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Ashley Benson Wants Woody Allen Role

19th July 2014

Ashley Benson wants to work with Woody Allen.The 'Pretty Little Liars' star would love to make more films, and has a wish-list of directors whose projects she wants to be involved in.She said: ''I've always...

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Keira Knightley Angered Husband With Guitar Ability

28th June 2014

Keira Knightley thinks it's a ''miracle'' she's still married after her husband tried to teach her to play guitar. The 'Begin Again' star - who plays aspiring singer Greta in the upcoming comedy-drama - admits...

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Sexy Vegetarians Jared Leto And Ellen Page

26th June 2014

Jared Leto and Ellen Page have been named Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities by PETA.The 'Dallas Buyers Club' actor picked up the animal rights organisation's male prize ahead of fellow non-meat eaters Joaquin Phoenix, Samuel L. Jackson,...

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Alber Elbaz To Received Honorary Doctorate From Royal College Of Art

26th June 2014

Alber Elbaz will receive an honorary doctorate from the Royal College of Art.Lanvin's creative director is set to be recognised by the prestigious London institution for his impressive contributions to the fashion industry and culture...

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Keira Knightley Pretends To Be Britney Spears

14th June 2014

Keira Knightley has signed autographs pretending to be Britney Spears.The 'Begin Again' actress is often mistaken for other celebrities, including Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman, in Los Angeles and couldn't resist playing along when a...

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The Movies Of The Wachowski's: From Best To Worst

By George Percival | 6th June 2014

Press shy and intentionally low-profile, the Wachowski brothers (now brother and sister) occupy a rare position in Hollywood of being household names, responsible for some truly awe-inspiring works of cinematic innovation that have enamoured critics...

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Clive Owen To Star In Maggie's Plan

2nd May 2014

Clive Owen has joined the cast of 'Maggie's Plan'.The 49-year-old actor has signed on to star alongside Greta Gerwig and Julianne Moore in the romantic comedy, which will be directed by Rebecca Miller, according to...

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Natalie Portman Western Delayed Again

25th April 2014

Natalie Portman's problem-plagued western Jane Got A Gun will no longer hit cinemas this year (14) following a series of delays and casting changes.Filming on the project was scheduled to start last year (13), but...

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Who Could Have Been Bella Swan Or The Joker? Actors Who Lost Out On Major Roles

By Stephanie Chase | 13th April 2014

Losing out on a job is always tough, but imagine what it’s like if that job is a part in a major Hollywood movie? As all actors know the audition process is tough and sometimes...

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Director Lynne Ramsay Settles With Film Producers

11th March 2014

Director Lynne Ramsay has reached a legal settlement with producers behind Natalie Portman's new western Jane Got A Gun after quitting the project on the eve of filming.Production was thrown into chaos last March (13)...

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Rookie Director Natalie Portman Accused Of "Foreign Invasion" In Israel

By Michael West | 12th February 2014

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman has been accused of mounting a "foreign invasion" by protestors from Israel's ultra-orthodox community after arriving in Jerusalem to shoot her directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness.Natalie Portman Has...

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Natalie Portman Faces Protests Over Israel Movie Shoot

12th February 2014

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman is facing protests from disgruntled residents in Israel who are unhappy over her plans to shoot a movie there.The Black Swan star is working on her directorial debut, A Tale Of...

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Mila Kunis Takes Ashton Kutcher To Wedding

8th December 2013

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher attended her brother's wedding together on Saturday (07.12.13).The couple, who have been the subject of engagement rumours recently, jetted to St. Petersburg in Florida to witness the 'Ted' star's older...

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Natalie Portman Replaced In Thor 2 Smooch Scene By Chris Hemsworth's Wife

By Lauren James | 3rd December 2013

Natalie Portman has rocked the Thor 2: The Dark World boat by admitting that during the final, passionate kissing scene between Jane and Thor, it wasn't her kissing Chris Hemsworth. Chris' wife Elsa Pataky is...

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Chris Hemsworth Used Wife As Kissing Double In Thor

3rd December 2013

Chris Hemsworth's wife stood in for Natalie Portman during a kissing scene in 'Thor: The Dark World'.Spanish actress Elsa Pataky donned a wig and was styled to look like Natalie's alter ego, Dr. Jane Foster,...

