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Stefani's Hollaback Girl Heads For Internet Landmark

3rd October 2005

GWEN STEFANI's hit track HOLLABACK GIRL is on track to become the first ever song to register one million legal downloads. In recognition of reaching the milestone, the NO DOUBT frontwoman will be presented...

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Stefani Bombarded With Pregnancy Questions

27th September 2005

NO DOUBT beauty GWEN STEFANI deeply regrets sharing her dreams about becoming a mother with the world - because now she's constantly asked about being pregnant. The RICH GIRL singer has been married to...

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Rossdale In Stefani's Shadow

26th September 2005

Former BUSH frontman GAVIN ROSSDALE admits the phenomenal success of his wife GWEN STEFANI has often left him sidelined. Rossdale's band sold more than 15 million records worldwide during their heyday - but...

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Stefani Thilled By Kanal's Broken Finger

6th September 2005

Sexy singer GWEN STEFANI is exploiting her NO DOUBT bandmate TONY KANAL's recently-broken finger - by using X-rays of it in her clothing line LAMB. Stefani plays a hands on role in designing clothing...

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Stefani Frets Over First Runway Show

6th September 2005

GWEN STEFANI is so overwhelmed with all of the work involved in putting on her first runway show, she's beginning to wonder if she's taken on too much. The sexy NO DOUBT frontwoman show...

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Stefani Owes It All To Pharrell

9th August 2005

GWEN STEFANI credits hit producer PHARRELL WILLIAMS with the runaway success of her first solo album LOVE ANGEL MUSIC BABY. The COOL singer is thrilled with the explosive mix of new sounds she co-created...

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Stefani Can't Work Without Her Harajuku Girls

31st May 2005

GWEN STEFANI is so in love with Japanese culture, she has to have Harajaku girls travelling with her wherever she goes. The NO DOUBT frontwoman, whose latest album LOVE ANGEL MUSIC BABY (LAMB) is...

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Stefani Extends Fashion Line

18th May 2005

NO DOUBT frontwoman GWEN STEFANI has expanded her fashion line LAMB to include cameras, underwear, stationery and baby clothes. The RICH GIRL singer, who launched her high-end range last year (04), has now unveiled...

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Stefani Designs T-shirts To Aid Tsunami Victims

11th May 2005

GWEN STEFANI has created a new T-shirt to raise cash for the victims of last year's (04) Indian Ocean tsunami. The NO DOUBT frontwoman has put the fashion item together via her LAMB line....

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Young Thrills No Doubt's Fifth Member On Tour

17th April 2005

Rocker ADRIAN YOUNG is saying the ultimate thank you to the multi-instrumentalist who became a fifth member of NO DOUBT by joining his new group for a US tour. GABRIAL (corr) McNAIR,...

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Rossdale Lovechild Mother 'Heartbroken'

11th April 2005

The mother of GAVIN ROSSDALE's lovechild DAISY LOWE is "heartbroken" she's lost her friendship with the English rocker and his wife GWEN STEFANI. Designer and singer PEARL LOWE was close friends with the BUSH...

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Stefani's Lamb Line To Include Footwear

8th April 2005

NO DOUBT frontwoman GWEN STEFANI has extended her LAMB clothing line to include sports shoes. The RICH GIRL singer recently signed a licensing deal with KSWISS' ROYAL ELASTICS, which will place the sneakers in...

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Stefani Beats Moss In Fashion List

4th April 2005

Flamboyant singer GWEN STEFANI and Burlesque dancer DITA VON TEESE have caused a furore in the fashion world - by beating supermodel KATE MOSS to be named the best-dressed women celebrities. Fashion magazine HARPERS...

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No Doubt Rockers Give Up Their Guitars

1st April 2005

The members of NO DOUBT have given up their guitars - for a good cause. The HEY BABY hitmakers are donating two signed guitars for charity auctions, the first of which took place on...

