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Reznor Gloats Over Tvt Records' Downfall

21st February 2008

NINE INCH NAILS frontman TRENT REZNOR is delighted New York-based TVT Records has filed for bankruptcy, after falling out with the company in the early 1990s. The singer was at the centre of several highly-publicised...

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Nine Inch Nails Remix Site Scrapped

20th November 2007

NINE INCH NAILS have been forced to scrap plans for an official website to showcase fans' remixes of their songs, because the band's record company refuse to have any involvement in the project. Frontman Trent...

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Nine Inch Nails Part Ways With Label

9th October 2007

LATEST: Rockers NINE INCH NAILS have parted ways with their longtime record label and are now "free agents", according to frontman TRENT REZNOR. The singer confirmed earlier reports the band would split following the...

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Nine Inch Nails Set To Split

28th September 2007

Rockers NINE INCH NAILS will split after the release of their forthcoming album YEAR ZERO REMIXED, frontman TRENT REZNOR has revealed. The current lineup of Reznor; drummer Josh Freese; guitarist Aaron North; bassist Jeordie...

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Trent Reznor Vows To Avoid Politics

25th September 2007

NINE INCH NAILS frontman TRENT REZNOR will never record a politically-charged track, because he's too scared of alienating fans. The rocker admits he admires musicians who do speak out against the George W. Bush regime,...

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Reznor Encourages Illegal Music Downloads

18th September 2007

NINE INCH NAILS frontman TRENT REZNOR has hit out at greedy record bosses charging "rip-off" prices for CDs - encouraging fans to steal his music from the internet. In a tirade posted on YouTube, Trent...

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Fascinating Fact 3857

1st September 2007

Controversial acts PUBLIC ENEMY and NINE INCH NAILS are headlining a Chinese music festival in Beijing's Chaoyang Park next week (begs03Sep07)....

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The Things They Say 5445

25th August 2007

"It's all a little corporate." NINE INCH NAILS star TRENT REZNOR pokes fun at fellow Reading Festival headliners the SMASHING PUMPKINS' reunion....

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Nine Inch Nails To Launch Tv Show

9th August 2007

Rockers NINE INCH NAILS are turning their latest album YEAR ZERO into a TV show. Frontman Trent Reznor has penned a story around their 2007 release, a concept album featuring the singer's Orwellian forecast of...

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Nine Inch Nails Russian Dates Scrapped

30th July 2007

NINE INCH NAILS' tour of Russia is off thanks to a paperwork mix up. Trent Reznor's industrial rockers were slated to perform dates in Russia later this summer (07), but the shows have been cancelled....

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Covers For Korn

19th July 2007

Heavy rockers KORN have started work on a new covers album, featuring their renditions of NINE INCH NAILS and FAITH NO MORE songs. Frontman Jonathan Davis has revealed his group has already recorded new versions...

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Fascinating Fact 3422

18th June 2007

PRIMAL SCREAM, NINE INCH NAILS, TOOL, LILY ALLEN, AMY WINEHOUSE and THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN are headlining the ecologically-friendly Norwegian festival Oya in August (07)....

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Angry Reznor Plans To Go It Alone

24th May 2007

NINE INCH NAILS frontman TRENT REZNOR insists he'll release all his future albums online after publicly blasting his record company bosses for over-pricing his new album. The rocker was appalled when he spotted his new...

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Nine Inch Nails Infuriated By Aussie Fans' 'Manipulation'

15th May 2007

NINE INCH NAILS star TRENT REZNOR has blasted Australia's leading music retailers for pricing the group's new CD Year Zero too high. Angry Reznor has posted a statement on the group's official website, admitting he's...

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Rocker Atkins Pens Rock Tour Guide

11th May 2007

Former NINE INCH NAILS star MARTIN ATKINS is opening the rule book on touring the world. The rocker, who has also worked with acts like Killing Joke and Ministry, has penned what is being billed...