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Chris Hemsworth Kissed His Wife In Thor Sequel

3rd December 2013

Natalie Portman's passionate kiss with Chris Hemsworth in the new Thor movie has been exposed as a fake as the actor was actually embracing his real life wife in the scene.The Oscar winner plays the...

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Beyonce Wants To Be Invisible

3rd December 2013

Beyonce would like the ability to be invisible.The world-famous 'Grown Woman' singer has revealed she would covet invisibility over any other superpower so she can spy on other people without being recognised.She said: ''I would...

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Christian Bale's Horse Poo Fears In New Film

1st December 2013

Christian Bale feared a scene in his new movie would be ruined by a horse pooping.The actor - known for his seriousness on set and hot temper - gathered with director Terrence Malick and co-stars...

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Jane Got A Gun Gets Summer 2014 Release

25th November 2013

Natalie Portman's embattled western Jane Got A Gun has finally locked down a summer, 2014 release date after a series of delays and casting changes.The film has been plagued by problems - director Lynne Ramsay...

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A Week In Movies: Catching Fire Premieres, Portman Dodges The Paps, Jolie Is Maleficent, Farrell Travels In Time And Wahlberg Is Buzzing

By Rich Cline | 15th November 2013

The big event this week was the world premiere on Monday night of the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire, with the entire cast on the red carpet in Leicester Square. Early word on the...

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Ellen Degeneres Played Matchmaker For Lenny Kravitz And Portman

13th November 2013

Comedienne Ellen Degeneres has revealed she once attempted to set Lenny Kravitz and Natalie Portman up on a date without realising the actress was attached to the man who would become her husband.The comic recalled...

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The Things They Say: 3946855

10th November 2013

"(I know) enough to get by... If you make the effort I find that they're very, very kind and appreciate (it)." Actress Natalie Portman is perfecting her language skills for her upcoming relocation to Paris,...

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Tom Hiddleston Can't Get Enough Of Being The Guy You Love To Hate In 'Thor: The Dark World'

By Joe Wilde | 9th November 2013

Tom Hiddleston stars as the God of Mischief, Loki, for the third time when he stars alongside Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World. Despite his nefarious antics in the films, Loki...

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Thor The Dark World Is A Hit At The Box Office, But Not So Much With Critics

By Victoria Pavlova | 8th November 2013

Thor: The Dark World has been doing the rounds for the past few days and has been hammering in the big bucks – yeah, not all of the puns are going to make sense, deal...

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Box Office Preview: Thor Should Smash Box Office With His Hammer [Trailer]

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th November 2013

It’s not that Thor: The Dark World is a particularly brilliant film – the indifferent reviews put an end to that kind of talk – but probably the lack of meaningful competition that mean this...

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Critics Underwhelmed By 'Thor: The Dark World' Ahead Of Us Release

By Elinor Cosgrave | 8th November 2013

Thor: The Dark World is due to be released in the US this weekend. The sequel to the 2011 Marvel film sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth) reuniting with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in order to face...

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Lynne Ramsay Sued By Movie Bosses After Ditching Natalie Portman Western

By Joe Wilde | 7th November 2013

Lynne Ramsay is being taken to court by the producers of the oft-troubled Western Jane Got Her Gun, starring (supposedly at least) Natalie Portman. Ramsay walked out on the project a day before shooting was...

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Natalie Portman Set Table On Fire In Buckingham Palace

7th November 2013

Actress Natalie Portman was left embarrassed after accidentally sparking a fire in front of Britain's Prince Charles at a posh event in Buckingham Palace.The Black Swan star and her dancer husband, Benjamin Millepied, recently attended...

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Director Sued After Quitting Natalie Portman Film Jane Got A Gun

7th November 2013

The producers of Natalie Portman's new film Jane Got A Gun are suing the movie's former director, who quit the project a day before shooting began in March (13).The executives, led by Scott Steindorff, claim...

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Anthony Hopkins: Chris Hemsworth Eats Tuna Cans

5th November 2013

Sir Anthony Hopkins says Chris Hemsworth eats whole cans of tuna - ''including the can''.The 'Hannibal' actor - who stars alongside Hemsworth in 'Thor: The Dark World' - joked about the 30-year-old's high protein diet...

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