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Baldwins Split On Politics

23rd August 2004

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN is set to cause more than a little political friction in the ranks of the movie family - he's scheduled to appear among the stars at the upcoming Republican Party convention in...

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Portman's Dad Heads For Hollywood

11th August 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN's father DR ANVER HERSCHLAG is hoping to transfer his considerable knowledge of baby-making into a Hollywood thriller. Portman's fame and success in the movie business has now inspired her medical dad...

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Portman Feels Sorry For Jude

9th August 2004

NATALIE PORTMAN felt sorry for CLOSER co-star JUDE LAW - because he was romantically linked to her throughout filming. The actress insists the pair were merely lovers in front of the cameras, despite desperate...

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Portman Wants To Make Voting Sexier

8th August 2004

STAR WARS star NATALIE PORTMAN is getting involved in politics because she wants to make voting more sexy. The actress was a regular at the recent Democratic conference in Boston, Massachusetts, and has become...

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Portman Told Off For Making A Mess

8th August 2004

Hollywood beauty NATALIE PORTMAN and the crew of her latest movie were ordered to stop filming in a woman's house when the homeowner found human faeces in her bathtub. The STAR WARS princess was...

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Portman Combined Finals With Filming

4th August 2004

Hollywood star NATALIE PORTMAN filmed her latest movie GARDEN STATE at the same time as completing her final semester at HARVARD UNIVERSITY, by flying back-and-forth from the set to her campus. The 23-year-old...

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Portman Protective Over Screen Nudity

4th August 2004

Hollywood beauty NATALIE PORTMAN refuses to do nude scenes - despite starring as a stripper in her new movie CLOSER. The 23-year-old actress is fiercely protective of the way she is presented in film...

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Portman Campaigns For Third-world Banking

4th August 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN is determinedly campaigning for women in third-world countries to establish their own banking system. The Hollywood star, 23, is spokesperson for the FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE (FINCA) and has...

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Portman Enjoys Making Low-key Movies

4th August 2004

NATALIE PORTMAN loved making GARDEN STATE as she was able to concentrate on the characters instead of explosions on the STAR WARS films. The Harvard-educated beauty, 23, revels in the diversity of moving from...

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Portman Sad At Saying Goodbye To Star Wars Films

3rd August 2004

STAR WARS actress NATALIE PORTMAN is sad to leave the trilogy behind, as it was "part of forming" who she is. While the Hollywood star, 23, is keen to start the next phase of...

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Reshoots On Star Wars Film

3rd August 2004

The latest installment in GEORGE LUCAS' blockbusting STAR WARS series is undergoing reshoots in London, despite principal photography finishing last year (03). NATALIE PORTMAN, who again plays QUEEN AMIDALA in the forthcoming movie, STAR...

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Portman Wants Bush To Have An Extended Vacation

1st August 2004

Hollywood actress NATALIE PORTMAN has pinpointed a benefit for American President GEORGE W BUSH if he fails to be re-elected this year (04) - he'll have more time to take vacations. In MICHAEL MOORE's...

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Portman: My Mutt Charlie's My Only Man

1st August 2004

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN has declared the only male she's been sleeping with recently is called CHARLIE - and he has one ear muscle, bad breath and a spotty stomach. The stunning actress'...

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Portman Ignores Flowers To Make Political Statement

29th July 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN's political T-shirt statement on live American TV this morning (29JUL04), left bosses so worried, her interviewer asked her cover it with a bunch of flowers. The STAR WARS beauty made an...

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Portman Production Halted By Rogue Faeces

19th July 2004

Filming on Hollywood beauty NATALIE PORTMAN's new independent movie GARDEN STATE was held up for several hours - when the crew discovered a pile of faeces in the on-set bath. According to the STAR...

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Portman: 'I'd Consider Stripping'

16th July 2004

Screen beauty NATALIE PORTMAN will consider stripping nude on film if she's offered the right part. The STAR WARS actress once vowed never to bare her flesh on screen - but she confesses she's...

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Andre 3000 Tops Sexy Vegetarian Poll

15th July 2004

OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 has made history by becoming the first hip-hop star to be voted the World's Sexiest Vegetarian in the PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS' (PETA) annual poll. The HEY...

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Clive Owen Star Struck By Co-star Julia Roberts

14th July 2004

CLIVE OWEN refuses to believe rumours Hollywood star JULIA ROBERTS is a diva - because she "couldn't have been nicer" when they worked together on new movie CLOSER. The pair join JUDE LAW and...

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Julia + Natalie Rude Gifts

24th June 2004

JULIA ROBERTS and NATALIE PORTMAN exchanged rude gifts on the set of their new film CLOSER - necklaces with the words 'C**t' and 'Lil C**t' on them. Portman admits she came up with the...

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Wilson To Teach Portman A Lesson

21st June 2004

Actor OWEN WILSON has signed up to play NATALIE PORTMAN's teacher - and potential husband - in upcoming romantic drama THE SMOKER. The film follows a student at a private high school who falls...

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Natalie Portman: Living In Fear Of Stalkers

16th June 2004

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN's mother called police to her Long Island, New York home recently - fearing a man innocently reading a book on the sidewalk outside was a deranged stalker. The stunning...

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Portman Ditches Bernal

19th May 2004

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN is a single woman again - after ditching hunky boyfriend GAEL GARCIA BERNAL. The stunning 22-year-old actress has been dating the BAD EDUCATION star since meeting him at a...

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Portman And Bernal Enjoy Smoochy Meal

1st March 2004

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN and Mexican hunk GAEL GARCIA BERNAL enjoyed a romantic Valentine's Day (14FEB04) meal together - and didn't care who spotted them getting intimate. Portman, 22, and the 25-year-old Y...

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Busy Law Plans Big Break

30th January 2004

Hollywood hunk JUDE LAW is desperately looking forward to finishing his packed acting schedule, so he can finally take a well earned break. The British star, who is OSCAR-nominated for his role in COLD...

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J.lo's Gift To Portman

13th January 2004

Generous star JENNIFER LOPEZ is so delighted NATALIE PORTMAN likes her fashion line, she's sent the young actress a sacks full of free gear. The STAR WARS beauty attempted to order a pair of...

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Portman's Praise For Jude

12th January 2004

Screen actress NATALIE PORTMAN has a huge crush on her COLD MOUNTAIN co-star JUDE LAW. The STAR WARS beauty, 22, sings the praises of recently-divorced Jude, who is currently romancing his ALFIE co-star SIENNA...

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Kidman Set For More Award Wins

11th January 2004

NICOLE KIDMAN'S award-winning streak is set to continue this year (04) with her latest film COLD MOUNTAIN expected to garner 18 BAFTA nominations. The Australian actress, 36, is hot favourite for Best Actress...

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Portman Reveals 'Awesome' Star Wars Scene

6th January 2004

NATALIE PORTMAN is hoping fans will be satisfied with the final STAR WARS film - because it contains some "awesome" action. Portman, who plays Queen PADME AMIDALA in the sci-fi prequel trilogy, admits...

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Portman Agrees To Leon Sequel

24th December 2003

Movie beauty NATALIE PORTMAN is keen to reprise her debut film role in a sequel to cult favourite LEON. The actress, 22, first came to international recognition in her acclaimed performance as an assassin's...

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Portman Finds It's Good To Be Short

22nd December 2003

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN has found a great advantage to being short - very few fans manage to spot her in public. The Israeli-born actress, 22, stands at just over one and a...

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