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Who Is Jordyn Blum? Wife Of Foo Fighter's Frontman Dave Grohl

By George Percival | 26th August 2014

As the animalistic drummer in Nirvana and the guitar-thrashing frontman in Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl is one of the most well-known and prolific rockstars on the planet. Having survived the grunge era with one of...

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Courtney Love: $27 Million Of Nirvana's Money Spent. Gone. Forever.

By Victoria Pavlova | 12th August 2014

Courtney Love’s $27 million in expenses might seem like a rather shocking amount, but she isn’t too worried – or at all, really. In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, the “Hole” frontwoman made...

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The Sound Of Seattle: Budweiser Made In America See How Music Has Changed In The Noisy City

By Holly Williams | 22nd July 2014

Nirvana remains to be one of the best things to come out of SeattleSeattle has one of the most legendary music scenes in America so it's only right that we delve into their record collection...

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Beyoncé "Honoured & Humbled" By Hall Of Fame Exhibition

By Elinor Cosgrave | 18th July 2014

Beyoncé's fabulous collection of stage outfits in addition to some of her red carpet looks will be the focus of a new exhibition hosted at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Beyonce's 'Single...

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Drunk On Power: When Security Fights Back

By George Percival | 15th July 2014

Crowd surfing and moshing are two activities that are part and parcel of punk shows worldwide, but it seems one security guard at the Montreal leg of this year’s Warped Tour didn’t get the memo....

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Kurt Cobain's Angsty Note About Courtney Love Reportedly Written By Love Herself

By Victoria Pavlova | 5th May 2014

You’d think that twenty years on, the surprises and shocking twists around Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s relationships would be all but over. Not so, however. Last week, CBS reported on a note, found in...

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A Week In News: Peaches Passes, 'Captain America' Crushes Competition, Rockers Roll Into The History Books

By Lauren James | 11th April 2014

"#RIPPeaches": So went the hashtag that thousands of Twitter users used to pay tribute to the late Peaches Geldof, who was found dead in her Kent home on Monday with her baby son playing nearby....

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Kiss And (Almost) Make Up At Nirvana Hall Of Fame Induction

By Victoria Pavlova | 11th April 2014

Thursday’a Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was an emotional event in more ways than one. Not only was the late Kurt Cobain inducted into the hall of fame (with former bandmates Dave Grohl and...

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'Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame' Tonight: Joan Jett To Step In For Kurt Cobain?

By Lauren James | 10th April 2014

Today's the day! A new year's worth of rock royalty will tonight be ushered into the coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Nirvana, KISS, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, Linda Ronstadt,...

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20 Years After Cobain's Death, The Nirvana Legacy Lives On In Tributes Across The World

By Victoria Pavlova | 7th April 2014

Saturday night marked the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. The Nirvana frontman commited suicide on April 5, 1994. Predictably, Nirvana tributes were abundant over the weekend. In Sao Paolo, Brazil Muse managed to do...

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Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracy Theorist, Richard Lee, Files Lawsuit Against Seattle Police

By Elinor Cosgrave | 6th April 2014

Journalist Richard Lee, a Kurt Cobain death conspiracy theorist, has opened a lawsuit against the Seattle police. Lee alleges recently published photographs taken at the scene of Cobain's death should have been made public before...

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Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracist Sues Seattle Police Over Suicide Scene Photos

By Lauren James | 5th April 2014

The police department of Seattle is facing a lawsuit after releasing previously unseen photos from the scene of Kurt Cobain's suicide. The 18 photos largely show the late Nirvana rocker's belongings that surrounded him as...

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Kurt Cobain Musical In The Works? Courtney Love And Frances Bean Cobain Have Broadway Plans

By Lauren James | 3rd April 2014

There could be a Kurt Cobain musical in the works. Well, that's if you believe what the late Nirvana frontman's widow Courtney Love is currently suggesting. Having dismissed the prospect of such a project for...

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Justin Bieber Vs. Slipknot: Music's Maddest Mash-up Tracks

By Sophie Miskiw | 2nd April 2014

There are certain things in life that don’t sound like they should ever go together, but then you put them together and...they just do. Peanut butter and jelly, French fries dipped in chocolate milkshakes, Justin...

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New Kurt Cobain Suicide Note And Death Scene Images Released As Hall Of Fame Induction Approaches

By Lauren James | 28th March 2014

Dramatic unseen photos from the scene of Kurt Cobain's death have been released, depicting not only the late Nirvana frontman's suicide note but also his drugs paraphernalia. Photos from the scene began to be released...

