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The Things They Say: 3377316

16th November 2012

"I got him the toaster that you put the Mickey Mouse emblem on it... It's a little ode to the Mmc (Mickey Mouse Club) days." Lance Bass on his quirky wedding gift for former 'N...

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Taylor Swift's 'Red' Highest Selling Album Of The Decade

By Lorna Greville  | 31st October 2012

It's only been available to buy for a week but Taylor Swift's fourth album 'Red' has managed to sell over 1.2 million records, which makes it the highest first week sales of any album since...

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Red Hot: Taylor Swift's Fourth Album Is Biggest Seller Since Eminem

By Michael West | 31st October 2012

Taylor Swift's fourth studio album Red sold 1.2 million copies in its first week, the biggest debut sales since Eminem's 2002 record The Eminem Show, which sold 1.32 million copies. The current all-time debut-week sales...

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Chris Kirkpatrick: 'No Hard Feelings About Justin Timberlake Wedding Snub'

31st October 2012

Singer Chris Kirkpatrick insists he has no hard feelings about not getting an invite to Justin Timberlake's nuptials - because he understands his 'Nsync bandmate wanted the big day to be all about bride Jessica...

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Nsync Singer Chris Kirkpatrick Gets Engaged

25th October 2012

Former 'NSync singer Chris Kirkpatrick has got engaged. The 41-year-old star surprised his girlfriend Karly Skladany with an impromptu proposal during a recent holiday in Italy and while he hadn't planned to pop the question...

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Not All Of N-sync Was At Jt's Wedding. So What?

By Lorna Greville  | 23rd October 2012

That's right folks, just two of N*Sync's members (including the groom), turned up at Justin Timberlake's wedding to Jessica Biel last weekend, according to MTV. JC Chasez, as reported by TMZ, attended his brother's wedding...

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Dancing With The Stars Update: Joey Fatone Out!

By Michael West | 3rd October 2012

Joey Fatone is the latest of the Dancing With The Stars contestants to bite the dust, as the ex-N Sync boy-bander was voted off the show, reports The Washington Post. He didn’t seem too perturbed,...

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The Things They Tweet: 3307769

1st October 2012

"17 years ago today I met my brothers @realjoeyfatone @IamCKirkpatrick @jcchaez and @jtimberlake Magic happened". Singer Lance Bass marks 'N Sync's anniversary on Monday (01Oct12).

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The Things They Say: 3307134

1st October 2012

"Not much is going to change. He's a great dude, and he's very focused on what he does and everything else, and I'm sure this will bring out the best." Joey Fatone is confident marriage...

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Matthew Morrison & Jc Chasez Vacation In The Bahamas

5th September 2012

Actor Matthew Morrison and former 'N Sync singer Jc Chasez celebrated America's Labor Day (03Sep12) holiday by jetting off to the Bahamas for a boys' weekend.The pals were joined by actors Shawn Pyfrom, Kyle Howard,...

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Janet Jackson Dispute Rages Over Paris Jackson Film Role

19th July 2012

Janet Jackson 's dispute over her niece Paris Jackson accepting a film role looks set to rumble on. She considers the 14 year old's decision to be against the wishes of her late brother, Michael...

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Justin Bieber Offended By Timberlake Comparison

3rd July 2012

Justin Bieber ended a telephone interview with a radio show host after his music was compared to that of Justin Timberlake's.Bieber seemed to be annoyed that the 'Mojo in the Morning' presenter had mentioned how...

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X Factor Hopeful Puts Britney Spears In A Spin

29th June 2012

Britney Spears showed her weakness for boy band stars when she branded a former Menudo member "very sexy" after his sizzling audition on America's The X Factor.Troy Kurtis, who shot to fame in the chart-topping...

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Lance Bass' Worry Over Dog's Surgery

27th June 2012

Former 'Nsync star Lance Bass spent Tuesday (26Jun12) overcome with worry after his beloved dog underwent surgery.The singer's pup Foster has been suffering with an infection in his leg, and the 33 year old took...

