Like his ex-fiancée Bobbi Kristina Brown, Nick Gordon's had a pretty terrible week. Their engagement was broken off, as yet we're unsure by whom (although we think Nick Gordon broke the deal), and they've both had motor-vehicle problems. Bobbi had a crash that looks pretty bad on the car, but from which she emerged completely unscathed, and now as ABC reports Nick has been caught speeding, doing 82mph in a 35 zone! 

In the mugshot of Gordon he looks unusually happy- well, unusual for a mugshot anyway. He'd been caught driving a grey Chevy Camaro and was driving at high speed in a highly populated area, full of pedestrians and other vehicles on the road, in a strongly retail area, which sounds probably the worst place possible to go too fast. No drugs or alcohol have been mentioned in relation to the incident. As yet there has been no one available to make a comment on behalf of Nick, but E! reports George Gordon, executive officer of the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety saying that officers took the 23-year-old into custody and cited him for reckless driving and speeding. 

While we said that Bobbi's had a week of lucky escapes, having apparently evaded any kind of injuries from her crash, it seems that Gordon hasn't been quite as lucky.