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Stefani's Bandmates Opposed Rossdale Romance

9th December 2004

Blonde beauty GWEN STEFANI had a tough time dating BUSH frontman GAVIN ROSSDALE when she first met him - because all of her NO DOUBT bandmates were against the romance. Stefani and Rossdale, who...

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U2 Twice As Popular As Before

2nd December 2004

U2 have knocked EMINEM off the top of the American charts, with an album twice as successful as their previous offering. The Irish rockers' new disc, HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB, shifted 840,000 copies...

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Stefani Starstruck By Fashion Designer

29th November 2004

Stylish rocker GWEN STEFANI was left speechless when she met British fashion icon VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, because she'd finally come into contact with her design idol. The IT'S MY LIFE singer, who has her own...

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Stefani: 'Fashion Is In My Blood'

29th November 2004

Sexy singer GWEN STEFANI credits her mother and grandmother for influencing her unique sense of style. The NO DOUBT frontwoman, who recently launched her own LAMB clothing range, started experimenting with a needle and thread...

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Stefani: 'I'm Lazy'

24th November 2004

Sexy singer GWEN STEFANI has declared herself "lazy" - despite her long list of achievements. The NO DOUBT frontwoman recently released her debut solo album and clothing line, but still believes she doesn't always...

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Stefani Plans To Design For The Rest Of Her Life

24th November 2004

NO DOUBT frontwoman GWEN STEFANI is enjoying fashion designing so much, she's vowed to do it for the rest of her life. The WHAT YOU WAITING FOR SINGER, who recently unveiled her L.A.M.B line,...

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Keane And Jet Top Mtv Asia Nominations

16th November 2004

British band KEANE and Australian rockers JET are leading the nominations at next year's (05) MTV ASIA AWARDS. Keane and Jet are up for three awards at the star-studded bash in Bangkok, Thailand, which...

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Stefani's One Liner

10th November 2004

GWEN STEFANI was taken aback when she discovered MARTIN SCORSESE wanted her to audition for a part in THE AVIATOR - but felt deflated when she found out she would only have one line....

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Stefani And Rossdale Caught In Japanese Earthquake

8th November 2004

Sexy singer GWEN STEFANI's promotional tour of Japan hit a stumbling block recently - when a hotel she was staying at was rocked by an earthquake. The NO DOUBT frontwoman was in Tokyo on...

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Stefani's Red Carpet Nerves

7th November 2004

NO DOUBT frontwoman GWEN STEFANI is petrified about walking down the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie next month (DEC04). The sexy singer stars in director MARTIN SCORSESE's THE AVIATOR alongside...

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Stefani's Anguish During Return On Saturn

5th November 2004

GWEN STEFANI is proud of her writing skills on NO DOUBT's album RETURN ON SATURN, because she was able to articulate her inner turmoil. Although the stylish singer felt depressed when she wrote the...

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Stefani Found Writing With Perry 'Weird'

4th November 2004

GWEN STEFANI found working with song-writer LINDA PERRY "weird" after becoming accustomed to working with her NO DOUBT bandmates. The group's frontwoman, 35, teamed up with the PINK and CHRISTINA AGUILERA collaborator on her...

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Stefani And Rossdale's Musical Differences

3rd November 2004

NO DOUBT frontwoman GWEN STEFANI has musical differences with her husband, BUSH star GAVIN ROSSDALE. The HEY BABY singer can't get enough of throwaway pop singles and the radio, while the British rocker prefers...

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Stefani Furious About Perry Collaboration

2nd November 2004

NO DOUBT beauty GWEN STEFANI has slammed her record company for forcing her to collaborate with LINDA PERRY. The DON'T SPEAK singer cried herself to sleep after music giant INTERSCOPE ordered her to duet...

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Stefani Found Separation From Husband 'Brutal'

1st November 2004

NO DOUBT frontman GWEN STEFANI experienced a crisis after marrying singer GAVIN ROSSDALE when she had to spend her honeymoon touring without her husband. Stefani, 35, found parting with the BUSH frontman following her...

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Gwen Stuns Bride-to-be With Wedding Dress

14th October 2004

GWEN STEFANI is being urged to turn her back on music and movies to become a full-time wedding dress designer after wowing her first client. Stefani agreed to design pal MIEKE BINZER's wedding gown...

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Adrian Young Takes Up Acting

30th September 2004

NO DOUBT's ADRIAN YOUNG is following in his bandmate GWEN STEFANI's footsteps by taking on an acting role. Young has landed a small part in the upcoming NICK CANNON film THE UNDERCLASSMAN, about a...

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Green Day Stars Discover Cheech Drink

22nd September 2004

The members of GREEN DAY have become huge fans of a tequila cocktail named after comedian CHEECH MARIN - thanks to rocker ALICE COOPER's attempts at cheating during a golf game. Drummer TRE COOL...

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Stefani Goes Solo

9th September 2004

Blonde beauty GWEN STEFANI has broken away from NO DOUBT to work on her first solo album. The DON'T SPEAK star has worked with a diverse collection of music greats including DR DRE, THE...

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Britney Top Fashion 'Sinner'

1st September 2004

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS' dress sense has earned her the undesirable title of top "fashion sinner" in a new magazine poll. The 22-year-old TOXIC singer's recent style has put her ahead of TARA...

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Mendes And Kunis To Appear In Strokes Video

31st August 2004

Actresses EVA MENDES and MILA KUNIS are teaming up to appear in an upcoming video for rock band the STROKES. The screen beauties will appear in the video for THE END HAS NO END,...

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Stefani Intimidated By Andre 3000

31st August 2004

Sexy singer GWEN STEFANI is in such awe of OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000's talents, she was extremely nervous about recording a duet with him for her upcoming solo album. Stefani, who will break away...

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Jay-z And Outkast Rule Mtv Video Music Awards

30th August 2004

Rap superstars JAY-Z and OUTKAST made the biggest splash at last night's (29AUG04) MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS in Miami, Florida - picking up four awards each. Jay-Z's promo 99 PROBLEMS won him the Best...

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Unreleased Britney Track Is A Big Hit

23rd August 2004

It seems BRITNEY SPEARS doesn't even have to release records for them to become hits anymore - an internet download of lost track (I'VE JUST BEGUN) HAVING MY FUN has become a hit on APPLE's...

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Maran Has A Crush On Stefani

15th August 2004

VAN HELSING beauty JOSIE MARAN has unveiled a celebrity crush - on sexy singer GWEN STEFANI. The former model - who was once romantically linked to magician DAVID BLAINE - admits she would love...

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Courtney Love: I'm Not As Popular As Gwen Stefani

1st July 2004

COURTNEY LOVE has compared the celebrity world to high school - with GWEN STEFANI as the popular cheerleader and herself as a delinquent student. The former HOLE frontwoman, who has landed in a string...

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Friends Character Phoebe Tops Pointless List

31st May 2004

FRIENDS character PHOEBE BUFFAY has landed the top spot in a damning poll listing the most pointless things ever. The eccentric blonde - portrayed by LISA KUDROW in the hit comedy series - took...

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Stefani Shuts Down Website

21st May 2004

NO DOUBT rocker GWEN STEFANI is closing down her website, after a string of abusive messages were posted on it. The blonde singer is hurt and disappointed by the negative input of a minority...

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No Doubt Auction Tickets For Amnesty International

14th May 2004

The members of NO DOUBT are auctioning tickets for their upcoming tour to raise funds for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL's MUSIC FOR HUMAN RIGHTS initiative. Auction winners will receive two tickets to dates on the HEY...

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