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Bruce Springsteen And Co. Hit The Road With Force Despite Loss

15th April 2012

Bruce Springsteen performs 'out of his skin' to honour Clarence Clemons.Last June saw the untimely death of legendary saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who had long been an integral part of the E-Street Band set up. Now...

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Nils Lofgren Dedicates New Album To Clemons

9th November 2011

Rocker Nils Lofgren has dedicated his new album Old School to the memory of his late E Street Band sidekick Clarence Clemons.The guitarist is still heartbroken about the death of his friend, who passed earlier...

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Nils Lofgren Tap Dances With New Hips

6th July 2011

Veteran rocker Nils Lofgren keeps his new hips moving freely by indulging in regular tap dancing sessions.The E Street Band member had a double hip replacement in 2009 and discovered the best way to keep...

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The Things They Say 11077

5th February 2009

"We were a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit, with heating pads, ice packs, exercise equipment and masseuses - all we needed to physically do it." Rocker NILS LOFGREN jokes about touring with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN...

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Lofgren To Unveil New Hips At Super Bowl

21st January 2009

Rocker NILS LOFGREN will unveil his new hips at the Super Bowl when the guitar great steps up to join BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN for the half-time performance. Lofgren underwent a hip replacement late last year (09)...

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Lofgren Gets New Hips

1st October 2008

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's longtime sideman NILS LOFGREN has undergone surgery on both his hips. The guitarist is recovering after Tuesday's (30Sep08) operation. In a posting on his website, Lofgren states that “a long, beautiful life on...

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Fascinating Fact 5671

24th July 2008

Rocker NILS LOFGREN has recorded a tribute album to NEIL YOUNG. THE LONER: NILS SINGS NEIL is an album full of covers of the E STREET BAND star's favourite Young songs....

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Lofgren Teams Up With Cussler For Liquor Record

30th July 2007

Rocker NILS LOFGREN has teamed up with best-selling author CLIVE CUSSLER to pen a new song about "great old liquors." The guitar great put music to Cussler's lyrics with a view to creating a "corny...

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Neil Young's Underground Sessions

20th June 2003

While recording seminal album AFTER THE GOLDRUSH, NEIL YOUNG holed up with his crew underneath his patio to ensure a truly relaxed sound. The classic ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART composer took his...

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Tribute To The Boss

28th May 2003

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is set for the tribute album treatment from the likes of BILLY BRAGG and ELVIS COSTELLO - to raise funds for cancer charities. Thirty of THE BOSS' superstar fans have joined forces...

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