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Britney's Tears

3rd May 2004

Troubled pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS' minders hurled abuse at photographers after they snapped the singer crying outside a London hotel at the weekend (1-2MAY04). The TOXIC hitmaker returned to her hotel in the British...

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Jc Chasez Slams Britney Despite Her Help

30th April 2004

Former 'N SYNC heart-throb JC CHASEZ has slammed BRITNEY SPEARS for her marriage debacle - even though the sexy singer helped him launch his solo career. The BLOWIN' ME UP (WITH HER LOVE) hitmaker...

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Jc Sticks Up For 'Spectacular' Britney

30th April 2004

Former 'N SYNC hunk JC CHASEZ has attacked criticism of tour-mate BRITNEY SPEARS' miming at gigs - insisting her fans don't go to her concerts to see her sing. Britney was slammed by fans...

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Spears Linked To Another Attached Man

28th April 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS has been romantically linked to a new man - who has a seven-months pregnant girlfriend. The 22-year-old TOXIC singer - who hit headlines last year (03) when reports emerged she was dating...

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Chasez Slams Strip Clubs

22nd April 2004

Former 'N SYNC heart-throb JC CHASEZ hates strip clubs, because he always feels like a "sucker" when visiting them. The BLOWIN' ME UP (WITH HER LOVE) hitmaker - who is about to join BRITNEY...

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Mccartney Knocked Off The Top Of Britain's Rich List

16th April 2004

Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has been ousted from his position at the top of the British music rich list - by record boss CLIVE CALDER. The former BEATLE has been pushed down to...

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'N Sync To Reform For One Off Gig

13th April 2004

Boyband 'N SYNC will thrill fans when they reunite on stage for a charity gig this summer (04) - a performance which singer JC CHASEZ promises will spark a new album. Chasez, who founded...

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Mel B Lands Role In Broadway's Rent

1st April 2004

Former SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN is hoping for success on the New York stage, after landing a role in his Broadway production RENT. The sexy singer, formerly known as SCARY SPICE, will portray the...

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Usher Tops A Million Sales

1st April 2004

USHER's new album CONFESSIONS has smashed R+B sales records in America, debuting at number one on the charts with a staggering 1.1 million copies sold in a week. The total is the highest debut...

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Britney Recruits Foul-mouthed Eamon For Next Tour

31st March 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS has given her next North American tour a truly adult touch - by adding foul-mouthed R+B singer EAMON to her line-up. The 22-year-old TOXIC singer, who recently said she's now stopped writing...

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Spears Hires Timberlake's Pal

28th March 2004

Pop sensation BRITNEY SPEARS has taken another swipe at her ex-love JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - this time by hiring his 'N SYNC bandmate as her warm-up act. The 22-year-old singer - who recently topped FHM...

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Chasez's Love For Foul Language

19th March 2004

'N SYNC hunk JC CHASEZ has a bizarre method of displaying his affection for people - he swears at them. The 27-year-old GIRLFRIEND singer admits he's a big fan of curse words, and likes...

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Chasez's Foot-modelling Past

18th March 2004

'N SYNC hunk JC CHASEZ has a bizarre secret past as a foot model. The 27-year-old singer admits he held the unusual job as a teen - and it proved to be a greatly...

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Flesh-flashing Janet Jackson Doll Up For Grabs

11th March 2004

Fans of JANET JACKSON can now relive her infamous SUPER BOWL "wardrobe malfunction" - her and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE have been immortalised in doll form. Plastic likenesses of the pair are currently up for sale...

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Kirkpatrick Blasts Timberlake

3rd March 2004

'N SYNC hunk CHRIS KIRKPATRICK is upset with bandmate-turned-solo superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - because he's refusing to do a reunion tour. The GIRLFRIEND star made his views known at a recent party for the...

