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Lohan, Pitt, Uma + Jamie Lead Mtv Nominees

4th May 2005

LINDSAY LOHAN, UMA THURMAN, JAMIE FOXX and BRAD PITT will be among the stars battling it out for prizes at the 2005 MTV MOVIE AWARDS next month (JUN05) after being named among the top nominees....

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J.lo Hires Murphy's Ex As Manager

29th April 2005

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ has reportedly hired BRITTANY MURPHY's former fiance JEFF KWATINETZ as her manager. Kwatinetz's agency THE FIRM manages a host of A-list stars, including ADRIEN BRODY, CAMERON DIAZ, KATE HUDSON, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO,...

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Portman: 'I'm Always Asked For Identification'

24th April 2005

CLOSER beauty NATALIE PORTMAN is constantly required to show identification to prove her age, despite her world-famous looks. The 23-year-old actress admits her youthful image can be a blessing, but it's a hindrance when...

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Star Wars Theme To Be Released As A Single

20th April 2005

Die-hard STAR WARS fans will have something extra to purchase when the final instalment is released next month (MAY05) - the theme tune is set to be released as a single. The song -...

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Portman To Shave Head

15th April 2005

Screen beauty NATALIE PORTMAN will shaving her head for her role in upcoming film V FOR VENDETTA. The 23-year-old actress plays a woman who is jailed and tortured in the fantasy movie set in...

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Portman Wows German Crew With Language Skills

23rd March 2005

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN impressed everyone on the Berlin set of her latest film V FOR VENDETTA when she started speaking fluent German. Unlike many actors, who would be silenced by the language barrier, linguistic...

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Scarlett Set For Indiana Jones 4?

16th March 2005

HARRISON FORD is set for a new sidekick when he returns to the big screen as INDIANA JONES - in the shape of actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON. TOM CRUISE has been championing the OSCAR nominee...

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Portman Apologises For Western Wall Kiss

1st March 2005

LATEST: NATALIE PORTMAN accepts her kissing scene in the shadow of Jerusalem, Israel's Western Wall was an unfortunate mistake. The Israeli-born actress stirred up controversy last week (ends25FEB05) by kissing actor AKI AVNI for...

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Okonedo Has Yet To Watch Oscar Rivals' Movies

25th February 2005

OSCAR nominee SOPHIE OKONEDO has found it awkward meeting her fellow Best Actress contenders in the run-up to Sunday's (27FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS - because she hasn't seen any of their movies. British Okonedo, who...

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Portman Upsets Jews With Western Wall Kissing Scene

24th February 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN has stirred up controversy in her native Israel by kissing actor AKI AVNI in the shadow of sacred site the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The CLOSER star and Avni were shooting a...

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Stripping Stars Honoured At Anatomy Awards

23rd February 2005

BO DEREK, PARIS HILTON, NEVE CAMPBELL and OSCAR nominee NATALIE PORTMAN are among the beauties being honoured for showing off their flesh in steamy movie scenes as the MRSKIN.COM website announces its sixth annual ANATOMY...

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Staunton Anxious Over Oscar Expectations

23rd February 2005

IMELDA STAUNTON is unsure about the expected etiquette at this year's (27FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony after organisers changed the show's format. The VERA DRAKE star now will be required to take to the stage...

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Star Wars Bosses Warn Websites Again

21st February 2005

Movie bosses financing forthcoming prequel STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH are threatening to take legal action against internet sites that leak pictures and plot details. Currently, various websites are displaying...

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Portman's Degree Assists Movie Career

31st January 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN credits her psychology university degree with enabling her to fully understand the movie characters she signs up to play. The CLOSER beauty insists she never undertook the educational course to pursue a...

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Portman Devastated By Breast Infatuation

14th January 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN's quest to mature like a normal girl after her movie debut in LEON was shattered by the media's obsession with her growing breasts. The actress, then 12, was desperate to discover her...

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Law And Owen's Pole Dancing Lessons

13th January 2005

Brit actors JUDE LAW and CLIVE OWEN were so impressed by their CLOSER co-star NATALIE PORTMAN's pole-dancing in the film, they decided to try the exotic routines themselves. While preparing for her role as...

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Sheridan Tops Mr Blackwell's Worst-dressed List

12th January 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star NICOLETTE SHERIDAN's fashion sense has earned her top place on style critic MR BLACKWELL's 45th annual list of worst-dressed celebrities. The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star, noted for her sexy outfits, has caught...

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Portman To Go Back To School?

10th January 2005

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has been targeted to front a new TV series about a fictitious boarding school shrouded in "drugs, elitism and pretentiousness". The sexy LEON beauty's New York pals TAYLOR MATERNE, HOBSON BROWN...

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Portman Signs Up For Comic Book Adaptation

5th January 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN is set to become the latest cartoon-movie star after signing up to play vigilante VENDETTA in a big screen version of British graphic artist ALAN MOORE's creation. Moore's story is set in...

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Star Wars Actors Reunited

5th January 2005

Actors HARRISON FORD, CARRIE FISHER, NATALIE PORTMAN and EWAN McGREGOR have teamed up with other stars of all six STAR WARS movies for a new VANITY FAIR photospread. The American magazine grouped together 22...

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Portman Praises Women In Developing Nations

13th December 2004

Campaigning movie star NATALIE PORTMAN is in awe of illiterate women in developing nations who can still run a successful business while looking after 10 children. The beautiful STAR WARS actress works for micro-finance...

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Portman's Respect For Pole-dancers

9th December 2004

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN has developed a new respect for pole-dancers after learning their moves for her new movie CLOSER. The actress was required to go through a month of lessons for her...

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Portman's Terrifying Flying Experience

8th December 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN feared she was under attack as she jetted into Los Angeles yesterday (07DEC04), when her plane raced back into the skies just seconds before it was due to land. The Israeli...

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Portman Apologises For Black Quote

8th December 2004

NATALIE PORTMAN has written a letter to American style magazine ALLURE to explain herself for comments she made in an interview in which she empathised with being a black American. The STAR WARS star...

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Cage's National Treasure Still On Top

6th December 2004

NICOLAS CAGE is at the top of the American box office for the third weekend in row, after hauling in an extra $17.1 million (GBP9 million) at the American box office. The action movie...

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Portman's Love For Mcgregor

29th November 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN is besotted with her STAR WARS co-star EWAN McGREGOR - and his French wife EVE. The Israeli-born beauty has played QUEEN PADME NABERRIE AMIDALA opposite McGregor's OBI-WAN KENOBI in EPISODE I...

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Portman Ready For Nude Internet Coverage

29th November 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN is comfortable with the inevitable prospect of seeing her naked body splashed across the internet, after her new movie CLOSER hits cinemas. The sexy screen star plays a stripper in the...

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Portman's 'Bittersweet' End Of Era

26th November 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has mixed emotions now work on the final STAR WARS prequel is complete, insisting she's excited about the future but sad about losing touch with her new pals. Sexy Portman reprises...

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