Mumford and Sons are nervous about headlining arenas.

The band have just released their second album 'Babel' and announced a huge run of shows - including their first ever arenas in the UK - and are worried about making their sound big enough to fill such huge spaces.

Band member Winston Marshall told radio station XFM: ''We've only ever done five [arenas] I think.

''We did three in Canada, one in Portland, Oregon and one in Amsterdam and it was quite difficult.

''Big respect to bands who do arenas because, it's a big space to fill.''

Band mate Ben Lovett added: ''It's hard to connect but it's also kind of epic and a part of us always wanted to achieve those things.''

The band - which also includes Marcus Mumford and Ted Dwayne - have also recently talked about their focus on performing live, and how their recorded albums are designed to urge people to come and see them perform.

Ben added: ''We want our second album to be an advert for our live shows.

''That's why it's more of a mixture than the first record. I'll tour until I'm dead as that's where we are most at home, and I hope that comes across in 'Babel'.''