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Emma Watson To Quit Hollywood?

24th June 2009

Emma Watson is considering giving up acting.The 'Harry Potter' star - who plays brainbox Hermione Granger in the hit movie franchise - would be willing to axe her film career if she can't find other...

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Franco & Mcbride Reteam In Portman Comedy

1st June 2009

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS co-stars JAMES FRANCO and DANNY MCBRIDE are set to reteam as royal brothers in a medieval comedy starring NATALIE PORTMAN.The trio will start shooting Your Highness, which MCBride penned, in Ireland next month...

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Scrubs Actor To Star In And Direct Rom-com

21st May 2009

SCRUBS star ZACH BRAFF has signed up to direct, rewrite and star in the romantic comedy SWINGLES.The film will also star CAMERON DIAZ and follows a single guy, played by Braff, who meets up with...

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Portman Denies Penn Romance

16th May 2009

Natalie Portman has denied being in a relationship with Sean Penn.In a statement to 'Extra', the Leon actress said he had been forced into responding to the rumours the pair were romantically involved."Sean Penn is...

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Portman: 'I'm Not Dating Penn'

16th May 2009

NATALIE PORTMAN has broken her golden rule of speaking to the press about gossip - to clear up reports she's dating SEAN PENN. The actress insists the romance story is "completely untrue" and she's appalled that...

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Fascinating Fact 7344

11th May 2009

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has purchased a new 1930s-style home in Los Angeles for $3.25 million (£2.17 million). The four bedroom property also boasts two separate guest houses and a private courtyard....

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Portman Invites Fans Onto Virtual Film Set

28th April 2009

NATALIE PORTMAN has launched a new internet community aiming to give fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it takes to make a movie. The actress, along with co-founder Christine Aylward, created after realising several of...

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Cate Blanchett Named Best Onscreen Monarch

6th March 2009

Australian actress Cate Blanchett has been voted the best royal in film for her portrayal of English monarch Elizabeth I, in a new poll.The Oscar winner narrowly defeated Dame Helen Mirren's portrayal of Elizabeth II...

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Stars' Phone Numbers Sold On Internet

14th February 2009

Stars including NATALIE PORTMAN, JUDE LAW and JULIANNE MOORE have had their privacy compromised after a British man bought a cellphone containing all of their personal details. Kent Devey recently purchased a Blackberry phone on internet...

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Portman And Williams' Spoof Perfume Battle

10th February 2009

Actresses NATALIE PORTMAN and MICHELLE WILLIAMS were caught on camera during a catfight - in a spoof ad for a fictitious fragrance.The pair teamed up with director Roman Polanski to shoot the 30-second promo, which...

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Watson's Admiration For Portman

2nd February 2009

British actress EMMA WATSON looks up to NATALIE PORTMAN - because she managed to pursue a university education whilst starring in movies. The Harry Potter star is keen to gain a degree and has applied to...

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Adams Lied And Begged To Land Doubt Role

15th December 2008

AMY ADAMS begged and hassled DOUBT director JOHN PATRICK SHANLEY to cast her in the movie, even after he offered her part to NATALIE PORTMAN. The Oscar nominee was a huge fan of the story,...

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Portman Pulled Out Of Doubt Over Nun Portrayal

27th November 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN turned down the chance to play a nun opposite movie great MERYL STREEP in DOUBT - because she can't get her head around celibacy. The actress was at one point very interested in...

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Faint Portman 'Woozy' On Late-night Tv

10th November 2008

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has learned not to book a chat show appearance on the same day as a doctor's appointment after struggling through an interview with DAVID LETTERMAN on America's THE LATE SHOW on Friday...

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Fascinating Fact 6306

4th November 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for DREW BARRYMORE's Halloween night costume party. LIV TYLER went as CHARLIE CHAPLIN and ANNE HATHAWAY was a corpse bride....

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Portman And Jones' Credit Crunch Solution

21st October 2008

Actresses NATALIE PORTMAN and RASHIDA JONES have come up with a novel way of solving the global economic crisis - buying puppies. In a new video for comedian Will Ferrell's website, the two stars...

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Rabbi Takes Aim At Portman For Indian Princess Portrayal

7th October 2008

LATEST: NATALIE PORTMAN has been dealt a bitter blow just in time for Jewish holy day Yom Kippur - a leading U.S. Rabbi has condemned her portrayal of an Indian princess in a new video....

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Hindu Scholars Call For Portman Apology

3rd October 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN has upset America's leading Hindus with her portrayal of an Indian princess in ex-boyfriend DEVENDRA BANHART's new CARMENSITA video - and they're calling for a public apology from her. Religious scholars have called...

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Single Portman Sells Up

2nd October 2008

Hollywood star NATALIE PORTMAN is moving on from her split with musician ex-boyfriend DEVENDRA BANHART - by ditching her New York home. Just weeks after the Star Wars actress ended her romance with Banhart, she...

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Report - Portman And Banhart Split

24th September 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN has split from boyfriend DEVENDRA BANHART, according to U.S reports. The odd couple met and fell in love while the actress was shooting a video for the the musician's Carmensita tune in March...

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Lohan To Judge Fashion Show

20th September 2008

LINDSAY LOHAN is to join the likes of NATALIE PORTMAN, SARAH JESSICA PARKER and VICTORIA BECKHAM by becoming a guest judge on U.S. TV style contest PROJECT RUNWAY. Lohan will sit in with show host...

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Portman Presented With Humanitarian Award

1st September 2008

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has been hailed for her philanthropy at the Venice Film Festival in Italy - she's been presented with the Movie for Humanity Award. The Star Wars beauty, who is at the event...

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Fascinating Fact 5809

14th August 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN's directorial debut EVE will be shown at the Venice International Film Festival on 1 September(08)....

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Fascinating Fact 5720

31st July 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN is looking to move out of her apartment in New York's transparent West Village tower. The CLOSER actress has put the three-bedroom glass property back on the market with an asking price of...

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Fascinating Fact 5668

23rd July 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN will appear as a guest judge on U.S. reality TV design contest PROJECT RUNWAY on Wednesday night (23Jul08) when contestants are asked to make clothes out of eco-friendly material....

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Portman To Star In Boyfriend's New Video

22nd July 2008

NATALIE PORTMAN is handing her musician boyfriend DEVENDRA BANHART a career boost, by starring in his new video. Bearded Banhart will save Portman's princess in the Bollywood spoof, to accompany single Carmensita. The 27-year-old star...

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Portman's Love Move

18th July 2008

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN is snubbing her native New York and moving to America's west coast to be closer to her boyfriend, according to reports. The 27-year-old star met rocker Devendra Banhart on the set of...

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Snow Reveals 'Girl Crush' On Portman

18th June 2008

Actress BRITTANY SNOW has confessed she harbours secret same-sex desires for fellow Hollywood star NATALIE PORTMAN. The 22-year-old Hairspray star is struggling to find love with a member of the opposite sex, so she's turned...

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Portman Shooting Charity Clip In Rwanda

5th June 2008

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has reportedly visited Rwanda to shoot a clip promoting a new village for children orphaned by the 1994 genocide in the African country. The Israeli-American star arrived in the central African nation...

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Pregnant Film Star's Husband 'Found Dead'

21st May 2008

The husband of pregnant actress Natascha McElhone is believed to have been found dead at his west London home.Media reports claim Martin Kelly was found collapsed outside his home on Tuesday night.A spokesman from Metropolitan...

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