"New York Feels Like a Constant Film Set": Will Hurricane Sandy Inspire Movies?

Postmodern life has deigned that we receive the world through a media lens. Very little of what we encounter do we take at face value, rather everything is realised and equated with what we've seen on a screen. For those of us outside Hurricane Sandy it's difficult to understand the scale nor the emotion that must be present, but as the Sun has reported it's like "[waking] up in a disaster movie".  This is nothing new because "When you live in New York, it feels like you're constantly on a film set," as the Annette Witherage further stated.

Sandy has already been related to one disaster movie - The Day After Tomorrow which starred Jake Gyllenhaal as Dennis Quaid. A still from the film has already been exploited. The image was of the Statue of Liberty engulfed in waves; it sent its own waves of fear regarding the immense power of the storm, but it was later realised to be a hoax. The LA Times has also likened it to Life of Pi, which follows a boy stranded on a raft in the ocean when an enormous storm hits. Sandy has been touted as the disaster that tweeted, as accounts of the event is being circulated via the social networking site quicker than anywhere else. Sandy was never going to be able to keep out of the spotlight and as the disaster hits one of the most iconic cities of the world, let alone just America, the movie potential will also be something of a talking point in Hollywood. Flight 93 and United 93 are two movies that were made about the events as they transpired on 9/11, and this year has seen the release of one of the first Hurricane Katrina movies, Beasts of the Southern Wild. 

With a reported 48 people's lives claimed by Sandy, a film with even a fraction of the beauty and tenderness present in Beasts of the Southern Wild would be a beautiful tribute to the storm that has already stormed the media.


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