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Bedingfield Forced To Become 'One Of The Boys'

20th February 2007

Singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD is disappointed her feminine charms continually fail to impress record bosses - she's forced to tell dirty jokes instead. The 25-year-old scored a UK chart hit with debut song SINGLE in 2004...

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Brits Snubbed At Grammys

13th February 2007

Brit Award nominee JAMES BLUNT turned the other cheek as the US music industry decided to overlook the poshest man in pop at the Grammys.British stars were snubbed in the American music awards in favour...

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The Things They Say 4030

13th February 2007

"It was beautiful, but it was cutting into my ribs. I had to take it off. I was worried I would pass out." Singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD feared for her life at the Grammys, thanks to...

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Bedingfield: 'I Won't Pose In My Bikini For Magazine Photos'

4th February 2007

British pop star NATASHA BEDINGFIELD refuses to strip off for men's magazines because she doesn't want to be famous for her looks. The THESE WORDS singer has received a number of lucrative offers to bare...

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Bedingfield Refused To Change For America

24th January 2007

British pop singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD refused to change her personality in a bid to find fame in America, despite the attempts of staff at her record company. The THESE WORDS beauty was told she needed...

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Bedingfield's American Dream Cringe

24th January 2007

British pop star NATASHA BEDINGFIELD is amused at the lengths she went to in order to crack the US music charts - she even played in a contest winner's backyard. The singer was the first...

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Bedingfield Coy About New Love

16th January 2007

LATEST: British singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD is keeping quiet about her new boyfriend, because she fears telling all will "jinx" the fledgling relationship. The SINGLE hitmaker began dating again earlier this month (JAN07) but refuses to...

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The Things They Say 3744

11th January 2007

"He isn't famous. It's early days but I can say it's going pretty well." British singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD's reveals she has a new mystery boyfriend....

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Bedingfield To Appear On Screen In Rocky Sequel

23rd August 2006

LATEST: NATASHA BEDINGFIELD is to be given an acting role in the much-anticipated ROCKY sequel - as well as recording the theme for it. The British pop star was personally asked to provide a song...

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Bedingfield Too 'Boring' For America

13th August 2006

British chart star NATASHA BEDINGFIELD has been told to start being a "bad girl" if she wants to make it in America. The Christian THESE WORDS hitmaker has moved to Los Angeles in a bid...

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Bedingfield To Write Rocky Theme

8th August 2006

British pop star NATASHA BEDINGFIELD has reportedly signed up to record the theme tune for the eagerly-anticipated ROCKY sequel. The SINGLE beauty, 24, met Rocky star SYLVESTER STALLONE at a recent Hollywood party and was...

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The Things They Say 2607

7th August 2006

"I'm half-Hobbit myself. I don't have hairy feet. I get it waxed." Singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD quips about the misconception people from her parents' native New Zealand must be Hobbits, simply because PETER JACKSON shot his...

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Bedingfield Signs Up As Face Of Gap

21st June 2006

British singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD will earn more than $400,000 (GBP250,000) after agreeing to model for Gap in the US. The UNWRITTEN star has signed up as the face of the clothing chain alongside veteran actress...

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Levine And Bedingfield Enjoy 'Romance'

18th June 2006

MAROON 5 star ADAM LEVINE and British singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD have reportedly struck up a romance. Their friendship is said to have blossomed after the musical pair spent time together in New York while Bedingfield...

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Lachey And Bedingfield To Perform Custom Concert

2nd June 2006

NICK LACHEY and NATASHA BEDINGFIELD are teaming up for a concert special on US TV which will be planned completely by their fans. The pop stars will appear on the US network Oxygen on...

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It's A Five-week-long Bad Day For Powter

27th April 2006

Canadian popstar DANIEL POWTER has extended his BAD DAY at the top of the US singles chart for five weeks. The singer/songwriter's hit holds firm atop the new Billboard Hot 100 list, keeping SEAN PAUL's...

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Bedingfield Mortified Meeting Jackson

3rd April 2006

British singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD was mortified when she met idol SAMUEL L JACKSON and turned into a stammering mess. The UNWRITTEN singer rarely gets star-struck, but became tongue-tied when she was introduced to the actor....

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Bedingfield Wrote Birthday Hit For Brother

31st March 2006

Singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD wrote the hit song UNWRITTEN for her younger brother JOSH as a birthday gift. The song is currently number one on the US Billboard Pop 100 chart. She explains, "It was his...

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Powter Has A Good Day With Bad Day

30th March 2006

Canadian DANIEL POWTER has topped the US singles chart, seven months after conquering Europe with hit tune BAD DAY. The singer/songwriter's tune climbs one rung to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, sending reggae...

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Bedingfield Wows Microsoft

26th March 2006

British singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD has been made the first ever "artist in residence" at Microsoft, after her songwriting captured the imagination of the computer giant's founder BILL GATES. The UNWRITTEN star will produce music for...

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Fascinating Fact 1273

25th March 2006

Songbird NATASHA BEDINGFIELD has grabbed the top spot in America's Billboard Pop 100 chart, becoming the first British female artist to get to number one in the US since KIM WILDE in 1987, with YOU...

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Tunstall Offers Brit To Bush

16th February 2006

Scots singer/songwriter KT TUNSTALL was so shocked she won British Female Solo Artist over KATE BUSH at the Brit Awards last night (15FEB06), she has offered to break a piece off the trophy for the...

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The Things They Say 1264

9th February 2006

"Our house is always full of music and APPLE is a very interesting dancer. She's very hip-hop and R+B. And she really like NATASHA BEDINGFIELD." GWYNETH PALTROW reveals the music tastes of her toddler daughter...

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Crow Bounces Back For Charity Show

5th February 2006

Heartbroken rocker SHERYL CROW bounced back from her broken engagement to cycling legend LANCE ARMSTRONG on Friday (03FEB06) to model for a charity fashion show. The ALL I WANNA DO hitmaker joined fellow singers...

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Tunstall: 'Bush Will Beat Me'

12th January 2006

Rock newcomer KT TUNSTALL is stunned to be nominated alongside KATE BUSH at this year's (06) Brit Awards, but is confident the reclusive singer will triumph in the Best Female Solo Artist category. The...

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Chris Brown Still Running Strong

1st December 2005

Teenager CHRIS BROWN is still on top of the US pop charts two weeks after toppling KANYE WEST's GOLD DIGGER. Brown's RUN IT! hit starts its third week on the top of the charts...

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Melua, Bedingfield And Dynamite Back Child Poverty Campaign

4th November 2005

British singers KATIE MELUA, NATASHA BEDINGFIELD and MS DYNAMITE are the faces of a new campaign to promote awareness of poverty-stricken children. The Feed a Child for a Year initiative, which was launched at...

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Church Hits Out At Press Intrusion

8th September 2005

Welsh soprano-turned-pop star CHARLOTTE CHURCH is desperate for the British press to stop unfairly hounding her. The CRAZY CHICK singer is furious that fellow singing sensations DIDO, JOSS STONE and NATASHA BEDINGFIELD are virtually...

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Faith Hill Flies To The Top Of The Us Album Charts

10th August 2005

Country beauty FAITH HILL has soared to the top of America's album charts, with her new album FIREFLIES selling 329,000 copies in its opening week. Hill's most recent studio albums - 2002's CRY...

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