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Fargas Joins Gruesome Reality Show

16th November 2004

STARSKY AND HUTCH star ANTONIO FARGAS has agreed to star in British reality TV show I'M A CELEBRITY...GET ME OUT OF HERE! - even though he's never seen an episode of the gruesome jungle-based series....

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Gallagher To Join Prodigy

15th October 2004

OASIS star LIAM GALLAGHER is set to join THE PRODIGY during the British leg of their tour. Gallagher is pals with The Prodigy star LIAM HOWLETT - the pair's partners are former ALL SAINTS...

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Prodigy Star Hides Guitar From Gallagher

29th September 2004

THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT hides his guitar when OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER comes to visit - to stop Gallagher from playing it. Gallagher, 31, spends a lot of time at the FIRESTARTER star's...

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Appleton Tells Sister To Work It Out With Gallagher

23rd September 2004

Former ALL SAINTS singer NATALIE APPLETON has pleaded with her younger sister NICOLE to stay with her OASIS fiance LIAM GALLAGHER - reportedly to ensure they remain in the public eye. The NEVER EVER...

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Shaznay Lewis Avoids Appletons

10th August 2004

SHAZNAY LEWIS spent her hen party on the Spanish island of Ibiza avoiding her former ALL SAINTS bandmates NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON. Lewis only invited All Saint pal MELANIE BLATT to help her celebrate...

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All Saints Star Remembers Bandmate Lies

21st June 2004

Former ALL SAINTS singer SHAZNAY LEWIS has slammed her former bandmates for deliberately leaving her out of their flop film debut HONEST. The PURE SHORES beauty was horrified when she discovered fellow Saints MELANIE...

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Appleton Sisters Eye Osbournes-style Show

20th May 2004

Former ALL SAINTS NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON have come up with the perfect way to relaunch their music careers - by filming an OSBOURNES-style reality show. The PURE SHORES singers have held a series...

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All Saint Star Admits Booze Battles

6th May 2004

Former ALL SAINT singer NATALIE APPLETON is a recovering alcoholic and credits her newborn son with helping her gain sobriety. The PURE SHORES hitmaker, 30, and her husband , PRODIGY musician LIAM HOWLETT, welcomed...

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Appleton's 'Ace' Baby Joy

3rd March 2004

Former ALL SAINTS beauty NATALIE APPLETON has given birth to a baby boy - her first with PRODIGY star husband LIAM HOWLETT. The sexy singer - who has a 10-year-old daughter, RACHEL, from a...

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Appleton Authors

27th February 2004

Singing siblings NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON are ditching music to become children's authors. The former ALL SAINTS beauties formed new band APPLETON after the acclaimed girlband split up, but were dropped by record label...

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Baby Joy For Natalie Appleton And Liam Howlett

21st September 2003

Former ALL SAINTS babe NATALIE APPLETON is expecting a child with her husband LIAM HOWLETT from dance stars THE PRODIGY. Natalie is already mother to 10-year-old RACHEL, from a previous relationship, and now she...

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Mel Blatt Ignored Appleton Sisters

10th August 2003

Sexy MEL BLATT was so annoyed at being on the same flight as NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON, she ignored her former ALL SAINTS bandmates for the whole trip. The DO ME WRONG singer bumped...

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Blatt: All Saints Will Never Be Friends Again

28th July 2003

Former ALL SAINT MELANIE BLATT has vowed never to speak to bandmates NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON again - in the light of their tell-tale tome TOGETHER. The UNDER THE BRIDGE beauties had a spectacular...

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End Of The Line For Appleton?

16th July 2003

Former ALL SAINTS NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON are facing the ruin of their music careers with the imminent flop of their next single. The sexy siblings formed duo APPLETON after splitting from SHAZNAY LEWIS...

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Natalie Appleton To Wear Mask At T In The Park Gig

13th July 2003

Gorgeous pop star NATALIE APPLETON has threatened to wear a mask at a gig at the T IN THE PARK festival in Scotland this weekend (12/13JUL03) The sexy APPLETON singer is unable to do...

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Richardson Alone Again

1st July 2003

British THE PATRIOT beauty JOELY RICHARDSON has split from on-off TV presenter lover JAMIE THEAKSTON - for the final time. The couple have had a tempestuous on/off relationship for several years - but according...

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Appletons And Liams Form 'Supergroup'

13th June 2003

Former ALL SAINTS sisters NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON have revealed they've formed a 'supergroup' with their musician spouses, OASIS' frontman LIAM GALLAGHER and THE PRODIGY's LIAM HOWLETT. The DON'T WORRY blondes recorded a track...

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Natalie Appleton's Hand Hell

6th June 2003

LATEST: Ex-ALL SAINTS singer NATALIE APPLETON has lost the use of her right hand for 18 months, after slashing her wrist open on a champagne glass. Natalie was play-wrestling in a Liverpool, England hotel...

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Natalie Appleton Gets Plastered

1st June 2003

PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT'S wife NATALIE APPLETON has been partying so hard she has broken her arm. The former ALL SAINTS beauty was at a party when she slipped and fell on a champagne...

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Liam Gallagher Rushes To Bleeding Appleton's Aid

27th May 2003

OASIS wildman LIAM GALLAGHER showed his tender side when he rushed his fiance's popstar sister NATALIE APPLETON to hospital yesterday (26MAY03) after she badly cut her wrist. Natalie had been partying with the raucous...

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Howlett Mad About Harry

1st May 2003

PRODIGY frontman LIAM HOWLETT may have a reputation as a rock wildman - but the reality is far more sedate. The SMACK MY B**** UP singer loves nothing better than a night in bed...

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Appleton Dropped By Record Label

27th April 2003

Former ALL SAINTS singers NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON have been dropped by their record label POLYDOR after disappointing chart positions. The duo, APPLETON, sold just 700,000 copies of their album EVERYTHING'S EVENTUAL meaning it...

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