Nick Hogan is still "haunted" by prison.

The ‘Hogan Knows Best' star - who spent almost six months of an eight month sentence in jail last year for causing a car crash in 2007 - says he is still affected by his time inside Pinellas County Jail in Florida.

He said: "There are moments that haunt me to this day.

"There are times when I'll be watching a prison movie and hear the sound of a gate slamming, and I get the willies. It was horrible."

The 19-year-old TV star added being away from his family was the hardest part of prison, but that htey helped him through his ordeal.

He explained: "Time away from my family was the most difficult part of my sentence. One of the things which makes you feel comforted is talking to a family member. But you don't have a phone - you have to wait until it's your time of the day to call.

"You miss being able to connect with people because everyone there is just cold, just brutal."

Nick insists his sentence - which also saw his driving license suspended for three years, and him put on five years' probation and ordered to carry out 500 hours of community service - has changed him for the better.

He added to Life and Style magazine: "Jail was definitely one of the worst experiences, but it was also one of the best things that ever happened to me - just because of how much it changed me."