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Portman Misses Bald Head

10th January 2006

NATALIE PORTMAN is considering shaving her head again, because she misses the attention it garnered. The 24-year-old actress initially sported the drastic look for her role as EVEY HAMMOND in thriller V FOR VENDETTA...

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Alba Fears Whore Typecast

9th November 2005

Movie beauty JESSICA ALBA fears she is being typecast, because she only gets offered role as whores and sexy maids. The SIN CITY actress is grateful for the opportunities she has been given in...

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Duff Admires Portman For Keeping Things Quiet

27th October 2005

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF admires actress NATALIE PORTMAN for doing what few celebrities succeed at - keeping her personal life out of the spotlight. The A CINDERELLA STORY star, who hit the headlines when she...

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The Things They Say 493

26th October 2005

"I watched GARDEN STATE and fell in love with NATALIE PORTMAN. Or I would take SCARLETT JOHANSSON too." HARRY POTTER star DANIEL RADCLIFFE, 16, emerges from puberty with an attraction to certain American actresses....

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Portman Terrified At The Oscars

22nd October 2005

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN was so nervous at the Oscars when she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress she wet herself. The STAR WARS star was shocked when her portrayal of a stripper in CLOSER...

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The Things They Say 433

20th October 2005

"Don't get me wrong; I take advantage of (my position) where necessary. I love not having to wait in lines at restaurants. But the moment you buy into the idea you're above anyone else is...

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Portman Shocked By Israel's Paparazzi

19th October 2005

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN was shocked by the paparazzi who followed her everywhere while she was studying Hebrew in Israel - because they were the same photographers who usually cover bus bombings. The STAR WARS...

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Portman Regrets Naughty Necklace Gift

19th October 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN regrets revealing she gave CLOSER co-star JULIA ROBERTS a naughty necklace, because now she fears everyone associates the Oscar-winner with the word 'c**t'. The LEON star gave Roberts the gold-plated dirty word...

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Besson Becomes A Father For The Fifth Time

29th September 2005

French director LUC BESSON has become a dad for the fifth time - and the new arrival followed precedent by being another daughter. The celebrated movie-maker, 46, already has four girls - TALIA,...

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Portman's Close Shave Sparked Lesbian Lust

13th September 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN was left squirming in her seat when she visited a German bar soon after shaving her head for her role in upcoming movie V FOR VENDETTA - because she attracted unwanted female attention....

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V For Vendetta Delay 'Nothing To Do With Visual Effects'

8th September 2005

Movie bosses have denied reports the upcoming NATALIE PORTMAN movie V FOR VENDETTA has been delayed because its visual effects wouldn't be completed on time. The terrorism-themed film, which also stars HUGO WEAVING and...

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Fascinating Fact 124

1st September 2005

Recently shorn actress NATALIE PORTMAN is now sporting a Mohawk....

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Hoffman To Run A Toy Shop

25th August 2005

Hollywood actor DUSTIN HOFFMAN is set to become a toy shop owner, after signing up to star alongside NATALIE PORTMAN in the fantasy movie MR MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM. In the film, Hoffman plays an...

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Portman Set To Join Goya's Ghosts

25th August 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN is set to go back in time for a movie about one of history's most gruesome eras - the Spanish Inquisition. The STAR WARS star is in negotiations to join Spanish actor...

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Fellowes Tips Owen As Next 007

24th August 2005

GOSFORD PARK writer JULIAN FELLOWES predicts British actor CLIVE OWEN will succeed PIERCE BROSNAN to become the next JAMES BOND. The OSCAR-winning writer thinks VANITY FAIR actor JAMES PUREFOY would be closer to...

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Portman's 'Terrorist' Movie Postponed

23rd August 2005

V FOR VENDETTA film bosses have denied the terrorism themed movie is being delayed because of London's recent bomb attacks (07JUL05) - they insist technical difficulties are responsible for the date change. The film...

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Portman's Hair Secret

13th August 2005

Movie chameleon NATALIE PORTMAN is keeping tight lipped about her next look, after shocking the world by shaving off her hair. The actress went bald for her role in movie V FOR VENDETTA and...

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Portman Thrown Out Of Club After Mylo Request

29th July 2005

Hollywood beauty NATALIE PORTMAN was thrown out of a London nightclub after requesting a MYLO song, according to the Scots DJ himself. The mixmaster - real name MYLES McINNES - is one of Britain's...

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Shaven Portman

8th July 2005

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN was stopped by New York police recently, and has blamed her newly-shaven head on raising suspicions with officers. The Golden Globe-winning beauty, 24, was driving through the midtown tunnel - which...

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Live 8 Becomes 10 As Pet Shop Boys Head For Moscow

28th June 2005

The organiser's of this weekend's (02JUL05) Live 8 global concerts have added another show to the impressive line-up in Moscow, Russia. The PET SHOP BOYS will headline this concert - the 10th Live 8...

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Weaving Blasts Rumours Eucalyptus Script Was Poor

12th June 2005

THE MATRIX star HUGO WEAVING has blasted reports circulated by RUSSELL CROWE that a poor script led to the cancellation of Australia-based movie EUCALYPTUS - he insists it was great. The film, starring Crowe,...

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Portman Wants Leon Sequel

10th June 2005

STAR WARS babe NATALIE PORTMAN insists it's time for her to revisit the film that made her a teenage star - and she's just waiting for the call. The actress was just 14 when...

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Mcmahon Insists He's Still In The Race For 007

9th June 2005

Australian actor JULIAN McMAHON is refusing to give up the fight to play the next JAMES BOND, even though director MARTIN CAMPBELL seems to favour ER doctor GORAN VISNJIC. The NIP/TUCK star has been...

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Portman: 'Musicals Are Not For Me'

3rd June 2005

Screen siren NATALIE PORTMAN refuses to follow in the footsteps of her STAR WARS co-star EWAN McGREGOR by embarking on a glittering musical theatre career. The 23-year-old star is full of admiration for the...

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Amadeus Filmmakers To Celebrate Goya On Screen

19th May 2005

SAUL ZAENTZ and MILOS FORMAN are set to bring the story of Spanish artist GOYA to the big screen in a spectacular biopic shooting this year (05). The filmmaking duo, who produced AMADEUS (84)...

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Portman's Pregnancy Made To Measure

18th May 2005

Screen siren NATALIE PORTMAN was sad to turn her back on action sequences in the final STAR WARS movie EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH, because her character PADME AMIDALA is pregnant with ANAKIN...

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Portman Prefers Being Bald

16th May 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN accepts the bizarre responses her radical new haircut has provoked - but insists she prefers being bald. Fans were shocked when Portman shaved her head for her role in new movie V...

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Purefoy Quits Vendetta Movie

9th May 2005

VANITY FAIR star JAMES PUREFOY has reportedly quit the set of new movie V IS FOR VENDETTA, leaving THE MATRIX villain HUGO WEAVING to take his place. The Australian actor was an easy choice...

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Star Wars Film Is A 'Bloodbath'

5th May 2005

Critics have confirmed the last STAR WARS movie EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH fully warrants its American PG-13 rating, because the level of violence on show is unparalleled in the sci-fi series. Selected...

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Lohan, Pitt, Uma + Jamie Lead Mtv Nominees

4th May 2005

LINDSAY LOHAN, UMA THURMAN, JAMIE FOXX and BRAD PITT will be among the stars battling it out for prizes at the 2005 MTV MOVIE AWARDS next month (JUN05) after being named among the top nominees....

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