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Richardson Leans On Family For Support In Stressful Shanghai

19th December 2005

British actress NATASHA RICHARDSON found great comfort working with her mother VANESSA REDGRAVE and aunt LYNN REDGRAVE on the latest Merchant Ivory movie, because she found the experience a terrible strain. Spending months in...

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Natasha's Pointless Piano Lessons

17th December 2005

Actress NATASHA RICHARDSON took a crash piano playing course for her new film THE WHITE COUNTESS only to discover she was too nervous to play in front of the cast and crew when her big...

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Neeson To Play Lincoln

12th August 2005

Hollywood star LIAM NEESON is thrilled STEVEN SPIELBERG has cast him as ABRAHAM LINCOLN in a brand new drama based on the legendary US President. The maverick director had originally considered TOM HANKS for...

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Neeson And Richardson Celebrate 11 Years Of Marriage

13th July 2005

LIAM NEESON and NATASHA RICHARDSON celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary by jetting off to the upscale French resort of St Tropez for a romantic break. The couple, who exchanged nuptials on 3 July 1994,...

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Neeson: 'I'm A Terrible Shopper'

6th July 2005

LIAM NEESON avoids going shopping because he rarely finds what he's looking for, and obstructs other shoppers. The softly-spoken Irish actor has no trouble portraying complex characters, but he struggles to deal with simple...

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Richardson: 'My Family Made My Career Difficult'

3rd July 2005

NIP/TUCK star JOELY RICHARDSON is keen to point out she has made her own way as an actress, despite being part of one of Britain's most famous theatrical dynasties. The 40-year-old blonde has been...

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Neeson Slims Down After Cutting Out Bread

28th April 2005

KINSEY star LIAM NEESON is showing off a new slim frame, after cutting bread completely out of his diet. The Northern Ireland native, who lives in New York City with his wife NATASHA RICHARDSON,...

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Neeson Paints The Town Red In Wife's Absence

21st March 2005

Hollywood actor LIAM NEESON has been enjoying his male friends' company after his wife NATASHA RICHARDSON requested they spend time apart. The KINSEY star attended the BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC gala performance of...

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Neeson Turns To Wife For Script Advice

20th February 2005

Hollywood star LIAM NEESON relies on his wife NATASHA RICHARDSON to decide which movie roles he should accept. The 52-year-old Irish-born actor counts on the "fantastic taste" of his spouse for the past 11...

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Vanessa Redgrave Reveals Miscarriage Misery

14th February 2005

Screen queen VANESSA REDGRAVE tragically lost a child after suffering a miscarriage in the sixties. The HOWARD'S END star is mother to actresses JOELY and NATASHA RICHARDSON, whose father is TONY RICHARDSON, as well...

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Neeson Slams 'Lying' Couples

8th February 2005

Movie star LIAM NEESON has slammed couples who claim they never argue, insisting healthy arguments are the keys to a lasting relationship. After broken romances with DAME HELEN MIRREN and JULIA ROBERTS, the Northern...

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Neeson Started Dating At 24

16th December 2004

SCHINDLER'S LIST star LIAM NEESON was so shy around females when he was growing up, he didn't start seriously dating until he was 24 years old. Neeson, married to actress NATASHA RICHARDSON, plays sex...

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Neeson's Bizarre Sex Education

12th November 2004

Sex was such a taboo subject in actor LIAM NEESON's household, he learned about the facts of life by looking at crude sketches on the walls of public bathrooms. The Northern Ireland native -...

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Richardson Sues Asylum Producers

16th July 2004

British actress NATASHA RICHARDSON is suing the producers of her new movie ASYLUM for failing to pay her. Richardson, who is married to movie star LIAM NEESON, claims she's still owed over $412,000 (GBP228,900)...

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It's Love Actually For Liam And Linney

21st November 2003

LOVE ACTUALLY co-stars LAURA LINNEY and LIAM NEESON have fallen in love with each other's bodies - and they're not hiding it. The actors have become firm friends after appearing together in three projects...

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Richardson Returns To The Stage At Theatre Relaunch

14th May 2003

Film star NATASHA RICHARDSON took to the stage last night (13MAY03) at the relaunch of famous British theatre THE ALMEIDA. The MAID IN MANHATTAN star was proudly watched by her husband LIAM NEESON as...

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Natasha Richardson Thought Liam Neeson Affair Would Be Quick

3rd April 2003

NATASHA RICHARDSON thought her relationship with actor spouse LIAM NEESON would be short-lived when the pair first got together. The British beauty left then-husband ROBERT FOX, a film producer, to take up with the...

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