Lionsgate/Summit's surprise hit Now You See Me, a low-budget thriller that took in nearly $120 million at the domestic box office, debuted at No. 1 on the home-video sales charts -- DVD and Blu-ray -- on Wednesday. It sold nearly three times the number of discs that The Great Gatsby, last week's No. 1 film and this week's No. 2, did according to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert. Fox's animated family film Epic remained in third place, while Paramount's Pain & Gain dropped from second place last week to fourth place this week. Rounding out the top five was Lionsgate's Empire State. (Actual sales figures are not disclosed.) On Home Media magazine's rental chart, Now You See Me also held the top position inasmuch as Lionsgate does not require a four-week delay by online renters such as Netflix and Amazon Plus or kiosk operator Redbox.