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Timberlake Stands Up Diaz

27th February 2004

Pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE left his stunning girlfriend CAMERON DIAZ fuming after he forgot their dinner date. The CHARLIE'S ANGEL actress, 31, was forced to eat alone at trendy eaterie AOC in Los Angeles...

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Timberlake Signs For Freeman And Spacey Film

10th February 2004

Pop superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is to make his big screen Hollywood debut alongside KEVIN SPACEY and MORGAN FREEMAN. The SENORITA singer, 23, has signed to play a journalist in a new thriller EDISON, directed...

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Jc's Angry Snub Provides Britney Singer With A Pro-bowl Platform

9th February 2004

LATEST: BRITNEY SPEARS' former backing singer KILEY DEAN's career has been given a boost thanks to the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JANET JACKSON SUPER BOWL shocker. The up-and-coming R+B star was given a last-minute chance...

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Justin Says Sorry To Jc

8th February 2004

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has apologised to 'N SYNC bandmate JC CHASEZ after his shocking SUPER BOWL performance with JANET JACKSON ruined his pal's PRO-BOWL show this Sunday (08FEB04). Chasez was set to sing in Hawaii,...

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Timberlake: We're Waiting For Jc

6th February 2004

Pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has promised 'N SYNC fans the group will reform - once bandmate JC CHASEZ establishes his solo career. The ROCK YA' BODY singer has had huge success with his solo...

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Chasez Furious Over Pro-bowl Snub

6th February 2004

LATEST: Furious JC CHASEZ has lashed out American football bosses after they axed his half-time performance from Sunday's (08FEB04) PRO-BOWL. The singer had agreed to tone down the suggestive element in his performance of...

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'N Sync Bass Defends Hilton

22nd January 2004

'N SYNC hunk LANCE BASS proved an unlikely champion for PARIS HILTON when he leapt to the hotel heiress' defence as she fought with ex-love RICK SOLOMON. Paris confronted Rick - with whom she...

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Busted Charlie's Space Dreams

23rd December 2003

BUSTED hunk CHARLIE SIMPSON is obsessed with space - he'd like to become an astronaut, and even thinks he saw a UFO once. The YEAR 3000 heart-throb admits he'd like to be the second...

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Bodyguard Defends Timberlake Against Racist Accusations

22nd December 2003

LATEST: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's former bodyguard has leapt to the singer's defence amid allegations he is a racist - labelling the star "the blackest white boy I know". KENNETH HUNTER, who was employed by Justin's...

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'N Sync Settle Tax Bill

17th December 2003

Pop supergroup 'N SYNC have been given a break by Columbus, Ohio's tax officials after paying off half a bill they originally ignored. Tax bosses came after four fifths of the group after they...

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Timberlake In Racist Slur Accusation

14th December 2003

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is being sued for $9.6 million (GBP6 million) by his former tour manager - who has accused the singer of racial abuse. IBRAHIM DUARTE claims Justin - along with other members of...

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Jack Says Sharon 'Fine' After Rushing To Ozzy

11th December 2003

JACK OSBOURNE has confirmed on-air his mother SHARON is 'fine' as she looks after her accident-prone husband OZZY at hospital in England. Ozzy fell off his quad bike at the family's Buckinghamshire estate on...

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Justin Stalls 'N Sync Reunion Plans

5th December 2003

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has hinted there's no room for 'N SYNC in his future because he doesn't want to "do teen pop again". Speaking exclusively to rock bible ROLLING STONE, who named the singer one...

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Svengali Pearlman: Jackson Will Never Shed His 'Tainted' Image

28th November 2003

Pop mogul LOU PEARLMAN warns MICHAEL JACKSON he'll struggle to regain his popularity even if he's cleared of child molestation charges - because his image has been irreversibly "tainted". The creator of hit American...

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Justin Timberlake Is World's Coolest Person

25th November 2003

Respected British music magazine NME has hailed JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE as the 'coolest person in the world'. The accolade tops off a massively successful year (03) for Timberlake, who went from being best known as...

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