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Stahl Facing Limited Visitations To Daughter

19th February 2012

Nick Stahl's estranged wife has asked a judge to limit the actor's visitation time with their daughter and submit to regular drug tests prior to his meetings with the youngster.The Terminator 3: Rise of the...

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Nick Stahl Arrested Over Unpaid Cab Fare

29th January 2012

Actor Nick Stahl was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday (27Jan12) after he was unable to cover his cab fare.The Terminator 3: Rise of the MAChines star confessed to the driver he didn't have enough...

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Bale 'To Play Terminator Lead'

2nd December 2007

Christian Bale is in talks to take the lead role in the next Terminator film, it has been claimed.According to the Hollywood Reporter the British actor is set to play human resistance fighter John Connor...

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Sin City Fight Tops Movie 'Ass-kickings' Poll

16th November 2006

BRUCE WILLIS' battering of NICK STAHL's evil YELLOW BASTARD character in SIN CITY has topped a new poll of the Best Movie Ass-Kickings of All Time. The gruesome spat beat PAXTON's fight with THE DUTCH...

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T3 Star Stahl Lands X-men Role

9th July 2005

TERMINATOR 3 star NICK STAHL is set to join the cast of another movie franchise, the X-MEN. The actor, who also appeared in SIN CITY, has reportedly signed up to play ANGEL in X-MEN...

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Sex + The City Wows America

18th September 2003

More than eight million viewers tuned in to watch the mid-season finale of SEX AND THE CITY on Sunday (14SEP03), making it the second largest audience in the history of the show. Meanwhile,...

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Nick Stahl Faced Internet T3 Opposition

25th July 2003

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star NICK STAHL regrets ever looking up his name on the Internet - because he came across some cutting comments about his future role. The 23-year-old former child...

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Stahl Set To Play Hooker In Oliver Twist Adaptation

18th July 2003

NICK STAHL will follow up his role as JOHN CONNOR in T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES as a male prostitute in a contemporary twist on CHARLES DICKENS' OLIVER TWIST. The IN THE BEDROOM star...

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Stahl's Lucky Escape

18th July 2003

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star NICK STAHL has his mum to thank for keeping him out of jail by moving from Los Angeles to Texas. The 23-year-old, who plays freedom fighter JOHN...

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Gyllenhaal Gets Serious About Working Out

11th July 2003

Movie hunk JAKE GYLLENHAAL is buffing up for a mysterious new role. The actor has started training at top Hollywood fitness centre EASTON GYM, where he's working hard at bulking up his frame....

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Schwarzenegger's Chess Battles

30th June 2003

Action man actor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER loves passing time on film sets playing chess - and he takes the game very seriously. His T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES co-star NICK STAHL reveals Arnie set up...

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T3 Star Opposes Arnie Politically

14th May 2003

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is a high profile Republican supporter, but his TERMINATOR 3 co-star NICK STAHL is from the opposite end of the political spectrum - he's a communist. IN THE BEDROOM star Stahl, who...

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