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Kelis' Hopes For Heavenly Afterlife

27th May 2011

Kelis lives her life in an attempt to get into heaven.The religious 31-year-old singer - who has a 22-month-old son Knight with ex-husband Nas - believes in an afterlife and hopes she ends up in...

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Photographer 'Almost Killed' Nas In Set Mishap

26th May 2011

Rapper Nas was "almost killed" during a photoshoot mishap in 1999.Famed photographer Danny Hastings teamed up with the I Can hitmaker to create the Egyptian-themed cover art for his classic album I Am, which required...

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Kelis Has No Divorce Regrets

26th May 2011

Kelis "doesn't regret" getting divorced.The 'Milkshake' singer filed for legal separation from rapper Nas in April 2009 when she was seven months pregnant with their son Knight, now 22 months, but doesn't wish she had...

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Nas' Filmmaking Efforts Land Him Sports Emmy

8th May 2011

Rapper Nas has joined Jay Z and U2 among the winners at the prestigious National Sports Emmy Awards, triumphing for his work as a director on a documentary about the civil war in Liberia.The Grammy-nominated...

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Nas Has Sympathy For 'Misunderstood' Gaddafi

15th March 2011

Rapper Nas has risked sparking political controversy after airing his sympathy for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, insisting the dictator is "misunderstood".Gaddafi has become a figure of hatred after refusing to step down amid civil unrest,...

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Nas Uses Music For Therapy

7th February 2011

Nas says music is "only real way" he can "get things off" his chest. The US rapper said he has no interest in living a celebrity lifestyle and likes to keep himself to himself, so...

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Nas Owes $6 Million In Taxes

26th January 2011

Nas reportedly owes over $6 million in unpaid taxes.The rapper is said to have three outstanding liens against him, one from October 2009 for $2,584,236, another from February 2010 for $3,365,671 while the latest one...

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Nas' Tax Woes Worsen

25th January 2011

Rapper NAS' financial difficulties appear to be spiralling out of control - he owes more than $6 million (£4 million) to U.S. tax officials, according to a new report.The I Can star's money woes began...

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The Things They Say 19931

21st January 2011

"I’m really proud (of him), and not proud because he is an icon in the hip-hop world, I’m proud of him because he’s a good son with a good talent that I respect and his...

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Kanye West Hailed Hip-hop's Saviour

12th January 2011

Nas says Kanye West has kept hip hop alive.The 'Who Killed It?' rapper - who released an album called 'Hip Hop Is Dead' in 2006 - said he believes the genre has been revitalised in...

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Nas' Child Support Payments Slashed

7th January 2011

A judge has granted NAS' request to have his child support payments to ex-wife KELIS reduced by half.The hip-hop supercouple split in April, 2009 after four years of marriage, with divorce papers filed just months...

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Nas Didn't Want To Return To Solo Career

6th January 2011

Rapper NAS almost turned his back on his solo career after teaming up with DAMIAN MARLEY for a joint album last year (10), because he became so accustomed to having the reggae star around him...

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The Things They Say 19683

5th January 2011

"I look at Michael Jackson, and before he passed away, I can only imagine the pressure he had to live up to for the next moonwalk. And the reality is physically, he wasn't able to...

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Nas Plans Free Music Release

4th January 2011

Nas wants to give away some of his tracks for free.The American rapper and MC revealed he is frustrated with how his record label Def Jam handled the release of his anticipated album 'The Lost...

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Nas Serving Christmas Dinners In New York

20th December 2010

Rapper NAS is helping to spread some festive cheer among families affected by the deadly HIV/AIDS virus this Christmas by serving up a holiday feast in New York.The I Can star will join HIV/AIDS activist...

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Kelis Improved With Motherhood

11th December 2010

Kelis says motherhood has made her "more selfless and emotional".The 'A Capella' singer - who has 16-month-old son Knight with ex-husband Nas - never expected to feel as strongly for her baby as she does...

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Nas' Lost Tapes Battle With Label Bosses Goes Public

7th October 2010

Rapper NAS has fired off an angry email to label bosses at Def Jam, accusing them of treating him like a "slave" and disrepecting him by stalling the release of his forthcoming LOST TAPES album.The...

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The Things They Say 18291

6th October 2010

"Excuse my language but hell yeah! My content, I'm on the same style. I can't change for nobody." Rising rapper WAKA FLOCKA FLAME wants to show off his talents on a joint track with rap...

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Self-critic Kelis

18th September 2010

Kelis thinks her music "sucks."The 'Milkshake' singer insists it is acceptable for her to make mistakes with her sound because she is not a "pop star".She explained: "There's a difference between a pop star and...

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Kelis Happy To Be Single Parent

16th September 2010

Kelis thinks being a single mother is "awesome".The 'Milkshake' singer - who has a 13-month-old son Knight with her ex-husband Nas - hates it when people offer her sympathy about her divorce.She said: "It's hard...

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Robert Wilson Founder Of The Gap Band Dies Aged 53

17th August 2010

Bassist and founder of the legendary funk group THE GAP BAND, ROBERT WILSON, has died aged 53. Wilson, who made up the band with his brothers CHARLIE WILSON and RONNIE WILSON, died on Sunday 18th...

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Nas And Damian Marley's 'Common Approach'

16th August 2010

Damian Marley and Nas work well together because they have a similar approach to life.The pair - who released reggae and hip-hop fuse album 'Distant Relatives' in May - admit they have a lot in...

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Kelis' Friendly Ex

7th August 2010

Kelis insists she and Nas are now friends.The 'Milkshake' singer - whose divorce from the rapper was finalised in May following months of legal wrangling over financial arrangements - says she no longer has any...

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Alicia Keys Has Island Wedding

2nd August 2010

Alicia Keys married her fiance Swizz Beatz yesterday (01.08.10).The 'Empire State of Mind' singer - who is five months pregnant with the couple's first child - tied the knot with the music producer on the...

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Movie Reviews Dinner For Schmucks

30th July 2010

The worst thing about Dinner for Schmucks may be its title. Based on a French movie whose title is translated as The Dinner Game , the film is receiving some very decent reviews. A.O. Scott...

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Lythgoe Returns To Idol As Producer; Judge Too?

27th July 2010

Nigel Lythgoe is returning as executive producer of American Idol, raising speculation that he may also step into Simon Cowell's shoes as a judge on America's top-rated entertainment show. Cowell served as a judge on...

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Movie Reviews Inception

16th July 2010

Few movies in recent years -- if any at all -- have received the sort of adulatory reception from key critics as Christopher Nolan's Inception. Except for a handful of critics, many of whom display...

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15th July 2010

Will.I.Am considers himself the "personification" of hip hop.The 'Heartbreaker' hitmaker - who is co-founder of the Black Eyed Peas - revealed he is "cool" with fellow artists and music magazines deriding him for not being...

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Cnn Fires Middle Eastern Editor

8th July 2010

The requirement that users of Twitter limit their remarks to 140 characters may have done in CNN's senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs, Octavia Nasr. On Sunday, she posted a message on Twitter saying that...

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Kelis Refuses To Insult Nas For Son's Sake

7th July 2010

Singer KELIS has vowed never to speak ill of her ex-husband NAS because she doesn't want their son to read about the former hip-hop supercouple's troubles in the press.The Milkshake hitmaker split from rapper Nas...

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