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John Corbett's Rocker Character Cut From Parenthood Finale

19th January 2015

My Big Fat Greek Wedding star John Corbett is reeling after learning he has been cut from the Parenthood series finale.The actor, who has had a recurring role as Seth Holt, the rocker ex-husband of...

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Sequel In The Works

28th May 2014

My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos is returning for a second installment of the romantic comedy, more than a decade after the original's release.The independent film was a cult hit in 2002, and...

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Fascinating Fact: 3484160

6th February 2013

My Big Fat Greek Wedding star John Corbett is heading back to Tv to front a new Ncis: La spin-off. The actor will play a former Ncis Special Agent who now works as a top...

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Tracy Morgan Under Fire For Gay Remarks

13th June 2011

An anti-gay tirade by 30 Rock costar Tracy Morgan during a stand-up performance in Nashville has set off a firestorm of controversy that could cost Morgan his job. "'Born this way' is bulls**t. Gay is...

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Stranger Tides Sets Record Overseas

23rd May 2011

Overseas, the tides were less strange for the latest Pirates film as it set a new international box-office record with $256.3 million, surpassing 2009's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the previous record holder. The...

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Stranger Tides Is No Tsunami

23rd May 2011

Question When is a weekend box-office haul of $90.1 million considered a disappointment? Answer When it's the result for a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, that's when. On Stranger Tides wasn't expected to surpass the...

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Vardalos Poses For Make-up Free Twitter Shots

15th June 2009

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star NIA VARDALOS is offering fans a glimpse of real Hollywood magic by posing for before and after make-up shots on her blog.The actress has posted photos of herself...

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Movie Reviews My Life In Ruins

8th June 2009

My Life in Ruins ended up pretty much in ruins over the weekend after it was clobbered by critics on Friday. "I didn't hate it so much as feel sorry for it," wrote Roger Ebert...

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Box Office Winner Too Closeto Call

8th June 2009

Going into the weekend, most analysts presumed that Disney/Pixar's Up would hang over the top of the box office for the second consecutive week. "Hang over" was indeed the operative term (minus the space) as...

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Vardalos' Dog Love Forces Husband To Have Shots

3rd June 2009

Actress NIA VARDALOS' actor husband has proved his devotion to the MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star by agreeing to become a dog owner - even though he's allergic to the pets.Ian Gomez has to...

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Vardalos Health Scare Forces Her To Lose Weight

1st June 2009

A bout of ill health was the wake-up call MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star NIA VARDALOS' needed after she piled on the pounds following a bout of depression.The actress was distraught after doctors told...

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Rita Wilson Pens Comedy

18th May 2009

Actress RITA WILSON has sold a comedy script to Twentieth Century Fox. The SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE and RUNAWAY BRIDE star, who is married to Hollywood actor TOM HANKS, will also reportedly take a leading role...

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Nia Vardalos Adopts A Child

15th November 2008

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star NIA VARDALOS and her husband have adopted a five-year-old daughter. Vardalos and Ian Gomez welcomed the toddler into their home several months ago, reports E! Online. And they are...

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Hanks Drops Big Fat Greek Wedding Lawsuit

31st July 2008

LATEST: TOM HANKS, his wife RITA WILSON and actress NIA VARDALOS have dropped their legal battle over profits from hit 2002 movie MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. Vardalos wrote the script for the comedy, while...

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Hanks, Wilson + Vardalos Fight On For Wedding Cash

16th April 2008

TOM HANKS, his wife RITA WILSON and NIA VARDALOS, the star of their hit MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING production, are set to go to trial to fight for money they claim they're owed. The...

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Corbett Finds A Way To Beat The Cops

25th March 2008

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star JOHN CORBETT has urged male drivers to take kids with them on all trips - after learning that cops let speeding fathers off lightly. The actor, who once trained...

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Juno Most Successful Indie In Six Years

19th February 2008

With a current gross of $125 million, Fox Searchlight's comedy Juno has become the biggest indie hit since 2002's My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which eventually grossed $241.4 million. Daily Variety also observed today (Tuesday)...

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Hanks, Wilson, Vardalos File Big Fat Lawsuit

9th August 2007

In yet another lawsuit challenging Hollywood's accounting practices, Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson, and writer-actress Nia Vardalos have sued Gold Circle Films, claiming the company has cheated them of millions of dollars. The lawsuit,...

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Hanks Sues Over Unpaid My Big Fat Greek Wedding Profits

7th August 2007

TOM HANKS is suing production company Gold Circle Films for failing to pay him his share of the profits from hit movie, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. The Saving Private Ryan actor has teamed up...

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Vardalos Lands Big, Fat Deal For Acropolis Shooting

19th September 2006

For the first time in 2,500 years, the Acropolis in Greece will become the setting for a movie. The country's archaeological council reportedly has given the go-ahead to the Tom Hanks-produced My Life in Ruins...

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Greece Allows First Movie To Shoot At Acropolis

18th September 2006

Greek authorities are lifting a ban on filming at the Acropolis for MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star NIA VARDALOS in the hope the exposure will boost the country's image. MY LIFE IN RUINS, which...

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Vardalos Eyes Greek Wedding Sequel

9th February 2006

Actress NIA VARDALOS is eyeing a sequel to her 2002 surprise hit movie MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. Vardalos leaped from obscurity when she used her own experiences of growing up in a huge...

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Lapaglia Buys Into Sydney Soccer Team

7th April 2005

Australian actor ANTHONY LaPAGLIA is taking his soccer obsession to the next level, by joining the board of directors of SYDNEY FOOTBALL CLUB. The WITHOUT A TRACE star, married to MY BIG FAT GREEK...

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Vardalos Puts Out A Fire

2nd December 2004

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star NIA VARDALOS turned hero on Tuesday (30DEC04) when she saved a woman from a nasty blaze in a Los Angeles club. The woman's scarf reportedly caught on fire after...

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Vardalos: No Regrets With My Big Fat Tv Series

13th May 2004

Canadian funnywoman NIA VARDALOS has no regrets about her defunct TV series MY BIG FAT GREEK LIFE. Vardalos' wrote and starred in 2002 surprise hit MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING and went on to...

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Kill Bill Slays Box Office Competition

19th April 2004

The second part of QUENTIN TARANTINO's KILL BILL saga has slayed its movie rivals, debuting at the top of the American box office with a haul of $25.6 million (GBP14.2 million). KILL BILL: VOL...

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Cosby's Fat Albert Back In Production

20th January 2004

BILL COSBY's movie version of classic cartoon FAT ALBERT is back in production again, following almost two years of delays. The movie will now go before cameras in March (04), long after the projected...

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Bourne Identity Tops 2003 Us Home Video Rentals

9th January 2004

MATT DAMON's hit action thriller THE BOURNE IDENTITY was the top renting American home video of 2003, according to year-end figures issued yesterday (08JAN04). Combined revenues from DVD and VHS rentals of Bourne Identity,...

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Devito And Liotta Team Up In New Comedy

18th November 2003

American stars DANNY DEVITO and RAY LIOTTA have signed up to star in a new comedy from the director of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. The BATMAN RETURNS star and the GOODFELLAS hardman will...

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Dickinson To Play Basinger's Mum

10th September 2003

ANGIE DICKINSON is to play KIM BASINGER's mother in a movie reunion for the brains behind comedy smash MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. Producers TOM HANKS and RITA WILSON will join forces with director...

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