It can only be someone truly stupid, or truly brave and sure that they're the right person for the job, to take on the task of heading the BBC right now. As Lord Tony Hall has just accepted the position, while many people turned and ran at the prospect, which one is he; brave, stupid, or the right guy?

From our point of view he's the latter. Lord Hall has a lot of experience with the BBC and worked for them from 1973 until the 2001, and in 1999 was a candidate for the Director General of the BBC, but lost out. Since then he has gone on to become the chief executive of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden since 2001, saving it from financial crisis. He already has almost 30 years of BBC experience and said, as Digital Spy reports, that he's 'passionate' about the institution. 

Professor Roy Greenslade, a columnist for the Guardian, considers Lord Hall to be the right choice. "I think he covers both essential facets of what you need in a director general," he said. "He has news experience - which will be essential to clean up this Newsnight mess - and he has business experience at the Royal Opera House." 

And Peter Snow told the BBC the same. "He's tough, he's very approachable and accessible, easy to get on with but he's tough, he's a rigorous journalist too... Here's a guy who's been the top journalist in many ways in the BBC, back when he was director of news - and now he's done an incredible job at the Royal Opera House, putting it back on its feet again after the shambles it was in back in the year 2000 or so when he went - so I think he's a terrific appointment." 

Hall is expected to begin the post in March next year. He knows he's got a crisis on his hands already, he's already proven he's not stupid, so he must be the right person for the job.