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Is Radler's New Dead Celebrities Beer Advert Hilarious, Bad-taste...Or Both? [Video]

By Lauren James | 26th March 2014

A new European beer commercial from the Radler brand has caused controversy across the world in countries where the advert's dark sense of humour doesn't sit well. The television commercial shows a bunch of dead...

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Two Decades Later, Seattle Police Are (Not) Re-opening The Kurt Cobain Case

By Victoria Pavlova | 21st March 2014

The morbid fascination with celebrity deaths seems never ending. This week it’s Kurt Cobain’s turn under the spotlight – one more time – as rumors that Seattle police are reopening the nirvana frontman’s murder case...

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Could The Kurt Cobain Museum Really Happen?

By Stephanie Chase | 21st March 2014

Three weeks ago journalist Jamie Dunkie launched a campaign to raise money for the purchase of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s childhood home, in order to turn it into a museum. So far, however, the campaign...

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Campaign To Turn Kurt Cobain's House Into Museum Raises $135

By Michael West | 20th March 2014

A group of Nirvana supporters led by the journalist Jaime Dunkle have launched a campaign to turn frontman Kurt Cobain's childhood home in Washington into a museum. The fans hope to raise $700,000 to purchase...

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As Roommate Sells His Possessions, We Remember Kurt Cobain, Nirvana Frontman

By Sophie Miskiw | 4th March 2014

News that Kurt Cobain’s former roommate is flogging the deceased Nirvana frontman’s belongings on the internet has temporarily brought Kurt’s name back from the dead. Cobain committed suicide in 1994, but enthusiasm for the singer’s...

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Kurt Cobain Day Celebrated By Aberdeen, Wa To Honor Nirvana Frontman's Birthday

By Lauren James | 20th February 2014

The first annual Kurt Cobain Day has been celebrated by residents of the Washington town, Aberdeen, where the late Nirvana frontman was born and lived for much of his life. It has been nearly 20...

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Grammys Finale: Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl, Lindsey Buckingham Announced

By Lauren James | 21st January 2014

Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham have all been announced to play at the finale of the upcoming 56th annual Grammy Awards, which will...

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Paul Mccartney & Ringo Starr Confirmed For Grammy Awards Performance. Does This Spell A Beatles Showcase?

By Joe Wilde | 15th January 2014

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are set to perform at this years 56th Grammy Awards, with their inclusion to the Grammys set list being announced this week by the music awards showcase. Although the organisers...

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Nirvana, Kiss And Peter Gabriel Among This Year's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

By Joe Wilde | 17th December 2013

The inductees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's class of 2014 have been chosen, with Nirvana, KISS, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt all being honoured in the latest...

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#Votenirvana: Getting Kurt Cobain's Men Into 'Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame'

By Michael West | 17th October 2013

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its annual list of nominees on Wednesday (October 16, 2013),with grunge legends Nirvana the most notable of the 16 potential candidates. Almost 20 years after frontman Kurt...

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Nirvana, Kiss & Deep Purple Emerge As Early Favourites For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

By Joe Wilde | 17th October 2013

The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame will induct it's class of 2014 in April next year and earlier this week the nominees for the coveted place among rock's elite was announced to the public....

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Nirvana Finally Eligible For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Honour

By Lauren James | 16th October 2013

90s rock band Nirvana are one of 16 acts nominated for entry into the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Owing to the rule that only acts who released their debut album of single...

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Nivanna, Kiss And Ll Cool J Show Diverse Class Of 2014 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees

By Nick Hill | 16th October 2013

The Rock & Roll hall of fame class of 2014 nominees have been announced. The list is very diverse, full of different acts from multiple music genres. For the second year running fans, as well...

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A Week In News: Breaking Bad Wins Emmy, Miley Cyrus In Rolling Stone, Mia Takes On Nfl.

By Michael West | 25th September 2013

About Time: It was Breaking Bad's evening at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (September 22, 2013). The ABC cable series - about a chemistry teacher who turns to a life...

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Got $500,000? Want To Buy Kurt Cobain's Dingy Childhood Home?

By Michael West | 25th September 2013

In the same month that fans of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana are marking the 20th anniversary of the band's final album In Utero, the rock star's mother, Wendy O'Connor, is putting his childhood home up...

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