public radio," NPR Spokesperson Anna Christopher told the Associated Press. However, she added later that WDAV would continue to distribute World Of Opera " to all the stations that air the program. We are pleased that there will be no interruption in service to stations or the audience." Simeone, who has hosted the show since 2002, has maintained that her extracurricular political activity as spokesperson for the Occupy DC protesters, has never been reflected in her work on the show. However, public broadcasting networks and stations -- both radio and television -- have been under intense attack from some conservatives who claim that they use tax funds to promote a liberal agenda.