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Coldplay And The Darkness Form Band Aid Iii

20th October 2004

British rockers COLDPLAY, THE DARKNESS and TRAVIS are joining forces to re-record BAND AID hit DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? in a new drive to alleviate Africa's famine crisis. The song - written by...

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Brown Leads Manchester Union

19th October 2004

Stars of the Manchester, England, music scene united on stage last night (18OCT04) when IAN BROWN was joined by NOEL GALLAGHER and his former STONE ROSES bandmate MANI on stage. Fans at Brown's Manchester...

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Gallagher: Be Here Now Is 'S**T'

8th October 2004

OASIS songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER has slammed his band's 1997 album BE HERE NOW as "s**t" and the result of his cocaine habit. Gallagher, who has since cleaned up, claims Be Here Now was sub-standard...

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Oasis Aim For Starr Partnership

29th September 2004

OASIS are desperate to get former BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR to play on their next album. The WONDERWALL band will first travel to Los Angeles to finish work on the disc, their sixth studio...

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Brown And Gallagher Witness Armed Robbery

27th September 2004

Rockers IAN BROWN and NOEL GALLAGHER were interrupted by an armed robbery while filming their new music video KEEP WHAT YA GOT. The former STONE ROSES frontman and the OASIS star were stunned when...

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Noel Gallagher Slams 'Lazy' Liam

24th September 2004

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER has dubbed bandmate brother LIAM a "lazy sh*te", because he refuses to help promote the band. Songwriter Noel finds himself attending interviews and press conferences alone, because frontman Liam can't...

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Noel Gallagher Blasts Liam's Tunes

24th September 2004

NOEL GALLAGHER is refusing to allow any of his brother LIAM's songs to appear on the next OASIS album Earlier this summer (JUN04), the group scrapped some tracks following a disappointing performance at Britain's...

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Oasis Put Back Album Until Next May

23rd September 2004

Fans of British rockers OASIS will have to wait another eight months for their much-anticipated new album. The group went back to the studio after a disappointing reception to new material at this summer's...

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Elton Slams Oasis

21st September 2004

Legendary pop star SIR ELTON JOHN has blasted OASIS for being lazy and work-shy. The ROCKET MAN singer compares LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER's band to the group of spoof rockers in cult movie THIS...

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Gallagher And Gervais Collaboration

15th September 2004

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER is thrilled British comic RICKY GERVAIS has asked him to record a comedy version of FREELOVE FREEWAY for the Christmas special of TV satire THE OFFICE. The WONDERWALL star, 37,...

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Gallagher's Lonely London Days

14th September 2004

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER felt alone and isolated when he first moved to London in the mid-'90s - because he didn't have any friends. The LIVE FOREVER guitarist admits he used to travel up...

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Oasis Escape To La To Finish Lp

8th September 2004

Rockers OASIS are jetting out to Los Angeles in a fresh attempt to record their latest album, following a year of setbacks. The British band have been forced to delay their eagerly anticipated sixth...

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Gallagher Threatened To Quit Oasis To Open Bar

6th September 2004

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER considered trading his music career for one working behind a bar when he quit the band in 1994. The temperamental LIVE FOREVER guitarist stormed out of the British group's American...

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Gallagher Sells Manager Gift

3rd September 2004

OASIS songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER is selling off his prized ROLLS ROYCE car on online auction site CREATION RECORDS boss ALAN McGEE bought the rocker a 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow in 1995 after...

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Oasis Thank Drugs For Definitely Maybe

3rd September 2004

Rockers OASIS insist the secret behind their chart-topping debut album DEFINITELY MAYBE is copious amounts of drugs. The band frequently dropped acid while recording the 1994 CD and boast their inebriated state fuelled their...

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Oasis Set To Celebrate Album Anniversary

24th August 2004

British rockers OASIS will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their classic album DEFINITELY MAYBE's release with a series of documentaries. The WONDERWALL group are busy compiling a special edition DVD about their 1994...

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Williams Exacts Revenge On Oasis Jibe

24th August 2004

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has taken his revenge on OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER for infamously branding him a "fat dancer from TAKE THAT" - by sending him a taunting letter and dancing shoes. The ANGELS singer...

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Williams Recalls Coke Snorting Days With Gallagher

24th August 2004

Pop hunk ROBBIE WILLIAMS reveals all about his former friendship with LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER in his forthcoming autobiography, including their secret cocaine sessions. In the ex-TAKE THAT star's tome THE WORLD ACCORDING TO...

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Gallagher Spends Big On Girlfriend

12th August 2004

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER knows how to please his girlfriend SARA MacDONALD - he takes her on a shopping spree to buy designer clothing. The WONDERWALL star decided to treat public relations executive MacDonald...

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The Prodigy To Tour

9th August 2004

THE PRODIGY are planning their first tour in seven years, to support their comeback album. The British dance stars will perform seven gigs in large clubs across Britain and Ireland in December (04),...

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Gallagher Delighted By Stone Roses Resurrection

27th July 2004

Rocker IAN BROWN has delighted OASIS singer NOEL GALLAGHER by playing a full set of STONE ROSES songs for the first time in almost ten years on Sunday night (25JUL04). Gallagher - who will...

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Oasis At The End Of The Line?

22nd July 2004

Rockers OASIS are in danger of never releasing another album - because they've lost their creative spark. The WONDERWALL band, fronted by guitarist NOEL GALLAGHER and his singer brother LIAM, have admitted to...

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Prodigy Album Leaked

15th July 2004

Dance stars PRODIGY's long awaited comeback album has been leaked on the internet. The album, ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED - the band's first release since 1997's THE FAT OF THE LAND - wasn't due...

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Cd Pirate Jailed

9th July 2004

The world's worst CD bootlegger has been jailed for depriving stars such as EMINEM, MADONNA and the ROLLING STONES of $27 million (GBP15 million) worth of royalties. MARK PURSEGLOVE, 33, was found guilty in...

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Oasis 'Frustrated' By Album Setbacks

8th July 2004

OASIS new album has been postponed until at least February next year (05) after the band's "frustrating and fruitless" attempts to complete it. In a letter to British music magazine NME, songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER...

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Oasis Return To Studio For Next Album

30th June 2004

OASIS have scrapped their upcoming sixth album, after the muted response given to two new songs they showcased at last weekend's (25JUN04) GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. NOEL GALLAGHER and bandmates will return to the studio and...

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Oasis Girlfriends Continue 'Rift' At Glastonbury

27th June 2004

OASIS wildmen siblings LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER managed to survive their Friday (25JUN04) headlining slot at Britain's GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL without falling out, but their girlfriends did their best to avoid one another. Former ALL...

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Oasis Star Reveals Morrissey's Shoplifting Invite

23rd June 2004

Pop legend MORRISSEY tried to tempt OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER to go on shoplifting sprees with him. Gallagher was stunned when THE SMITHS singer - his musical hero - began delivering letters to him,...

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Gallagher Mistaken For Rival Albarn

15th June 2004

OASIS singer-songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER is fuming after a fan mistook him for musical nemesis BLUR singer DAMON ALBARN. The two bands have been bitter chart rivals since they released albums (WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING...

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Oasis Fear Glastonbury Reaction To New Songs

14th June 2004

British rockers OASIS are so nervous of getting a bad reception at the upcoming GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, they have decided to play a set full of old favourites instead of premiering new material. Musical brothers...

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