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Stefani Looking Forward To Rejoining No Doubt

23rd March 2005

GWEN STEFANI is excitedly preparing to re-team with her NO DOUBT bandmates, ending speculation she plans to abandon the group. The RICH GIRL singer embarked on a solo career after she and her bandmates...

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Stefani Still Sexy

18th March 2005

GWEN STEFANI is confident she can remain a sex symbol long into her forties. The NO DOUBT frontwoman - who's married to BUSH rocker GAVIN ROSSDALE - is a very youthful 35 and rejects...

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Stefani: 'Lay Off My Marriage'

11th March 2005

Pop queen GWEN STEFANI has vowed to keep her private life private since marrying British rocker GAVIN ROSSDALE. The loved-up NO DOUBT frontwoman admits she used to be open about her love life, even...

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Stefani Bans Herself From Festivals

11th March 2005

Pop star GWEN STEFANI refuses to attend rock festivals, because she's too much of "a woman" to camp in a muddy field. The HEY BABY singer was reluctantly dragged to Britain's legendary GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL...

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Stefani Slams Lazy Beauties

11th March 2005

NO DOUBT frontman GWEN STEFANI has launched a scathing attack on Hollywood beauties who claim their figure "comes naturally". The stunning singer, 35, spends hours selecting outfits and pampering herself before she attends premieres...

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Stefani's Music Takes A Backseat

11th March 2005

Pop beauty GWEN STEFANI's music has taken a backseat to her lovelife, following her 2002 engagement to now-husband GAVIN ROSSDALE. The NO DOUBT frontwoman admits she was obsessed with her career until the British...

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Stefani In No Doubt About Motherhood

24th February 2005

GWEN STEFANI was forced to postpone motherhood because of her phenomenal success as a singer with American rockers NO DOUBT. The DON'T SPEAK beauty had always planned to have several children by the time...

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Stefani Gives Fan A Grammy Treat

23rd February 2005

Sexy singer GWEN STEFANI made a fan's dream come true when she took her to this year's (13FEB05) GRAMMY AWARDS. The mother of Ohio native ABBEY, a lifelong fan of the NO DOUBT frontwoman,...

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Osbourne Pulls Out Of Tsunami Show

21st February 2005

British rocker OZZY OSBOURNE pulled out of Friday night's (18FEB05) MUSIC FOR RELIEF: REBUILDING SOUTH ASIA concert, citing a family emergency. Osbourne, husband of outspoken TV star SHARON OSBOURNE, was supposed to join Los...

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Stefani Sings Backup For Rossdale

18th February 2005

GWEN STEFANI has given her husband a little musical help - by providing backing vocals for his upcoming album. Rossdale has taken a break from his band BUSH to record an album with his...

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Rossdale's Potato Gift For Stefani

16th February 2005

BUSH heart-throb GAVIN ROSSDALE once gave wife GWEN STEFANI two sacks of potatoes as a Valentine's Day gift. The British rocker admits that at the time he considered it to be a very thoughtful...

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Geldof Slams 'Slow' Stefani

10th February 2005

Irish rocker BOB GELDOF shocked British radio listeners last night (09FEB05) when he launched into a swearing tirade about pop beauty GWEN STEFANI. The former BOOMTOWN RATS picked up an Outstanding Contribution to Music...

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Stars Team Up For California Tsunami Relief Concert

9th February 2005

Rap star JAY-Z, NO DOUBT and OZZY OSBOURNE are among the eclectic line-up of acts set to play at a California tsunami relief benefit later this month (FEB05). The acts will join LINKIN PARK,...

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Stefani Dress Stolen

14th January 2005

The dress worn by GWEN STEFANI on the cover of her band NO DOUBT's TRAGIC KINGDOM album has been stolen from an exhibition at a California museum. THE ORANGE GROOVE, a showcase of rock...

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Stefani: 'I Don't Work Sundays'

3rd January 2005

Sexy singer GWEN STEFANI refuses to work on Sundays because she feels compelled to spend time at home with her husband GAVIN ROSSDALE. The relationship between the NO DOUBT frontwoman and the BUSH singer...

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