As news surfaced only very recently that a sequel to 2002's hit romantic comedy 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' is in the works, many begin to look back at the original flick, and rediscovered why it was so good.

The hit movie, made 12 years ago, followed a 30 year-old Greek women, Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos), who was beginning to panic due to being the only women in her family that hasn't yet tied the knot. The Portokalos', especially her father Gus (Michael Constantine), desired for her to marry a nice Greek boy, but she wanted to take her own route in life.

my big fat greek wedding
Nia starred and wrote the 2002 original

However when she did, Toula met Ian Miller (John Corbett), a high school English teacher, who is non-Greek. The rest of the film depicts the couple's strenuous struggle to be accepted by Toula's huge family and plan a wedding as they decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

John Corbett
Corbett was the lead male in the flick

Despite only having a $5 million budget, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' turned into a global sensation and earned a total of $368 million at the worldwide box office, thus becoming the highest-grossing rom-com of all time. It was also received the honor of being nominated for an Academy-Award for Best Original Screen Play.

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