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The Things They Say 25294

29th May 2012

"The man has everything, so a nice little toaster will do - maybe the one that puts a little Mickey Mouse emblem on it!" Singer Lance Bass jokes about what to buy his former 'N...

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Lance Bass Gives The Gossip On Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Wedding

28th May 2012

Lance Bass has been spilling the beans on his former N Sync band mate Justin Timberlake's wedding to Jessica Biel. Although Justin and Jessica have given little away with regards to the ceremony, it seems...

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Lance Bass Backing Cystic Fibrosis Campaign

8th May 2012

Former 'Nsync star Lance Bass is urging his fans to donate to America's Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to fund research into the genetic disorder.The singer is lending his support to the National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month...

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Justin Timberlake: I Looked Like A Moron In Nsync

4th May 2012

Justin Timberlake says he looked like a ''moron'' during his NSync days. The singer and actor started off his career in the boyband - alongside JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone -...

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The Things They Say 25111

4th May 2012

"There were many moments in my teenage years where I succumbed to the weirdness of the group I was in. And in trying to conform - we're marionettes! - I ended up looking like a...

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Justin Timberlake Looked 'Like A Moron' In 'N Sync

4th May 2012

Justin Timberlake thinks he looked like a ''moron'' when he was in 'N Sync.The singer-turned-actor says he has only one regret in his career with the group and that was his embarrassing style.He told the...

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J.c. Chasez: 'Nsync Reunion Is Not Going To Happen'

3rd May 2012

Former 'Nsync star J.C. Chasez is adamant the group won't be cashing in on the current popularity of boybands as they have all moved on since their chart heyday.All-male groups have become popular again among...

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Lance Bass Treats Friends To Holiday In The Caribbean

3rd May 2012

Former pop singer Lance Bass celebrated his upcoming birthday by flying a group of his closest friends to the Caribbean for a lavish four-day break.The 'Nsync star splashed out nearly $20,000 (£12,500) on the vacation...

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Justin Bieber Mocks English Accent

25th April 2012

Justin Bieber mocked the English accent while launching his new album. The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker launched his latest record 'Believe' at London's Supperclub on Monday night (23.04.12), and when 'The Voice' co-presenter Reggie Yates asked him...

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The Things They Say 24878

8th April 2012

"The man has everything, so a nice little toaster will do. Maybe the one that puts a little Mickey Mouse emblem on it. I might do that!" Lance Bass on his ideas for a wedding...

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The Things They Say 24869

6th April 2012

"They just get each other. I love Jess because she's just one of the guys and, with Justin, you've just got to be one of the guys too." Lance Bass is a big fan of...

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The Things They Say 24768

29th March 2012

"I was a big 'N Sync fan and I had my hair dyed blond... I memorised all the dance moves to every single song... I wanted to be a young Justin Timberlake, but I could...

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Joey Fatone Gives Timberlake Marriage Advice

5th March 2012

Singer Joey Fatone has reached out to his former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake with marriage advice ahead of his impending wedding to Jessica Biel.The pop star/actor reportedly proposed to the brunette beauty over Christmas...

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Jc Chasez Launching New Girl Band

17th February 2012

Former 'N Sync star Jc Chasez is searching for new talent to form an all-singing, all-dancing girl band.The singer, who serves as a judge on reality TV show America's Best Dance Crew, is calling on...

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Lance Bass Developing All-star Yard Sale Show

7th February 2012

Former 'Nsync star Lance Bass is set to help his celebrity pals clear out their closets on his new TV show Famous Yard Sale.A host of famous faces will get rid of their old clothes,...

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Mother Hails Hero Chasez Her 'Saviour'

6th January 2012

A mother whose baby daughter was saved from serious injury by former 'N Sync star Jc Chasez has praised the singer as her "saviour".Chasez was sunbathing on a beach in Miami, Florida on New Year's...

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