Reed Hastings, the Ceo of media provider Netflix has promised to battle TV giants Sky for the rights to various movies, reports The Telegraph. BskyB, owned by Rupert Murdoch, currently monopolises the rights for Hollywood movies from six different studios, but this is set to change, as the US company aims to please it's customers.

"We will be really aggressive in our bidding," Hastings said. "It may be that we win in the first round. It may be that it takes two or three years, but we're incredibly confident that we will win the bidding for some of Pay 1 [the first window rights]." Taking on the monolith that is BSkyB is a brave move, but considering its flurry of new customers, Netflix have reason to be confident as they move forward. 1 million new users in 7 months represents a speedier customer growth than Facebook, and that's an impressive milestone, and their Ceo wants to continue that trend by providing the most complete on demand package out there.

Their incredible rise to prominence happened four times faster than that of Twitter, and nearly twice as fast as Facebook, which will be enough to grab the attention of Sky and their dominance in the industry. "Netflix's business model is based on providing a comparable range of content at a lower price than is possible through a traditional pay TV provider," BSkyB said. Customers can already enjoy the hugely popular TV show Breaking Bad, as well an numerous films and British sitcoms, including the entire collection of Peep Show.