So. Music can be a very powerful force, as you can probably tell. We have all seen films and books and television programmes all dedicated to music. It is a very core part of society, and it does offer a lot of benefits in terms of enjoyment. 

However, what a lot of people might not know is that music can offer both health and sleep benefits. Obviously, these advantages are not particularly well communicated to people. However, they do exist, and we are going to take a look at some of them here and now. 

woman sleeping

How Does Music Affect Sleep?

Let's explore the relationship between music and sleep. Considering the polarising nature of the two, you would not expect them to have a harmonious relationship, but they actually do. Music has been proven to affect the body. If done correctly, a piece of music can lower the heart rate, blood pressure, stimulate a sense of relaxation in the body, and help you to sleep well. Daniel Richmond, the owner of Bed and Mattress specialist bed SOS, says that "while a bed is an important component for a good night's sleep, it is one piece of the puzzle. When multiple factors and elements work in tandem, the optimum sleeping experience is achieved.".

A Closer Look at the Health Benefits of Sleep

Now that we have identified the benefits of music with relation to sleep, you can look at the benefits from a health perspective. Obviously, music that we enjoy releases a feelgood sensation in the brain, no more commonly as endorphins. The amazing thing about these endorphins is that they help you to feel so much better about yourself, which in turn translates to better health.

On its own, music can do a lot of things. It can elevate your heart rate, improve your physical and mental stamina, increase your clarity, focus, and determination. It can propel you to do incredible things, and it's all down to the music you listen to. A lively, upbeat track can do wonders for someone's concentration levels. It also helps to improve your emotional and mental state, which are just as important. The way someone feels inside can affect how they interact with the world outside. If people don't feel like they are happy, their bodies will manifest negative symptoms as a result. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are listening to the music that will make you feel better. 

So in conclusion, there is a very powerful link between how we feel and the way that music can influence that. Never underestimate the power of music, because it does play a big role in everything that we do. It can help people who are trying to sleep, but it may not be for you. You have to experiment with music and see if it does help with sleep, but if it's too much of a distraction then it needs to be switched off. However, those people who do take the time to experiment will no doubt see the results.