Troubled singer MICHAEL JACKSON secretly hankered after his female fans despite being a virgin at the age of 32, according to tape recordings released yesterday (29MAR05).

The THRILLER star confessed he had never had sex in the tapes, obtained by publicist DAVID HANS SCHMIDT, who claims they prove Jackson was a heterosexual.

The cassettes are allegedly recordings of a series of telephone calls between Jackson - currently on trial in California on child abuse charges - and a nine-year-old boy in Utah.

In the late night recordings, made by the family of the boy in question, Jackson reportedly discusses his love life, his desperate desire to have sex with a woman, and his hatred of his "n**ger hair".

The singer also describes his lusty feelings for a woman called "KATHY", discusses the "cute girls" he spotted at a Germany gig, and reminisces about a piece of cake he shared with a "cute blond-haired boy", writes British newspaper THE TIMES.

Speaking outside the Santa Maria courthouse, Schmidt - who plans to circulate the tapes - says, "There is some dynamite stuff on these tapes. I believe they will demonstrate that Jackson is, or at least was, heterosexual."

Prosecutors in Jackson's trial have so far failed to prove the 46-year-old had any pornography, which he allegedly showed to his male victims, that wasn't of a heterosexual nature.

Jackson denies all the charges against him.

30/03/2005 13:49