Nadine Dorries was at the centre of a controversy last year when she abandoned her political duties in order to appear as a contestant on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Like any Tory MP, Nadine is all about the money, and this was the case again earlier this week as she negotiated herself a handsome sum with publishers Head of Zeus for a three book deal, leading some to question whether she was handed the massive deal because of her prowess as a writer, or rather because of who she is.

The trilogy of semi-autobiographical accounts of Dorries' life, the first of which is titled The Four Street, re-tells her story as a young girl growing up in working-class Liverpool. The right-wing politician was without a real job between her appearance on the ITV reality show and her re-appointment to the Conservative Party this summer, and was apparently working hard in that period to pen her memoirs. Her subsequent work has been described by publishers Head of Zeus to the BBC as "a moving, autobiographical trilogy about Irish Catholic families struggling against poverty, hardship and abuse."

The senior editor of the publishing house, Rosie de Courcy, even went on to say that Dorries was a "natural" writer and that her work is among some of the best work she has read in some time. But this ardent, immediate fandom from the publishers is being question by some as a blind agreement to have the former MP generate book sales through her infamy. No one has had the chance to critique her writing style yet, bar the people who have just given her a million-pound sum to write more books for the company, so we shall have to see whether this is the case, and whether it will be a gamble worth taking.

Dorries is an outspoken member of the Conservative Party and despite her working class origins she has developed a reputation as one of the Tory's most uncompromisingly conservative politicians, demanding stricter regulations with abortion and advocating sexual abstinence for girls during their school taught sex education. She was suspended from her party on 6 November 2012 for taking part in I'm A Celebrity..., but re-admitted as the party whip in May this year. She has since stated that she plans on running for Parliament again in 2015 for the Mid-Bedfordshire seat. Her first book is due out in April next year.

Nadine Dorries
Nadine during her time on I'm A Celebrity...