Naught Boy is the ''most fun and crazy person'', according to Neelam Gill.

The 21-year-old model has praised the 32-year-old musician and rapper -whose real name is Shahid Khan - for being the wildest friend, and she has admitted she will regularly call the 'La La La' hitmaker when she wants to go out because he lives nearby.

When asked who is number one on her call list when she is planning a night out, the brunette told ES magazine: ''My friend Naughty Boy. He's a producer and lives a few roads away from me. He's the most fun and crazy person I know.

''I always go to his studio because it's right by my house. He works so hard, he literally lives in his studio.''

And the catwalk icon has revealed she decided to move from her previous home in Marylebone because she felt there was ''no community''.

She explained: ''[My home is] West London but I'm from Coventry. I used to live in Marylebone but I felt like there was no community atmosphere. There was too much hustle and bustle, , whereas here there are parks and cute little restaurants.

''A lot of clubs play too much commercial music but I'm really into rap and hip-hop. ''