A new music subscription service called Rdio (pronounced ARDEE-oh) is attempting to drive back the accusations that many musicians are currently being underpaid by streaming searches such as Spotify who use their work, by starting up a service that will pay artists $10 for every person they convince through social media to sign up for Rdio.

The issue of cloud sharing and legal streaming has become a thorny one, with services like Spotify and Rhapsody offering huge libraries worth of music to their users to anything from free to a charge of $10 a month. However, the amount that artists get in return from such services is often very small indeed, whilst other issues such as artist fearing that making their work available to stream might affect album sales has also meant that such applications aren't looking as rosy as they upon first look.

Rdio wants to change that, according to ABC, by offering their subscribers a vast amount of music to choose from, whilst also making sure that the work they're enjoying isn't being taken on the cheap from the artists. It's a noble move, but there is a reason that Spotify and Rhapsody have their pay-out fees low - if both users and musicians are making money off it, where are they going to get theirs from?