North West's favourite toys are ''life-like'' wolves.

The 20-month-old toddler's father Kanye West was unhappy with the ''soul, life and energy'' of some of her playthings but says he and his little girl - who he has with wife Kim Kardashian West - were delighted when artist Vanessa Beecroft bought her some unique gifts.

Kanye said: ''I gave my daughter these toys and I was complaining about some of the toys that my daughter had and I was saying these toys don't have enough quality, soul, life, energy in them.

''Then Vanessa Beecroft bought her these wolves that were very life-like and when my daughter saw them she started screaming and running around and was the happiest I'd ever seen her.''

Though the 37-year-old rapper thinks he has a ''bit of goon'' inside him, it is a part of himself he tries to suppress because he wants to do ''positive'' things for the world.

Speaking to Clique TV, he said: ''My homie got locked up for selling guns at age 15. Navigating that, living inside of that, having a vision to make it somewhere - the thing that kept me alive around the goons also put a little bit of that goon inside me. And, you know, there's some times where people have witnessed just a bit of that part of me come out, and I want to really subdue that as much as possible and do as much positive for the world and not let anything from my past or any knowledge or anything stop or compromise my service to the world.''