Muse's Chris Wolstenholme finds it ''weird'' singing at their live shows.

The bass player takes lead vocals on two songs - 'Liquid State' and 'Save Me' - from the band's new album 'The 2nd Law' and found his first time singing lead vocals live with a crowd at a preview show in Cologne, Germany, a strange experience.

He said: ''It was weird because it's something I've never experienced before, and when you're singing you feel really detached from the other guys. I wasn't ready for that.''

The band only performed 'Save Me' at the show, but Chris - who is joined in the band by Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard - promised when they do their full shows he will be singing both.

He added: ''We'll do 'Liquid State' in the areans. I didn't want to sing that [at this warm up show] though, I wanted to ease in gently.

''Your sixth album, when you're 33, is a weird time to decide you suddenly want to be a singer.''

'The 2nd Law' is released on October 1.