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Beyonce And Shakira's Beautiful Number One

23rd April 2007

Beyonce and Shakira stormed the UK singles chart this week with their duet Beautiful Liar.The pop duo overcame the Arctic Monkeys' Brianstorm and last weeks' chart-topper from Justin Timberlake, Give It To Me.Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend...

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Reznor Hates The Celebrity Lifestyle

12th April 2007

NINE INCH NAILS frontman TRENT REZNOR is happy to shun the celebrity lifestyle, because he finds it a turn-off. Reznor admits he constantly shies away from industry parties, as he prefers to stay away from...

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Akon Scores A One-two On The Us Charts

5th April 2007

R+B star AKON has scored a second week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in America. The Senegalese star's DON'T MATTER kept his duet with GWEN STEFANI on THE SWEET ESCAPE off...

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Nine Inch Nails Leave Cryptic Album Clues

5th April 2007

NINE INCH NAILS have left a trail of bizarre coded clues about forthcoming album YEAR ZERO for their fans to decipher. The rockers have hidden USBs containing secret album tracks at concert venues, and have...

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Reznor Terrified By His Own Bleak Vision

13th March 2007

NINE INCH NAILS star TRENT REZNOR has scared himself with new lyrics about the end of the world. The 41-year-old rocker admits he found writing and recording the tracks for bleak new album YEAR ZERO...

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Reznor Loses His Voice

9th March 2007

Rockers NINE INCH NAILS were forced to cancel a concert in Britain this week after frontman TRENT REZNOR lost his voice. The band were due to take to the stage in Birmingham on Monday night...

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Carrey Uses Nails + Neubauten To Find Creepy Sparrow

7th February 2007

JIM CARREY got into the dark mindset of his latest movie character by listening to the thumping sounds of NINE INCH NAILS and German industrial rockers EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN. The actor asked THE NUMBER 23 director...

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Cornell To Amaze Fans With Jackson Cover

8th December 2006

Rocker CHRIS CORNELL is set to astound fans with his upcoming sophomore solo album, which contains his cover of MICHAEL JACKSON's classic BILLIE JEAN. The AUDIOSLAVE singer, who used to front SOUNDGARDEN, admits the cover...

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Nine Inch Nails, Rise Against And Afi Claim Peta Prizes

30th November 2006

Rockers NINE INCH NAILS, RISE AGAINST and AFI have been honoured at the inaugural PETA2 Libby Awards for their animal rights activities. The bands tied for the Best Group prize in People For The Ethical...

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Timberlake Holds Star-studded Fashion Show

18th October 2006

Pop star JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE turned fashion designer last night (17OCT06) at the runway debut of his William Rast clothing line at Los Angeles Fashion Week. The SEXYBACK star decided to show his collection at one...

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The Things They Say 2992

26th September 2006

"You can't do NINE INCH NAILS every day... You'd be bruised, cut up and a little raw." JANET JACKSON on playing Nine Inch Nails music to vamp it up in the bedroom.

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Pearl Jam And Foo Fighters To Play Benefit Gigs

12th September 2006

PEARL JAM and FOO FIGHTERS are among the bands confirmed to play NEIL YOUNG's 20th annual Bridge School benefit concerts next month (OCT06). The rockers will be joined by artists including DEVENDRA BANHART and NINE...

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Drummer Slams Nine Inch Nails Over Shock Sacking

22nd March 2006

Drummer JEROME DILLON was shocked to be kicked out of NINE INCH NAILS last year (05), after being hospitalised with a cardiac disorder while on tour. Dillon began to feel seriously ill following a concert...

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Nine Inch Nails To Tour With Bauhaus

16th March 2006

NINE INCH NAILS have lined up the darkest tour of the year with British goth-rockers BAUHAUS. The US summer tour will begin at the end of May (06). Meanwhile, Nine Inch Nails' latest release, EVERY...

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Peta Target Longoria After Hunting Boasts

21st February 2006

Animal activists at People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals are urging gun-toting US Vice-President DICK CHENEY to take actress EVA LONGORIA hunting with him - to teach her a lesson for boasting about her...

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