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Bill Mckinney 'Deliverance' Star Has Died, Aged 80

3rd December 2011

BILL MCKINNEY has died, aged 80, from his long battle with cancer. The news about BILL MCKINNEY, who is most famous for starring in JOHN MOORMAN's 1972 film 'Deliverance', was announced on Thursday (1 Dec...

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Reynolds: 'Deliverance Rape Scene Went Too Far'

21st January 2008

Hollywood star BURT REYNOLDS has confessed the infamous scene in which NED BEATTY is raped by a hillbilly was excessively graphic. The veteran actor has revealed how the brutal scene could have delved further into...

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Ned Beatty Honoured

28th February 2006

DELIVERANCE star NED BEATTY is to be honoured with the Master Of Cinema Award at the upcoming RiverRun International Film Festival in North Carolina. The 68-year-old star, who has appeared in over 100 films,...

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Sex Shock Scene In The Crying Game Tops New Movie Poll

27th September 2005

THE CRYING GAME's pivotal penis scene has topped a new movie poll of shocking moments. The scene in question, where STEPHEN REA's character is confronted by the naked truth that the dancer he's in...

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Ned Beatty Heads For The Country

2nd August 2004

DELIVERANCE star NED BEATTY and his wife SANDY are planning to ditch city life in favour of a more serene existence in small town Minnesota. The couple, who currently live in Los Angeles, are...

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Madonna Sought Out To Squeal Like A Pig

11th May 2004

Dance maestro APHEX TWIN eagerly pursued MADONNA to appear on one of his tracks - because he wanted her to squeal like a pig on it. The 45-year-old MUSIC singer agreed to contribute hog-like...

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Beatty Still Scarred By Deliverance Horrors

24th April 2003

Movie star NED BEATTY is still haunted by the memory of rape scenes he starred in 30 years ago. Beatty hated filming the sodomy scenes in 1972 thriller DELIVERANCE and he still struggles to...

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