New York City Comic Con staff got themselves in some massive privacy-related trouble, when various attendees reported having tweets, lauding the conference, being sent out from their twitter accounts. According to Mashable, conference attendees from across the spectrum were affected – from journalists and celebrities, to fans.

According to a report by Mashable, the unauthorized tweets were made using the attendees’ badges. This year, the convention’s organizers, Reedbop, made online registration available, as well as allowing those registered online to connect their social media accounts to the badge. All badges had been equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips to prevent counterfeits. NYCC did not ask for explicit permission from the users to post on Twitter on their behalf. However, after the start of the convention, plenty of attendees with connected twitter accounts were startled to discover statuses that they had not written. The tweets looked incongruous enough, ranging from “I <3 NYCC” to “So much to see, so much to do! NYCC2013, I love you!” The added links redirected to New York Comic Con's Facebook page, and the tweets were all tagged with #NYCC. One Twitter user was outraged due to the poor quality of the tweets, writing: "@NY_Comic_Con Wrote 3 fake tweets on my account. And they weren't funny, disgusting, or my me so I'm mad. "

Even so, the staff members, who made the blunder, weren’t particularly wise to assume they’d get away with it, considering the overall level of tech savviness of the average Comic-Con attendees. The Twitter users in question quickly caught on to the misuse. So far, no one from the NYCC staff has responded.